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Saying ‘Cheese’ at Our County Halloween Potluck

We had a great time celebrating the end of the season together in our annual Halloween potluck! 

An Update from The Lander County Senior Citizens Center

For Thanksgiving last year, we did things a little differently by playing games while enjoying appetizers prior to lunch; everyone enjoyed the extra interaction with each other! This year we will do the same, and we’re excited about welcoming Nevada Gold Employees to join us. The more the merrier, so please call and sign up to attend!
Our weekly schedule of events at the Senior Center includes the following:
  • Mondays: Movies and painting after lunch
  • Tuesdays/Thursdays: Exercise class at 10:30 am to 11:30 am
  • Wednesdays: Bingo after lunch
In Battle Mountain, we serve on average 1,075 hot meals a month, and 600 of those are homebound clients.  We also offer frozen meals for dinner and weekend meals, and send out roughly 135 each month. 
In Austin we are serving 581 meals a month between Austin, Kingston, and the school children. On average we serve 10 meals daily in Austin, 12 meals daily to Kingston, and 8 daily meals to students, totaling around 30 meals daily. 
My cooks are extremely happy providing meals of their choice without being limited to supplies and recipes. They put a lot of thought into the menu to ensure they get a nice variety of meals and desserts. They are doing a fabulous job! 
On average, we offer 45 rides a month to doctor appointments. With only one full time transportation driver and 20 working days a month, that leaves all of us jumping in a car and giving rides. That being said, Dayna is very accommodating, goes above and beyond to get these seniors where they need to be, and makes them comfortable in their travels. They truly enjoy their time with her. 
We also collect medical supplies and equipment and loan out to those in need. Once a month Medicare comes to evaluate health plans, and every other month Social Security calls in to assist if needed.
Seniors took a field trip to the Humboldt Museum recently, and had planned to go to Murder on the Orient Express at the Elko College but it was just cancelled due to a COVID outbreak. 
We recently enjoyed a musical performance by Dr. Maltinski and Ellie Layton. It was a lot of fun, and they even taught us how to sing along in different languages!
All seniors also receive a free pass to the recreation center. The thought behind this was to welcome them to see and enjoy the facility, and also encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. This idea was brought before the commission and approved. 
During the Spring and Summer months the fun bus took trips to Fallon every other Friday for shopping and lunch. They also took advantage of the greenhouse and planted all kinds of plants. The bus is currently getting serviced, and I feel it should be parked for the winter months. 
The Seniors in Austin have been doing all kinds of craft projects and enjoy playing Bingo weekly that anyone in Austin is welcome to participate in when time allows. They made Easter baskets for all the kids in Austin this year and the Center donated eggs for the kids to dye. I have a new cook there that is doing a fabulous job and the Seniors are loving her! 
I believe all of us truly enjoy our jobs and enjoy serving our Senior Citizens. We look forward to seeing you join us at one of our upcoming events!
Lander County Senior Citizens Center Director

LCSO Special Alert: Fentanyl Crisis

The Lander County Sheriff’s Office sees the opioid epidemic for what it is: a nationwide crisis. Lander County is not immune. Fentanyl is being pushed on children now as “Rainbow Candy”. 
Its potency is 50-100 times more potent than Morphine.

Opioids are highly addictive, reduce and relieve pain, and can sometimes create a sense of euphoria. 

Nevada’s 911 Good Samaritan Law protects you and can save a life. Call 911 without fear of arrest if you fear someone is experiencing a drug or alcohol overdose.

The following are signs of overdose. Call 911 if the person:
  • Is passed out and cannot be woken up;
  • Is not breathing, breathing very slowly, or making gurgling sounds;
  • Has lips that are blue or grayish in color.
Having a Naloxone Kit handy is an effective way to mitigate an opioid overdose. Naloxone is a medicine that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose. Naloxone can quickly restore normal breathing to a person if it has slowed or stopped because of an opioid overdose. 

