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CREO News from Dr. Rick Harper:
RSP Adding Services, Staff to Bolster University-Wide Research Efforts
Changes are underway that will allow the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) to offer expanded and improved services to the University community. These come as we work to meet the provost’s challenge of revitalized University-wide efforts in research and the specific recommendations of the August 2015 report of the University Taskforce on Research and Scholarship.
This July 1, after 10 years of able leadership, Dr. Richard Podemski stepped down as
Associate Vice Provost for Research. Provost Martha Saunders has now created the Center for Research and Economic Opportunity (CREO) with the mission of advancing the University’s research activities and the economic interests of the communities that we serve. CREO member organizations are RSP, the Haas Center, the Office of Economic Development and Engagement (OEDE), and the office of the State Director of the Florida SBDC Network. I am delighted to direct the activities of the new organization, and I look forward to providing RSP staff and clients with the tools and resources needed to substantially grow our research volume.
CREO was formed to foster excellence in economic growth and knowledge creation and is intended to serve as an interface between the community and the University on matters directed at improving regional planning, partnerships and research. It will promote the visibility of the University, particularly in funded research activities, but also in research more generally. It will grow and strengthen our bridges to the regional community in economic development, research and other areas of engagement. Finally, CREO will fund and promote efforts to increase UWF research quality and quantity, particularly in efforts that can be financially self-sustaining. This work will be supported by a continuing appropriation provided to OEDE by the 2015 Florida Legislature.
As the provost noted in April when she announced the formation of CREO, the first order of business is to fill the open position of Director of Sponsored Research in RSP. This is a key hire and one that has been strongly recommended by our task force on research. Dr. Johan Liebens has chaired the search committee, which has now scheduled campus visits for short-listed candidates in mid-September.
During the summer, RSP welcomed Katy Hendry and Monica Vandenberg on board in RSP as Senior Grant Specialists. They will focus on pre-award activities including proposal development and identification of funding opportunities, among many other things. RSP has hired Katie Green to help Dr. Allison Schwartz support and expand the activities of the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR). In September, two new Business Managers on the post-award side will join the RSP team and handle additional workflow expected as the University expands its research and sponsored programs.

Funding Opportunities

Please note that the list provided is not a comprehensive list of funding opportunities.  To find more opportunities please contact Research and Sponsored Programs.

New Faculty 

  • NIH AREA  (Deadlines February 25, June 25, and October 25)





Monthly Top Picks

RSP News and Resources


Oil Spill-Related Research Dollars Drive New Understanding of Gulf    

BP committed to pay $500 million over 10 years to support independent research through the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI). BP reports that GoMRI has so far awarded about $315 million in grants for research that will “improve society’s ability to understand, respond to and mitigate the potential impacts of oil spills to marine and coastal ecosystems.”

GoMRI reports that 60 UWF researchers – including faculty and staff members and students – have been involved out of a total 2,862 researchers from 246 institutions. The consortia offers scientists an opportunity to collaborate with their peers not only throughout the Gulf Coast, but also throughout the world, Dr. Wade Jeffrey said, and to “train a big collection of graduate and undergraduate students, providing hands-on and real-world research and other opportunities.”

The CEDB currently is involved in two of the eight original GoMRI-funded research consortia:

  • Deepsea to Coast Connectivity in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico (DEEP-C), studying the environmental consequences of petroleum hydrocarbon release in the deep Gulf on living marine resources and ecosystem health.
  • Center for the Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Gulf Ecosystems II (C-IMAGE II), to advance understanding of the processes and mechanisms involved in marine blowouts and their environmental consequences. The CEDB recently was awarded a GoMRI grant for continued and expanded C-IMAGE II research.

Another significant source of research money for the Gulf is through the Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities, and Revived Economies of the Gulf Coast States (RESTORE) Act of 2012. The RESTORE Act created a Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund which will receive 80 percent of any Clean Water Act civic and administrative penalties paid by BP and other companies responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The fund supports a variety of restoration, recovery and research activities in the Gulf.

Read the full article on the Center for Research and Economic Opportunity website


Mobile App Developers Aim to Make History More Relevant, Lucrative

UWF professor, graduate students travel cross-country developing content for Next Exit History, in preparation for National Park Service's 100th anniversary

To learn more about the Next Exit History app contributions to the park service read the article written by CREO Staff Writer T.S. Strickland.  

UWF Honors Students Evaluate Pensacola Parks for Safety, Attractiveness

Where are Pensacola’s best parks?

One might expect them to be in the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods. But one needn’t be in East Hill to find comfortable, safe public spaces, according to recent research conducted by a team of University of West Florida Kugelman Honors Program students.

The team – made up of 60 undergraduate students led by Jocelyn Evans, professor of political science and associate dean of the UWF College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities– set out in spring to evaluate 53 Pensacola city parks for safety, inclusiveness, meaningful activities, comfort and pleasurability. They found Pensacola’s best parks aren’t confined to the city’s most well-to-do areas. Instead, citizens can find quality public spaces in neighborhoods throughout the city. The team graded the parks on a 36-point scale based on an article by Vikas Mehta, scholar of urban/environmental design and associate professor of urbanism at the University of Cincinnati.

