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Issue 5, 3rd September 2019
Tips and resources to keep up with children's digital world
As the school year begins, we're launching our new campaign to highlight the importance of helping children find a healthy screen time balance.
Our research shows that 7 out of 10 parents are concerned about screen time but feel it's vital to their child's development. With that in mind, we've created free download resources and videos to empower parents to play a key role in their children digital wellbeing. 
Feel free to share these with parents and carers and we'd also love to get your feedback so get in touch on our Facebook page @InternetMatters or send us a DM on Twitter @IM_org.
Featured resources
Balancing screen time: Top tips to support children
It can be difficult finding the right screen time balance for children as our research shows that over two-thirds of parents believe their children spend too much time on screens.
Even though parents are concerned, they feel screen time is vital for their children's learning and development. 

With this in mind, we've created free screen time age guides for children of all ages from those in early years (0-5) to older teens (14+). These include videos and downloadable resources to give children and young people the know-how to find a healthy screen time balance.
Latest video
Left to their own devices screen time awareness campaign
Watch our new TV ad which shows a child mesmerised by a screen with the tagline: 'If you left your kids to their own devices...they may never leave their devices.' This forms part of our awareness campaign to give parents support to help children find a healthy screen time balance.
#TimetoBake: Making screen time fun and engaging 
As part of our awareness campaign to encourage families to opt for quality screen time that helps kids learn, create and connect, we're launching our #Time2Bake competition.
To take part, simply use our Internet Matters chocolate muffin recipe to bake your own version and share a picture of it on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #Time2Bake. The winning post with the most likes will be chosen on 23rd September.
Top tips to create a balanced digital diet 
Not all screen time is created equal. Although it's important to consider the amount of time children spend in front of screens, making sure to focus on what they're doing while on their screens is key. 
See our downloadable guide featuring our top five screen time tips and get advice on how to create a balanced digital diet to help children prioritise screen time activities that will benefit their development and digital wellbeing.
Highlight: Parent stories
Managing screen time with children of different ages
When it comes to running a busy family, it can be a huge challenge to balance technology with other activities.  If you have children of different ages, there are other challenges too – how can rules adapt overtime to keep everyone happy? Mum of two Jess shares her experience.
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Try age-specific safety advice

Whether you have a pre-schooler or a teen to support online, use our age-specific advice to give them the right advice and get up to speed with what they need support on at that age.


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