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March 2016
Visiting the Lowcountry in March this year?

Savannah Georgia is about one hour down the coast from Beaufort by car. Jerry and I love to take day trips several times a year to enjoy the architecture, historic walking and riding tours, shopping, and of course; the southern food. This year, we plan on attending their St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival!!

If you have a smidge of Irish blood; you probably already know that the second largest Saint Patrick's Day Parade and Festival is in Savannah, Georgia. We are very excited about it, because the fountain water in the squares will be green and there will be church services, parades, and parties. This year, it is being held on Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 10:15am.  

If you take in the Saint Patrick's Day Parade this year, there are two very helpful websites for preparing your trip:

Savannah's Saint Patricks Day Parade Committee: Click here
Savannah Georgia's Saint Patricks Day Parade Trip Advisor Article: Click here

How to Paint Glass Eyes
In February our most popular Pinterest Pins were
"Paint your Own Craft Eyes" and "Clear Safety Eyes."

We get many emails from our customers asking for advice and instructions for painting Clear Safety Eyes and Glass Eyes on Wire. Artists and Crafters use Sharpie Marking Pens, Acrylics, Enamels, and even Nail Polish to paint the backs. The color will be seen through the front of the eyes.
Painting eyes requires focus, patience, and attention to detail. Over the years Jerry has developed some techniques that help to avoid smudging, dripping, uneven disbursement of color and more.
Read about them in the "Step by Step Tutorial" - Click here.
If you're interested in painting your own -
Click Here to buy Jerry's Clear Plastic Safety Eyes.
Featured Etsy Shop
Cocono's crochet dolls
We stumbled upon this cute little shop on Etsy and learned a lot about Momo Avatar the Last Airbender Chibi Style.

We learned that Momo the Winged Lemur is a member of the Team Avatar. Their purpose is to bring balance and peace to the Avatar world. Momo was befriended by Aang, the last airbender, and became part of the Avatar team.

This momo was made with incredible attention to detail. He has large green eyes and the monkey like tail with two white stripes on the tip. Momo is available in CoconosLittleShop and will make a wonderful companion to cuddle with while watching his adventures on the Emmy Award winning Nichelodeon series, Avatar: The Legend of Aang.

Click here to see Momo
Click here to see CoconosLittleShop
People, Places, and Things
This Month: Saving Metal Dinosaurs & Searching for Decoy Carvers
I recently spoke on the phone with a customer named Paul about Slit Pupil Eyes for his dinosaurs. Have you ever been in a situation where something small snowballed into something very large and entirely different?  You started out with something so simple and it lead you in a different and unexpected direction?  That seems to be the case with Pauls Prehistoric Park. I learned through our conversation that he had been searching for a trellis to support a vine in his garden, while searching for the trellis; he found a cool hatchling T-Rex metal sculpture and that was the beginning of Paul's Prehistoric Park and his blog that is dedicated to saving metal dinosaurs. 
His blog is such a fun read and has information and suggestions for restoring and preserving metal sculptures exposed to weather.  He decided to blog as a way of keeping a record of his restoration of dinosaur sculptures.  I can tell Paul is having fun with it.  He told me he is learning about how to blog as he goes about restoring and preserving the metal sculptures.  Without giving too much away because you really need to visit Paul's blog; here are some of my personal favorites.
Carnivores in the Kitchen-  Dinosaurs making cookies in the shape of dinosaurs with dinosaur sprinkles!  The baby triceratop is waiting for the carnivores to leave so he can go in the kitchen for a snack.  Paul's photos and commentary are so funny!

Needing Rescue and Adoption-  If you know of a metal dinosaur in need of rescue; get in touch with Paul so he can add to the ever growing list of dinosaurs in need of good homes.  

Preparing for Christmas- Dinosaurs in the holiday spirit stringing lights and singing Carols.  Paul used a play on words for the titles of the Carols. 

I also like Paul's practical advice for people thinking about adding metal sculptures to their yard.  Visit Paul's blog and make sure to send him your comments.  He'd love to hear from you.

Pauls Prehistoric Park:
We attended the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC

We were looking for decoy carvers, read all about it in our blog  
Click here to Read about our visit to Charleston in my blog
SEWE 2016 Recap Video
In case you missed it, here's the SEWE 2016 recap video...
And that's a wrap on SEWE 2016
We received rave reviews from our Valentines Day customers that received our handcrafted Crochet Heart Book Mark Gift along with a heart shape safety nose as a special gift for ordering on Valentines Day. The reviews were so great that we have decided to continue the tradition. This month we will include another handcrafted surprise for customers that order on Saint Patricks Day. 
Place an order with us on Saint Patricks Day to receive your clover surprise! Our Thank you Gift from Carolyn & Jerry @GlassEyesOnLine
New & Featured Products @GlassEyesOnLine
March 2016

Triangle Safety Nose
(Button /Eye) Assortment for
Crochet, Amigurumi, Sewing Starter or Gift Set

Package consists of 48 Triangle Shapes in a Mix of Colors Size 6mm and 12mm includes Safety Washers in a Plastic Round Case.

Click here for Triangle Nose (Button/Eye) Assortment Gift Set

Round Button Safety Eyes (Noses) 

Size 6mm to 40mm
Many colors available for your spring
crochet, knitting, and sewing projects.

Click here for Round Button Safety Eyes (Noses)


Starburst Safety Eyes 

Gorgeous Starburst Colors in the Iris
for your Teddy Bears, Dolls, and Plush Animals 
Available in 11mm or 13mm Sizes

Click here for 11mm Starburst Safety Eyes
Click here for 13mm Starburst Safety Eyes

10mm Glass Dragon, Frog, Reptile Eyes on Wire 

Hand Crafted Hard Fired On Gold and Brown Colors
Use in Sculpture, Carving, Taxidermy, Fantasy Art & Crafts

Click here for 10mm Glass Dragon, Frog, Reptile Eyes on Wire
Shop Here For Your Next Creative Project
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