FREE Snowman Crochet Pattern, Featured Etsy Shop, A look back at our 2016 Newsletters and Small Business Emergency Preparedness
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Visiting the LowCountry in November?
Clean Up and Recovery Following Hurricane Matthew.  Find out what we learned about: Small Business Emergency Preparedness and Recovery 

As you may have heard, Hurricane Matthew paid Jerry and I an unexpected visit in October, so this month we have used our time to clean up, and regroup our business. If you are planning a trip to the LowCountry expect to see the recovery efforts underway.  

We were caught off guard by this storm and decided that now was a good time to blog about our experiences and share some important information with other small business owners about what we learned.
Hodge Podge
People, Places & Things
I started writing the GlassEyesOnLine monthly newsletter a year ago in October.   I read articles in books and online about newsletters before jumping in to publishing.  I also purchased and read "How to Create a Powerful Email Newsletter" eBook by Abby Glassenberg.  I spent a lot of time thinking about and planning the format of our newsletter.  I wanted it to be informative, educational, and provide our customers with useful tools and resources.  

I decided to build the monthly newsletter around 5 sections;
What's Happening in the LowCountry this month for Locals and Visitors
Free Tutorial 
Featured Etsy Shop
HodgePodge "People, Places, and Things"
New & Featured Products

I was learning how to use Mailchimp at the same time that I was working on publishing content.   Gradually, I turned the formatting in Mailchimp over to Joy, my Social Marketing Director.  It allowed me to focus more on planning and writing content for the newsletter.    I did not have a publishing calendar for the year like national magazine publishers.  I was planning approximately two months in advance the first year.  I reached out to customers for interviews and tutorials. 

As part of planning for 2017, we looked back over articles that were published over the past year.  Some of our favorites included:

Some Highlights of the first year publishing the GlassEyesOnLine Monthly Newsletter.
  • Rusty Jessee and Musky Dan, Fish Lure Crafters, talked about making lures, fishing holes, and their favorite fish recipes.
  • Cherie Fretto, President of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild, described the Mentor-Apprentice program for doll makers.
  • Emily Hutchins, a college student, talked about the future of Crochet and started her own small business "AmiEmily"
  • Debra Gewand shared her Troll Doll collection and photo tutorials for removing and replacing eyes in Troll Dolls.

It is definitely a Hodge Podge that reflects our customer base.  We serve artists and crafters around the world that crochet, sew, sculpt, metal work, carve, needle felt,  and more.   Our customers work with many different types of mediums and need many different types of eyes, noses, and joints.  We get questions every day from novices and advice from experts.  I am so Grateful to the artists and crafters that contributed their time for interviews with me and their expertise creating Tutorials. 

We are continuing to build our newsletter subscription base and would like to hear from you.  What would you like to see in our newsletters in 2017?  Be on the look out for our survey and be sure to tell us what you want to read about in 2017 Monthly Newsletters
Free Crochet Pattern - The Snowman
by Carolyn Jenkins @GlassEyesOnLine
Do You Remember "The Snowman"?  

I crocheted this cute Snowman to cover my Candy Jar for the Holiday Season.  It's a combination of my snow pattern for the Jar Cover with a Free Snowman Amigurumi Pattern by Kamina Kapow with my personal touches for my snowman.  I used a recycled sock that had a hole in the heel and my recycled fruit jar.  These will make nice gifts for friends and family filled with candy or spiced teas.    
Snowman Candy Jar Cover
PDF for FREE Crochet Pattern
Featured Etsy Shop
Santa Claus collectors will love these Unique ornaments hand crafted with polymer clay built on glass ornaments.  Each one has it's own personality.   

Cecyle takes orders for Santas that can be personalized for a favorite sports team, baby's first Christmas, etc.  She can also make various objects for Santa to hold for personalization.  Wonderful Gift for the holidays.  
New & Featured Products
November 2016

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