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Congratulations to Lander County Election Winners

Thank you to all who participated in our midterm election cycle. Dedicated staff and volunteers made this cycle a success. While we were busy integrating the use of a new electronic voting system, we also included a hand count of the ballots to ensure integrity in our free and fair elections. Congratulations to Lander County candidates who won!

Lander County Election Results

Assessor: Lura Duvall
Clerk: Molly Gonzalez
County Commissioner, District 1: Bryan Sparks 
County Commissioner, District 2: Mike Chopp
County Commissioner, District 5: Kathleen V. Ancho 
District Attorney: William “Bill” Schaeffer 
Recorder: Alexis “Lexi” Reiva
Treasurer: Jusdivia “Justi” Johnson 
Sheriff: Ron Unger 
Lander County Conservation District, Seat 2: Amy Nelson 
Lander County General Improvement District 1, Seat E: Kathleen V. Ancho
Lander County School District Trustee, Area One (4 year term): Mitch Domagala, Cayla “Fortune” Millsap, Manuel Villanueva 
Lander County School District Trustee, Area One (2 year term): Tony Warwood 
Lander County School District Trustee, Area Three: James Holland 
Lander County School District Trustee, Area Four: Sondra Torgerson 

Advisory Ballot Question
Should Lander County Code 9.16.010 be modified or repealed to allow the discharge of a firearm in the unincorporated areas of Lander County between one hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise?

Ballot Question 1
Amendment to the Nevada Constitution, Senate Joint Resolution No. 8 of the 80th Session
Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended by adding a specific guarantee that equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by this State or any of its cities, counties, or other political subdivisions on account of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, ancestry, or national origin?

Ballot Question 2
Amendment to the Nevada Constitution, Assembly Joint Resolution No. 10 of the 80th Session
Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended, effective July 1, 2024, to: (1) establish the State’s minimum wage that employers must pay to certain employees at a rate of $12 per hour worked, subject to any applicable increases above that $12 rate provided by federal law or enacted by the Nevada Legislature; (2) remove the existing provisions setting different rates for the minimum wage based on whether the employer offers certain health benefits to such employees; and (3) remove the existing provisions for adjusting the minimum wage based on applicable increases in the cost of living?

Ballot Question 3
Amendment to the Nevada Constitution
Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to allow all Nevada voters the right to participate in open primary elections to choose candidates for the general election in which all voters may then rank the remaining candidates by preference for the offices of U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Controller, Attorney General, and State Legislators?

Please feel welcome to reach out with any concerns or questions. 

Thank you, 
Molly Gonzalez

Lander County Clerk

Park Improvement Update

Thanks to the great teamwork of Lander County Public Works Director Don Prince, Lander County Rec Center Manager Sean Bakker and the hard work and dedication of County employee Reide Devieres we have new lights in the park to enjoy during this festive season! 

How to Sign Up for Community Notifications

If you haven’t signed up to receive emergency alerts from the Lander County Sheriff’s Office, here’s 3 ways you can do so today:
  • Scan the QR code in the graphic
  • Sign up at online here
  • Text LASO to 38276

Shop Local, Eat Local, Enjoy Battle Mountain’s Local Businesses

The Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce is busy organizing our traditional holiday events to encourage a festive season for families in the community while bringing together residents and businesses to bolster our local economy at this time of the year. 

The Chamber will also be auctioning off decorated Christmas trees donated by 15 businesses, and 100% of the proceeds will be used to purchase gifts for the Christmas Alert Program.

Please visit the Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page for a full list of all our upcoming Holiday Events!

Our Holiday Event Schedule listing all the ways that businesses can participate is available here. The most current listing of participating businesses can be found here. Thank you to all the Local Chamber Members who are participating in the 2022 Shop Local Program!

Businesses interested in participating can call or email to sign up their business at 775-635-8245 or

Customers: How to Participate in the Shop Local Program

Visit the Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce Facebook page to learn about prizes and more here. Please feel free to contact the Chamber at 775-635-8245 with any questions.
Lander County is undergoing extensive community development and we’re excited to report on the fruit of our collective efforts in making Central Nevada an exceptional place to call home!

Paving Project of Millard Filmore, Norman, and Sunset Avenue

This paving project has been ongoing throughout 2022, and includes the grinding and re-paving of 7,930 feet on existing asphalt surface on Millard Filmore from 1500 E Street to 2200 E Street. The project also includes shoulders and restoration of driveways, extending 1,280 feet of asphalt road surface on Norman Lane with shoulders, restoration of driveways, and tying into Hilltop Road. Work on Sunset Avenue includes grinding and repaving near the post office, and new sidewalk, curb, gutter, driveway, and new valley gutter.