If you are interested in obtaining a Naloxone Kit or have any questions or concerns, please call the Lander County Sheriff’s Department at 635-5161 or the Battle Mountain Health Nurse at 635-2386.

Lander County Addiction Assistance

Alcoholism and drug addiction are terrible crises that affect all ages in all communities. The Division On Addictions is a resource to help Nevada residents locate treatment options in the state. Finding treatment facilities that are able to understand the underlying causes of the addiction, and that are able to cure an individual so as to prevent relapse, is often difficult. The Division On Addictions is there to help find addiction treatment options that are best for each individual situation, and their services are 100% free. If you or your loved one is looking for addiction treatment, The Division On Addictions can be reached 24/7 at (855) 955-0582.

Lander County Conservation District Happenings

At the October meeting, NDOW’s Tourism and Natural Resources Coordinator, Bobby Jones, provided information to the board and attending guests on the correlation between time spent outdoors and overall health and happiness.
The research was clear that people who spend 6 or more hours outdoors are markedly healthier than those who spend less than 6 hours outdoors.

He discussed the barriers from the study which included time, weather, access, costs and health restrictions. However, the benefits far outweigh the costs – fresh air, stress relief, relaxation/quiet, mental and emotional wellbeing, and creating memories when out with family and friends. One free and simple technique to get the health benefits of nature is grounding. It is recommended we all ground DAILY.
All You Need to Know About Grounding

Grounding is the actual process of placing your feet on the ground and making contact with sand, dirt, grass or concrete. There are some recent reports which indicate that direct contact of your body with the electrons of the earth which have antioxidant effects, optimizes your immune system. These electrons from the ground protect your body from inflammation and other health consequences.
The transition to colder weather makes grounding a bit more challenging for many of us, so think of ways to get your bare feet (or wear socks if it's too cold) onto dirt, grass, or concrete at least once daily.

Grounding or “Earthing” as others may call it, is completely safe for our body and counteracts the negative exposures we get throughout our day from cell phones, tablets, televisions, etc. The most important benefit that grounding gives to your body is to provide you with electrons that are essential in the restoration of your body system after you had gotten all these ill effects from having constant exposure to various electromagnets.

Here are other health benefits of grounding:
  • Reduces chronic pain and improves blood circulation
  • Lowers stress and induces calmness for a restful sleep
  • Increases energy and regulates biorhythms
  • Relieves muscle tension and headaches
  • Minimizes menstrual pains and other female hormone symptoms
  • Optimizes body immune system and bolsters recovery from illness
  • Improved digestion
  • Accelerates recovery from intense workout
Grounding is considered one of the best alternative medicines for inflammatory and chronic diseases. Walking barefoot on the sand, water or even dirt on the ground can provide you with the health benefits of grounding. Check out the research and plug in opportunities to connect with nature!
Lander County is undergoing extensive community development and we’re excited to report on the fruit of our collective efforts in making Central Nevada an exceptional place to call home!

Yellow Brick Road, Water, Sewer, and Paving Project Completed

The Yellow Brick Road, Water, Sewer, and Paving Project was completed in 2022, and included the installation of 3,550 feet of 16-inch PVC water main extension on Yellow Brick Road and tying into the existing 16-inch PVC water main stub off Round Mountain Drive. The project also included the installation of water services and fire hydrants. Additionally, 900 feet of 12-inch PVC gravity sewer main and manholes were installed.  It ties into the sewer stub out of the sewer manhole on Round Mountain Drive. Asphalt paving of Yellow Brick Road to Round Mountain Drive was also completed as part of the project.

Austin Road Maintenance Project 

The Austin Road Maintenance Project was completed in 2021, and included work on State Routes 212, 214, and 215. New asphalt surfacing was added to 9 miles of State Route 212 on Reese River Road with the addition of new culverts, cattle guards, and a tie-in to State Route 722. The same was done on 4 miles of State Route 214, on Farm District Road. One mile of new asphalt surfacing was completed on State Route 215, which also included a tie-in to State Route 722. 

