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June 2016
Visiting the LowCountry in June?
The Hunting Island Sand Sculpture Contest 
10a.m. June 18, 2016 on North Beach.

Family, Friends, and Co-workers of all ages gather at North Beach on Hunting Island, S.C. to create sculptures from sand. Sand sculptures are judged on their originality, technique, and composition.  

Prizes are awarded for various categories. Only materials found on the beach can be used in the sand sculpture and tools used are limited to hand and sculpting tools. The event is sponsored by Friends of Hunting Island. It's creative and fun for everyone.  We hope to see you there.    

Click here to register for more information about the Contest
Tutorial Section
How to Make a wooden fishing lure.
How to Recess a Round Jig Head to accept 3D Lure eyes. 
How to use plastic eyes in your wooden fish lures.
We couldn't decide which tutorial we wanted to feature, there is just so much information about Lures that we felt the need to include three!! We started with some information for beginners and ended on a very specific tutorial about using clear plastic eyes in your wooden fish lures. 
If you'd like to try your hand at creating your own Wooden Fishing lures.
We found this Guide to making wooden Fishing lures below.
How to Recess A Round Jig Head to Accept 3D Lure Eyes
by Ronnie McKee
Click here to see 3D Self Adhesive Lure Eyes
MakeLure - Adding Eyes To Your Lure
Using Clear Plastic Eyes in your Wooden Fish Lures - MakeLure
We have an assortment of 20 Pair Size 6mm to 12mm Clear Plastic Safety Eyes or you can select size 6mm to 45mm Safety Eyes and Select the color "clear"
Featured Etsy Shop
Anderson WoodCraft
Finished Hand Crafted Fish Lures made and sold by Brett Anderson from Vermont.
With Father's Day around the corner, his creations will make a wonderful addition to your Dads collection. You'll also find a few vintage items, hand made birdhouses, and other items made with wood.

He makes and sells two Fish Lure Kits that you can sand, paint and add your own hooks and personal touches. Great Do it Yourself Project for a club or scout troop or for that DIY Fisherman. 

Hodge Podge
People, Places & Things
Rusty Jessee Chat
I've been talking with lure crafters and folks that like to fish recently to learn more about fish lures. Our customers are our best teachers and are happy to share their knowledge and experience with us and our readers.  

I had a conversation recently with Rusty Jessee from Illinois. He is a lure maker and was invited to make a set of lures for the National Tackle Collectors Club and the Florida Collectors Club. He talked about making lures, fishing, and shared his favorite fish recipe with us. Here's some of the highlights of our conversation.
Q: I was wondering How you got started making fishing lures?
RJ: I live 30 miles from Lake Michigan. I fished when I was a kid. My Dad taught me. I had to collect all the new rods and reels that came out when I was growing up. Ten years ago I bought some antique lures to put on my wall for decoration. I started collecting the old lures. I collected the Strawberry Spot Lures and had every lure in that color. I wanted to paint my own lures. I bought a lathe, band saw and other tools and started making them to paint. I thought they looked great and then people wanted to buy them from me.

Photos of Rusty Jessee's Workshop

Q: What kind of materials do you like to use in your lures and what types of lures do you like to make?

RJ: I make my lure using wood. Mostly Northern White Cedar just like lure makers did 100 years ago. I have over 300 different colors that I use for painting the lures. I use your Glass Lure Eyes and the hooks and propellers made of various metals. I make about 12 to 15 different styles. My personal favorite is the Heddon 150. 

White Scale Crab and Minnow by Rusty Jessee
Q: Do you sell your lures on a website or at shows?
RJ: I sell lots of lures through collectors clubs. I was invited to make sets of lures for the National Tackle Collectors Club and the Florida Tackle Collectors Club. It is a huge honor for me. There is also the Carolina Antique Tackle Collectors Club.   

The clubs sponsor shows.  My favorite show is the National Show that changes cities every year. This year it will be the 40th Anniversary Show in Fort Wayne, Indiana on July 14-16. It is the largest fish lure show in the world. I travel around the country for the shows. Some of my favorite shows are in:
  • Temple, Texas
  • Effingham, Illinois
  • Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I also sell on eBay under the seller ID Killerbaits. I have a mailing list from past buyers. I run specials every few months and send out a blast e-mail to alert past buyers in case they want to add to their collection. Click here to view Killerbaits eBay Shop

Q: Where do you like to go fishing now and what is your favorite lure to use? 

RJ: I like Salmon fishing in Lake Michigan. I use lures that I make and I also purchase and try other lures. The lures that Salmon seem to like most are the Spoons. I also love to fish for Stripers. I caught a 60 pound Striper in Tennessee. You'll also find good Striper fishing in the Carolinas.

I love to cook and eat fresh fish too. One of my favorite recipes is Pistachio Salmon Al a Orange Sauce. Make this recipe accompanied with Parslied Potatoes and your favorite vegetable. If you like wine; serve it with a Beautiful California Chardonnay and Share with only Loved Ones. 
Rusty Jessee Fish Recipe

Crush Pistachio's
Coat Fresh Salmon with Olive Oil
Coat with Pistachio's
Bake 4 to 6 minutes per inch thickness

Al a Orange Sauce
Melt 1 TBSP Butter and Blend in 1 TBSP Flour
Cook over medium heat for 1 to 2 minutes
Add 3/4 tsp Orange Zest 
Add 1/2 cup chicken stock 
Add  1/2 to 3/4 cup condensed milk or cream
cook until thickened
Pour over Baked Salmon 
Sprinkle some Orange Zest over the Salmon and Sauce
Garnish with Basil Leaves and Orange Slice

Accompany with Parslied Potatoes and Favorite Vege
Serve with a Beautiful California Chardonnay 
Share with only Loved Ones.  

Click here to download a copy of the Rusty Jessee's Recipe
Musky Dan Chat
We also had a chat with Musky Dan a couple weeks ago and he told us all about how he started making Lures. He even told us where his favorite fishing spot is! He is a lure maker that focuses on vintage style lures. He likes to create musky sized versions of the old school type lures, however he does make regular sized lures as well. You can check out his eBay shop custom.musky.lures Don't forget to read the whole conversation on our blog, its an interesting read.
New & Featured Products
June 2016
Glass Lure Eyes - Made in Germany

Click here to view the Glass Lure Eyes

3D Lure Eyes - Flat Back Self Adhesive

Click here to view 3D Self Adhesive Lure Eyes

Glass Lure Eyes - Hard Burnt Color

Click here to view Glass Eyes Hard Burnt Color
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