White Knife Sewer Lift Station and Force Main Project

This project has been ongoing throughout 2022, and includes 7,150 feet of new 12-inch HDPE sewer force main from the White Knife sewer lift station by Allen Road to the existing wastewater treatment plant. This entails the tying into the existing screen facility at the treatment plant, boring across Allen Road, Interstate 80, and the Union Pacific Railroad with plug valves, wyes and cleanouts, new sewer lift station including a triplex submersible sewer pumping station, flowmeter and check valves, Davit crane, fencing, water service with backflow preventer, new overhead power service, generator and auto transfer switch, motor control center, odor control unit and reseeding.

Water Treatment Plant (Well 6) Project

This project has been ongoing throughout 2022 (in pre-bidding stage) and includes three (3) adsorptive media filter vessels capable of treating up to 2,000 gallons per minute, with the following:
  • a bypass flow, 
  • backwash reclaim system, 
  • 135,000-gallon backwash tank, 
  • flow meter, 
  • backflow prevention assembly, 
  • replacement of new booster pumping station pump and discharge (middle pump), 
  • generator and auto transfer switch, 
  • motor control center with VFD drive unit on new booster pump, 
  • catwalk, 
  • metal building, 
  • trench drain and leach field, 
  • grading and tie-in to the existing 2.0 MG water storage tank,
  • and a distribution system.

Lander County Commissioner Meeting Takeaways 

Nov. 16th Meeting
Meeting Packet
Meeting Video
  • A DC law firm has been hired to address the appeal process regarding the revocation of the Austin TV license. They were hired due to their expertise in this area of the law, and Lander had already been consulting with them on the matter. Updates will continue as this matter progresses.
  • Federal Government Affairs update from John Porter with the Porter Group, and the preliminary vote for House Speaker was discussed. Porter sees Kevin McCarthy’s nomination as a positive for Nevada, because he is from the West and understands the challenges we face, including our issues with water. Lands Bill text is almost finalized by Sen. Rosen, and work is being done to share a one pager regarding the Buffalo Valley Track. The goal of Nevada Senators is to include the Range Expansion Package in the passage of the NDAA. A vote is expected to take place in the first or second week in December. Three earmarks for Lander County in the federal appropriations package will be decided mid-December, and if they are approved $2.5 million will be be allocated for the Lamere Building ($1 million), Austin Health Clinic ($800,000), and the Community Center ($638,000) sometime towards the beginning of 2023. The request for an Amtrak stop in Battle Mountain has been submitted, and next steps are in the works. Amtrak officials are interested in visiting the community and state and that is being organized. Officials in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development also indicated interest in helping with this effort, and Chris anticipates that this sentiment will be held by the incoming administration. Chris will follow up with the new gubernatorial administration once the transition has occurred. Chris Porter thanked Lander officials and staff for their efforts in assisting in these endeavors. 

Current County Job Openings 

  • Legal Assistant (Eleventh Judicial District Court)
Lander County Job Postings, Descriptions, and Applications are available here

Opportunity: Current Lander County Advisory Board Committee Vacancies 

The Board of Lander County Commissioners is seeking applications from enthusiastic, civic-minded persons to serve on various Lander County Advisory Boards. To be considered, the Board requires a letter explaining the individual’s interest and qualifications for serving on the board. Listed below are the available boards:
  • L.C. Debt Management Commission  - 1 Vacancy, 2 Yr. Term
  • Battle Mountain Livestock Events Center Board - 3 Vacancies, 2 Yr. Term
  • L.C. Public Land Use Advisory Planning Comm. - 1 Vacancy, 2 Yr. Term
  • Austin Airport Advisory Board - 1 Vacancy, 2 Yr. Term
  • L.C. Planning Commission - 2 Vacancies, 4 Yr. Term
  • L.C. Economic Development Auth. (LEDA) - 2 Vacancies, 2 Yr. Term
  • Regional Transportation Commission - 1 Vacancy, 2 Yr. Term
Please note: It is the policy of the Lander County Commissioners to require that all meetings conducted by the various boards be held in accordance with the “Nevada Open Meeting Law”. Meeting agendas are posted by the Board Secretaries with copies of the minutes and agendas to be placed on file with the Lander County Clerk.

Submit applications/letters to County Manager Bert Ramos, at 50 State Route 305, Battle Mountain, NV, 89820. Applications/letters will be accepted in the Administration Office until positions are filled. For further information concerning appointment, contact the Administration Office at (775) 635-2885.

