Welcome to the new the academic year! We are pleased to introduce this weekly communication which will provide highlights of important news, events and funding opportunities. Please look out for this letter each Monday.
General Announcements
New logo for PMA unveiled! The logo was created with the ideas of many PMA members.
Tom Soifer appointed Harold Brown Professor of Physics. 

Jennifer Lafkas, our new Division Administrator, is starting next Monday, October 5th 

New Faculty 2015
Dimitri MawetAssociate Professor of Astronomy & JPL Senior Research Scientist joined PMA on January 26th.  Dimitri specializes in instrumentation and observations aimed at finding and characterizing exoplanets.

Mansi M. Kasliwal , Assistant Professor of Astronomy joined us September 1.   Mansi studies transient optical sources, and is focusing on detecting counterparts to LIGO events.

Omer Tamuz, Assistant Professor of Economics in HSS, begins his courtesy dual appointment in Mathematics. Omer's research is in microeconomic theory and math, including ergodic theory and group theory.

Event Highlights 

Please join us at Alan Rice's Ice Cream Social today, September 28th, at 3pm on the E.Bridge Portico to thank him for his dedicated service as Division Administrator. 
Our Fall Gathering this year will be a family affair with face-painting and other kids' activities! Please bring your partners and little ones for an evening of fun and conversation with colleagues and friends starting at 4:30pm on October 22! More information to follow. 

New Funding Highlights

NSF limited opportunity “Partnerships for Innovation: Building Innovation”.
Pre-proposals due to the provost's office with a deadline of Monday, October 19, 2015.

The Dan David Prize 
The Award is $1,000,000 to the nominated recipient. The selected field for 2016 relevant to PMA is Nanoscience
Distinguished Visitors
Eugene A. Demler, Moore ScholarProfessor of Condensed Matter Theory, Harvard University,  will be with us for one year on a part-time basis, coming to visit two or three times for a week to 10 days each time.
Nicolas Nikolski, Moore Scholar, Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus at the Institut de Mathematiques de Bordeaux is arriving October 3 and expected to stay with us for about two months. 

Scott RansomKingsley Visitor, staff astronomer at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO). Visiting until October 3. Giving Astronomy Colloquium on September 30.