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Enjoying springtime in the mountains.

A round up of news, events, and community

Plan to attend the Annual General Meeting Sunday June 4th 2017, starting at 1pm in the Club House.

Before the annual meeting is a pot luck BBQ starting about 11:30am. The grill is available and the Board will provide plates, napkins, utensils, and drinks (including beer). Many bring a side dish to share.

Besides meeting and catching up with your neighbors, there are two proposals for your consideration and vote.

The first proposal is to remove the 10% discount on the monthly bill for those owners over 62 years old. [proposed by community member and not supported by the board]

The second proposal is to change the bylaws to include additional conditions when you need board approval when working around, under, etc community roads.

I suspect the board will have a compete updates on the many projects underway within the park, too.

It seems every year there are a couple of board seats up for election - thus, if you would like to get involved with the operation and maintenance of the park water system, roads, and community spaces, consider serving on the board. Volunteers are always welcome to support getting things done, too.

Board Topics - these are the topics that will be in the presentation by the board.

Water plant and system upgrades and improvements.

Application for state low interest loans from the state for a new main transfer pump and planning for the short well.

Road repairs and resurfacing

A proposal to repair the Apache bridge making it suitable for vehicles again

You (owners and renters alike) are invited to the annual meeting and the regular monthly board meetings to contribute you insights, suggestions, and proposals. Plus, the meetings provide a great way to learn about the community and what it takes to maintain and improve life in the park.

Let your neighbors know about the newsletter. They can sign up online on the Chemeketa Park Subscribe page.

Regular Water Board Meetings

You are invited to attend the meeting. Bring your ideas, suggestions, and comments. As a community we have a lot of different projects to manage, plus a long list of park improvements. Many hands makes for light work - get involved.

The next meeting is June 8th in the club house starting at 7:30pm.

The meetings are typically the 2nd Thursday of each month. Check the events calendar online for details.

Out for a walk today and notice that Comanche Trail below the park is closed. Seems the road repairs you approved in the special general meeting in March are at work.

The sign says the road will be closed while they work on the repairing the slide area for much of the week. 

You can expect more closures as they address other road issues around the park.

The Calendar

The chipping program had a record amount of brush delivered to the park. Thanks for cleaning up your property and the park.

BBQ potluck before the annual meeting:  Starting at 11:30am June 4th before the annual meeting at the club house and park area. Bring something to grill, if desired, and a side dish to share. Beverages (including beer), plates, napkins, utensils provided by the Board.

Then stay for the annual meeting starting at 1pm June 4th.

Next monthly board meeting, you are invited to attend and participate, is 7:30pm June 8th at the clubhouse.

Mid June is the target for the junk collection dumpsters located in the park. The community contracts to have large trash dumpsters for you to dispose the larger items that just don’t work for the weekly trash pick up. The dumpsters fill up quickly with debris, old fences, broken yard art/furniture, and more. The obvious rules apply such as no hazardous waste. Start cleaning up you yard and garage now so you’re ready to help fill the dumpsters. If you need help moving stuff to the dumpsters, post a request on Nextdoor and ask your neighbors for some assistance.


Prepared by Dana Hartzell

How will you and your family handle a disaster?  We live in an area where wildfires and earthquakes are almost certain.  It’s important for each of us to be prepared for these or any emergency that may happen.

In the next few issues of the Chemeketa Park Newsletter, we will address emergency preparedness such as: making a disaster supply kit, wildfire mitigation for the home, evacuation routes, finding shelter, preparedness for people with disabilities, special needs, and our beloved pets.

The first action is to MAKE A PLAN.  Emergencies and disaster can strike quickly and without warning and can require us to evacuate our neighborhood or workplace. You may even be confined to your home. You will need to find out where all of your family members are.  How do you start?  Here’s a checklist that you can use to begin this process.  

Discuss with family members evacuation routes out of the house with a minimum of two routes out of every room.  Draw a floor plan of each level of the home with arrows indicating the emergency exits.  Practice evacuating your home at least once per year.
  • Establish an agreed upon meeting place near your home if the home needs to be evacuated (such as a house fire).  If you plan to meet at a neighbor’s house, have that neighbor be a part of the plan so they are aware.
  • Establish an agreed upon meeting place aware from home where the family will gather after a regional disaster.  Families with school children will in all likelihood choose the appropriate school site. 
  • Set up an out of region/state emergency contact (at least 300 miles away) and ensure that every family member has the phone number.  The reason for having a contact out of the immediate area is because local phone lines will be swamped and unavailable. Long distance phone lines will be more accessible.  Have every family member call the contact and state:  “I am at (location) and I am safe (or describe your situation). 
  • If the power is out for a period of time and your phone battery is running low, change your outgoing message to state where you are and if you are safe. People calling your phone will get your message even if you cannot answer the call.
  • If relevant, review the emergency plan of your child’s school and/or daycare to familiarize yourself with the school’s policies and protocols.
  • Make a disaster supplies kit for the home, for each automobile, and the office.
  • Learn how to shut off gas, electrical and water utilities at your home.
  • Install (if needed) smoke/carbon monoxide alarms inside each bedroom in the home and in large gathering areas (not the kitchen).
  • Plan how your animals will be cared for during an emergency.
  • Teach children how and when to call 9-1-1.

There are a number of websites and apps that can help with learning about how to handle emergencies.  Here are a few to get started with:

RED CROSS has several apps related to first aid, earthquake, flood, wildfire, swim, pets, etc.  They offer vital information you need to prepare and respond to emergencies, big and small.  To download, visit or search “American Red Cross” in the Apple App Store or Google Play.  

FEMA’s national website for disaster preparedness is a good place to start.  Visit  They also have a very detailed (200 page) guide to preparedness. Here is the website for the guide:

Earthquake Country Alliance is a statewide partnership of earthquake experts, emergency managers, business and community leaders, and others working to help California prepare for earthquakes.  Visit their website at:   Download their paged titled, “The Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety”.  

The newsletter is just getting started. It's another way we can stay in touch, share ideas, and improve life in the park.

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