May 16, 2022

As the faculty hiring season comes to an end, we are excited that PMA will be welcoming two new faculty to campus.

Linda Ye will join as Assistant Professor of Physics starting in Summer 2023. Linda is a quantum matter experimentalist with broad expertise in materials growth and characterization.

Elias Most will join as Assistant Professor in Theoretical Astrophysics starting Fall 2023. Elias is a theorist and computational astrophysicist working in general relativity and gravitational wave research. 

A multi-institution collaboration that includes a Caltech-led imaging team has generated the first image of the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. This result provides conclusive evidence that the body is indeed a black hole and yields valuable clues about the workings of such massive objects, which are thought to reside at the center of most galaxies. 
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May 18, 2022 |  4pm-5pm
Join this week's Astronomy Colloquium "Event Horizon Telescope Imaging of Sagittarius A*" with Geoff Bower. 
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May 19, 2022 |  4pm-5pm
Join this week's Physics Colloquium "Searches for New Physics with Quantum Sensors in the Laboratory and in Space" with Marianna Safronova. 
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May 25  | 11am
Join this week's Caltech Conversations Series "Conversations on the Quantum World" with PMA's Nai-Chang Yeh. 
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May 20  | 12pm-1pm
Join this week's IQIM Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Seminar "Superradiance in a solid-state atomic ensemble" with Mi Lei. 
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May 20  | 1pm-2pm
Join this week's Geometry and Topology Seminar "The Alternation Number and the Upsilon-Invariant at 1 of Positive 3-Braid Knots" with Paula TrĂ¼ol. 
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May 20  | 2pm-3pm
Join this week's TAPIR Seminar "What Compact-Object Mergers (and Re-Mergers) Can Tell us About Astrophysics" with Chase Kimball. 
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May 20  | 11am-12pm
Join this week's High Energy Theory Seminar "Quantum Error Correcting Codes in CFTs" with Al Shapere. 
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May 19  | 1pm-2pm
Join this week's LIGO Seminar "Low-Latency Detection of Gravitational-Wave Signals with GstLAL" with Ryan Magee. 
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May 16  | 4pm-5pm
Join this week's Algebra and Geometry Seminar "Perverse mod p sheaves on the affine Grassmannian" with Robert Cass. 
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May 18  | 12pm-1pm
Join this week's Logic Seminar "Strong Ergodicity Phenomena for Bernoulli Shifts of Bounded Algebraic Dimension" with Aristotelis Panagiotopoulos. 
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