Industrial Rail Park Project

This project is currently in the Feasibility Study stage. Our goal is to promote Lander County commercial and industrial industries and to expand the local agricultural and farming livestock businesses by providing local access to mass volume shipping options.

Lander County Commissioner Meeting Takeaways 

Oct. 27th Meeting
Meeting Packet
Meeting Video
  • Commissioner Clark shared that he recently attended a Nevada Works meeting that included a job fair where 152 employers had 3,400 job opportunities at 1,100 different skill levels. 1,200 job seekers attended in person and/or digitally. There’s a big issue in finding workers in Nevada and it was great to see this activity!
  • Austin TV licensing is currently an issue being mitigated. There is an upcoming hearing being scheduled with the FCC to determine what steps need to be taken to re-apply for licensing. Lander County leadership is eager to address this issue in a timely manner so that TV services are restored to Austin residents.
  • Lander County Commissioners and staff will be inviting representatives from Miles Research to present details regarding weather modification services to mitigate drought conditions as a possibility next year. The presentation will take place at a future Commissioner meeting. At this point, it is understood that Miles Research offers services that are not charged unless target outcomes are achieved.

Current County Job Openings 

  • Maintainer I 
  • Maintainer II 
  • Seasonal Laborer
Lander County Job Postings, Descriptions, and Applications are available here

Opportunity: Current Lander County Advisory Board Committee Vacancies 

The Board of Lander County Commissioners is seeking applications from enthusiastic, civic-minded persons to serve on various Lander County Advisory Boards. To be considered, the Board requires a letter explaining the individual’s interest and qualifications for serving on the board. Listed below are the available boards:
  • L.C. Debt Management Commission - 1 Vacancy, 2 Yr. Term
  • L.C. Public Land Use Advisory Planning Comm. - 2 Vacancies, 2 Yr. Term
  • Austin Airport Advisory Board - 1 Vacancy, 2 Yr. Term
  • L.C. Planning Commission - 2 Vacancies, 4 Yr. Term
  • L.C. Economic Development Auth. (LEDA) - 3 Vacancies, 2 Yr. Term
  • Regional Transportation Commission - 1 Vacancy, 2 Yr. Term
Please note: It is the policy of the Lander County Commissioners to require that all meetings conducted by the various boards be held in accordance with the “Nevada Open Meeting Law”. Meeting agendas are posted by the Board Secretaries with copies of the minutes and agendas to be placed on file with the Lander County Clerk.

Submit applications/letters to County Manager Bert Ramos, at 50 State Route 305, Battle Mountain, NV, 89820. Applications/letters will be accepted in the Administration Office until positions are filled. For further information concerning appointment, contact the Administration Office at (775) 635-2885.

Opportunity: LCCD Noxious Weed & Pest Control Cost Share Program

Lander County Conservation District
Noxious Weed and Pest Control Cost Share Program and Range Improvement Opportunities

We would like to inform private landowners of the cost sharing opportunities available to control and manage noxious weeds and pests and other range improvements on private lands.
The Lander County Conservation District uses our ability to act as grantees or subgrantees to administer conservation funding as it is made available.

Private land owners/lessees can receive up to a 50% cost share with a maximum of $1,000 per calendar year in reimbursements for the purchase of herbicide(s), pesticide(s), or bait traps for the control and/or eradication of noxious weeds (identification manuals available at LCCD office), rodents (gophers/ground squirrels), and pests (mormon crickets/grasshoppers). 

Please contact the office at 815 North 2nd Street in Battle Mountain, check out our website at or call Anna at 775.455.2731 for more information about our programs, funding opportunities and application information. Funding is available to residents of Lander County and can only be used on private land in Lander County. 

St. John Bosco Catholic Church Christmas Craft Fair

The St. John Bosco Catholic Church is preparing for their Christmas Craft Fair and calling for vendors!

Call to reserve your table today!

Cost: 1 Table - $30, 2 Tables - $50
Date: December 3rd
Location: 384 South Reese Street, Battle Mountain

Please contact Kathy to reserve a spot: 775-340-2156

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