Opportunity: LCCD Noxious Weed & Pest Control Cost Share Program

Lander County Conservation District
Noxious Weed and Pest Control Cost Share Program and Range Improvement Opportunities

We would like to inform private landowners of the cost sharing opportunities available to control and manage noxious weeds and pests and other range improvements on private lands.
The Lander County Conservation District uses our ability to act as grantees or subgrantees to administer conservation funding as it is made available.

Private land owners/lessees can receive up to a 50% cost share with a maximum of $1,000 per calendar year in reimbursements for the purchase of herbicide(s), pesticide(s), or bait traps for the control and/or eradication of noxious weeds (identification manuals available at LCCD office), rodents (gophers/ground squirrels), and pests (mormon crickets/grasshoppers). 

Please contact the office at 815 North 2nd Street in Battle Mountain, check out our website at or call Anna at 775.455.2731 for more information about our programs, funding opportunities and application information. Funding is available to residents of Lander County and can only be used on private land in Lander County. 

Battle Mountain General Hospital 

  • Registered Nurse
  • Certified Nurse Assistant
Battle Mountain General Hospital Postings, Descriptions, and Applications are available here

Lander County School District

  • Bus Route Driver (general)
  • Adult Ed Director
  • Technology Specialist
  • Austin Maintenance
Lander County School District Postings, Descriptions, and Applications are available here.

Lander County Rec. Center Open Gym Volleyball

Come Get Your Volley On!

The Rec. Center gym is open for volleyball weekly!

Cost: $1 per person
When: Every Wednesday
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Location: Lander County Rec. Center

3rd Annual Christmas Tree Lighting In Austin

Bring an ornament to Austin for our 3rd Annual Tree Lighting event!

Date: November 25th
Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Austin Visitor Center

Our Chili & Cornbread feed will begin at 5:30 pm.

Battle Mountain High School Community Blood Drive

Date: November 30th
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Battle Mountain High (Commons), 425 Weaver Ave.

Book Appointment: Scan QR code in graphic, or call 775-329-6451

Parade of Lights & 4th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting In Battle Mountain

When: Dec. 3rd
Time: 6:00 
Location: Parade begins at Sonoma Street (next to Food Town) and ends at Altenburg Street (Elquist Park)

The 4th Annual Tree Lighting event will follow the parade with free s’mores offered to children present.
More info for parade participants is available at the Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce Facebook page here.

Sober Seniors Christmas Craft Fair

Handmade arts & crafts, local vendors, food, photos with Santa, & much more!

Dates: Dec. 2nd - 4th
Times: Fri. 2 pm - 8pm, Sat. 10 am - 8 pm, Sun. 10 am - 2pm
Location: Battle Mountain Visitor Center

Vendors: Contact Michele at 775-761-0064

Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce Cookie Walk

It’s time to prepare for our Annual Cookie Walk and all businesses are invited to participate! 

The Cookie Walk was created to encourage residents to SHOP LOCAL for the Holiday Season.

Cost: Pre-registration - $5 per map, At the Door - $7. 
Dates: Dec. 3rd
Time: 11 am - 2 pm
Location: Walk begins and ends at the Civic Center. Raffle will be at 2:20 pm. Must be present to win. 
Learn more at the Battle Mountain Facebook page here.

The Chamber of Commerce will supply the Goody Bags & Maps, and businesses are asked to hand out an individually wrapped and sealed cookie to each participant throughout the event, and stamp their map.

The event ends at the Civic Center with a Gift Raffle for all children who have a stamp for every business on their map. The Chamber will purchase the gifts raffled, and businesses are also welcome to share a Gift Raffle donation.

Businesses interested in participating can call or email to sign up their business at 775-635-8245 or

St. John Bosco Catholic Church Christmas Craft Fair

The St. John Bosco Catholic Church is preparing for their Christmas Craft Fair and calling for vendors!

Call to reserve your table today!

Cost: 1 Table - $30, 2 Tables - $50
Date: December 3rd
Location: 384 South Reese Street, Battle Mountain

Please contact Kathy to reserve a spot: 775-340-2156

Santa’s Village In Kingston

Santa will be in Kingston! Bring the kids! Every child up to the age of 16 will receive a present from Santa! Bring your cameras!

Date: Sat., Dec. 10th
Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location: Kingston  Community Hall/Fire House

Chili, snacks, treats, and beverages will be served.

Please contact Shannon with the gender and ages of the children you will be bringing to meet Santa.

Contact: Shannon, 775-412-3792 or

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Are you sponsoring a Lander County community event that you would like to see featured in our next newsletter? If so, please email event details, graphics, and contact information to
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