Our Chat in Australia with Crochet Artist, Jane Stengos. How to make a Needle Felted Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Holiday Festival of Lights, Featured Etsy Shop, New Products and more!! 
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Happy Holidays

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Visiting the LowCountry in December?

If you visit the Low Country in December don't miss the holiday lights that USA Today has named one of the "10 Best Holiday Light Shows in America."

Holiday Festival of Light on James Island County Park in Charleston South Carolina - Nightly until Jan. 1, 2017
Enjoy a Memorable Night with Family and Friends.

Drive through three miles of holiday light displays.  Park the cars and enjoy entertainment, food, shopping, and family activities.
Ride on the holiday train and Victorian Carousel, enjoy a snack from Santa's Sweet Shoppe, and more ..
How to Make A Needle Felted
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

by Feltify
In this 13 minute Free Video Tutorial by Feltify; you can learn how to make a Needle Felted Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in time for the holidays.
How to Make a Needle Felted Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
The video also shows how to install the Black Glass Pins GP-201 for eyes in your needle felting projects.
Feltify has created many unique wool animals, accessories and decor. They put all of their love into them, by choosing tender and soft felting wool, and making their own designs. 

If you have never worked with needle felting; you might want to try this creative medium!  
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GlassEyesOnLine goes Down Under
by Joy Woodruff, guest writer
I met with Jane Stengos, of CRAFTYCROCHETbyjane, the first week of November at the entrance to Harborside Mall near Circular Quay in downtown Sydney, Australia. I was very curious about the crafting community in Australia and to find out more about what’s popular there. Here’s our chat:
Me: Hi Jane, it’s so nice to finally meet you. We’ve been talking via Instagram for a couple months now. Your Instagram is linked to your etsy store, so I was able to see some of your other creations. Are you from Australia originally?
Jane: Yes, I grew up here in Sydney.
Me: How old are you? If you don’t mind me asking..
Jane: I’m 27
Me: Does Australia have a lot of young people that are into crafting and crocheting?
Jane: Not too many actually; It’s very hard to find young people my own age involved in crochet.
Me: Who taught you how to crochet?
Jane: My mom crochets, she makes blankets and scarves mostly. I learned a bit from her, but blankets and scarves are way too much of a commitment haha. I prefer to look up patterns online via YouTube and piece together bits and pieces of different patterns together to make something like ninja turtles or yoda. Something from the movies, tv or a popular avatar that people my age recognize.
Me: So, what prompted you to start looking up patterns on YouTube?
Jane: Honestly, it was my boyfriend. I wanted to make something special for him as a present and he absolutely loves teenage mutant ninja turtles. I looked locally and they had the same old kid’s toys. I looked it up online and figured I could make his favorite teenage mutant ninja turtle on my own.

Me: Wow that’s terrific! I’ll bet he loved it! That prompted you to keep making them, which is how I found you on Instagram. That’s great! Do you sell your items on other venues besides Etsy?
Jane: No, I’m pretty new, so far Etsy is the only place here In Australia that I sell on. Etsy has a new thing called Etsy Made Local Australia and they have the Blue Mountains Etsy Market Store which I will be selling items there soon. It’s a weekend event. Etsy has an Australian team that put it together and I’m pretty excited about it.
Me: I don’t think Etsy has anything like that in the States, I’ll have to check that out. Do you have a personal favorite item that you crochet?
Jane: My favorite is the smaller ninja turtles. They are fairly quick and easy to make and I can do that while I watch TV.
Me: Do you make your own crochet patterns?
Jane: No, not yet, but I’m experimenting with doing patterns. I modify many of the free patterns that I find online. I try to keep track of the modifications to get the result that I want.  
Me: Do you work with other mediums?
Jane: I just crochet, but I would really love to try cross stitch. For now, I just use a combination of wool and acrylic yarn.
Me: Do you crochet full time, or do you have a different job?
Jane: I crochet in my spare time. My full time job is marketing for a health insurance company here In Sydney, Australia.
Me: Oh nice! So that marketing experience probably comes in handy for promoting your own small business on etsy! What kind of marketing do you do?
Jane: The marketing I do for the insurance company is mostly traditional events and tradeshows or medical conferences.
Me: What other social marketing sites do you use besides Instagram?
Jane: I use facebook and Instagram for now.

Upon my return I researched Etsy Made Local to see if there was a U.S. branch, to my surprise, there is! Etsy Made Local US. Etsy Made Local is a global campaign supporting Etsy Teams around the world who are hosting in-person selling events during the holidays. If you’d like to get involved in future events like Etsy Made Local, join your local team

Traveling to Australia and talking with Jane taught me quite a bit about the crafting community and the many small online businesses that are popping up around the world. I got the feeling from Jane that there is so much room for growth and an opportunity to create a great group for crafters to gather and share ideas in their respective parts of the world. Jane did tell me that there are some craft groups around, but they don’t have much available for the younger group of crocheters. 

Australia has the potential to become the hub for a new generation of crocheters and yarn artists. I'm very excited to go back to Australia next year and follow up with Jane to see how her small business is progressing and if she has been able to get into or even to create her own local group to share knowledge of the craft she is pursuing.
Featured Etsy Shop
It seemed fitting to feature the Etsy Shop of the Australian artist I met in Sydney. We are excited to present CRAFTYCROCHETbyJane Etsy Shop. 

Jane does special requests as well, she taught herself how to crochet in 2014 with the help of YouTube, and have been crafting gifts for her friends and family ever since. Some of her creations include the Ninja Turtles, Walter White, Elvis, Bob Marley and Disney Princesses - Ariel and Jasmine. 
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