Debra Gewand Shares her Troll Doll Collection and favorite book about identifying and pricing Trolls. What's Happening in the LowCountry, Featured Etsy Shop and more!!
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With Guest Writer Debra Gewand
Our Guest this week, Debra Gewand talks with us about her love of Trolls.

Like many collectors I remember playing with the DAM Trolls as a child in early 1960’s  and they filled me with “good” feeling warm memories.   But as soon as they arrived, then these DAMn TROLLS just disappeared and couldn’t be found in the stores, only the cheap imitations were available.  I was sad.

I got my 1st (real) job after college, in the mid 1980’s as extra Christmas help for a local department store.  One day while going down the escalator I passed by the GIFT department  and what did I see?  A LARGE wrinkly “Norfin” Grandpa and Grandma Troll with other Trolls marked DAM and made in Denmark!   I was shocked THEY were BACK.  It was like seeing a very OLD friend . . . This is how I got started collecting DAM Trolls .  

I have a mixed collection of Trolls basically I am only interested in DAM Trolls. I do have a few odd Trolls- like the Wishnik 2-headed, some Reisler Trolls, and a few unmarked Trolls.   I especially like the vintage tailed Trolls.  I love their Vulcan-like ears and weird tails these are my absolute favorites. 

My pride and joy is an OOAK chocolate tailed Troll that I’ve named DAKARAI, he was dyed by Timm Z. who is well known among DAM collectors as a restorer, collector and creator of many OOAK Trolls.  I dressed Dakarai to look like a wild bush-man-troll who runs around with just a loin-cloth, leather pouch, his spear, and bone necklace.   I gave him custom colored golden copper eyes and new hair.   He was in sad shape when I purchased him, dry-rotted hair and cracked eyes.

After the tailed trolls, then my main collection is the DAM animal trolls.  I’ve managed to get a few of the older animals. Since I joined the “Norfin” fan club,  I was fortunate to get the new limited edition animal trolls when they first came out in early 1990’s at the price of $50.00 ea. The LE (limited edition) horse, (grey horse with pink hair in 2nd photo) is one of the MOST sought after DAM trolls by many collectors. He came in grey and tan flesh-tones and was limited to 400 pieces. I’ve seen him re-sold on ebay for anywhere between $500 to over $700.

My hands down favorite troll book is an older one by Debra Clark “Identification & Price Guide Troll” book. It has great info & wonderful pictures.  A definite must have for any serious troll collector.  I haven’t found any books on restoring trolls most of what I’ve learned is thru trial and error, from other collectors or from searching on the internet.

I belong to the YAHOO DAM Troll Group but I do not check in regularly.   It is a great spot to hook up with other collectors & for newbies to obtain info on trolls. You can also list trolls there that you want to sell.  

Ashley’s “Evertroll” blog is also a totally awesome spot for learning about trolls, their differences and she also has info on tips for restoring trolls.

I belong to a small private exclusive DAM Troll group that is by invitation only.  Many of the members of this group are long time collectors who helped me with creating the webpages I have on DAM Trolls. They freely shared photos of Trolls from their collections for me to post as examples to help other searchers looking for accurate info on DAM Trolls.  

I occasionally re-sell restored trolls & OOAK’s on ebay.   I work full-time so I can’t dedicate my time 100% to restoring DAM trolls for everyone .   If  I can’t accommodate a request for restoration then I will usually recommend another troll restoration artist that a person can contact.  

Replacing Plastic Eyes in DAM Lingenberry Troll

by D.A. Gewand
Get the Tutorial PDF

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Marie From Boston, MA shared photos of her whimsical Dolls  and Animals she creates by hand.

Marie uses the Black Glass Eyes on Wire Loops.

You'll find these lovely things and more of Marie's creations at WarentinHANDMADE

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