Read more about Dr. Evans findings on the CREO website.  


UWF Internal Funding:  Scholarly and Creative Activities Committee (SCAC)
We want to show YOU the money and help you fund your research here at the University of West Florida!
Why are SCAC Awards a great place to start your journey with Research and Sponsored Programs?
  • Internal funding and review committee process
  • Smaller proposal requirements
  • Friendly staff here to assist and answer any questions you may have
  • Opportunity to expand your research with external funding
SCAC offers three (3) different funding opportunities for faculty and one (1) for student (graduate level research). Below you will find information about the awards we fund as well as how to apply and who to contact if you have questions.

We are excited about your research and funding needs so let us help you get what you need to be successful!

UWF Distinguished Faculty Awards
Four awards are available to recognize faculty with a distinguished record of securing external funding at the University of West Florida. At least one of the awards given will be to recognize an Assistant or Associate Professo
r with seven or fewer years of service at UWF whose record of external funding demonstrates outstanding achievement and significant future promise.
Additionally, two awards are available to recognize individuals with a distinguished record of scholarly and/or creative activities at the University of West Florida.  At least one of these two awards will recognize an Assistant or Associate Professor with seven or fewer years of service at UWF whose record of external funding demonstrates outstanding achievement and significant future promise.

Total Award Value - $3000

Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activity Awards
The Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activity awards are designed to support research or creative activities of faculty members at the University of West Florida. Research and creative activities will be broadly interpreted; therefore, a wide range of activities can be supported. Faculty members are encouraged to submit proposals for projects that have the potential to produce externally funded support.

Total Award Value - $2000

UWF Florida Research Fellow Award Program 
A programmatic initiative CREO will be funding is the Florida Research Fellow award program. This award program will be available for the next three years and applicants can reapply in subsequent years after their initial funding is exhausted.  We are pleased to announce that as many as eight (8) or more concurrent Florida Research Fellow Awards will be made to support faculty to pursue applied research projects. The competitive award process is open to any full-time UWF Faculty. The award consists of a $6,000 annual research and professional development support fund plus up to 1,000 hours of funded graduate research assistant time.  Faculty interested in applying for the Florida Research Fellow Award Program should submit a proposal describing the research project and specific activities to be completed during the award period. While all projects are welcome, applied research projects in the areas of workforce development, early childhood education, and minority community economic attainment, are particularly encouraged.
Total Award Value - $16,500 (total including award and GA hours)

UWF Graduate Student Research Awards
Not only does SCAC award faculty research, we promote and help fund graduate student research and we urge you to share that information with your graduate students. The Graduate Student Research Awards are given bi-annually and have recently increased each award to $1,500.

Total Award Value - $1,500 (with an additional $500 option available for extended research)
Calendar of Events
Proposal and Submission Deadlines

Graduate Student Research Awards
Call for Proposals                    August 28, 2015
Submission Deadline              October 2, 2015
Call for Proposals                    December 4, 2015
Submission Deadline              January 29th, 2016

Distinguished Research & Creative Activities Award
Call for Proposals                    September 11, 2015
Submission Deadline              January 15, 2016

Faculty SCAC Awards
Call for Proposals                    January 22, 2016

Submission Deadline              March 4, 2016

Florida Research Fellow
Call for Proposals                    August 28, 2015
Submission Deadline              September 30, 2015
Call for Proposals                    October 1, 2015
Submission Deadline              December 31, 2015
Call for Proposals                    January 1, 2016
Submission Deadline              March 31, 2016
Call for Proposals                    April 1, 2016
Submission Deadline              June 30, 2016

For application procedures and eligibility information for the above internal funding opportunities, visit the 
SCAC website or contact Katy Hendry,

Protections for Human Research Participants: Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Research Participants Protection is a federally mandated committee. Its purpose is to protect the rights and welfare of all persons recruited to participate in research activities associated with UWF.

UWF policy requires that all educational, training, or research activities involving human participants must be reviewed by the IRB prior to the recruitment of participants and initiation of data collection. This requirement applies to all research-related activities involving human participants at any UWF campus or conducted by any UWF faculty, staff and/or students.

For more information concerning the IRB, please visit the Ethics & Compliance Section of the Research and Sponsored Programs website or email

Survey Call Center Available
Did you know that the Haas Center has a 10 seat call center ready for your department's survey research? The Center has a variety of services and tools available for your research needs. In addition, they can help you develop your survey, provide feedback and recommend the best format to reach your target population. They can also provide a report of summary statistics and findings back to you. Contact Amy Webber for pricing and quotes.
The following third-party databases mine funding opportunities and provide email alerts. These are subscription-based, and thus are only accessible by UWF faculty, staff, and students.

Sign in with your UWF credentials to search for‌ funding opportunities and to create weekly email alerts based on saved searches


Username: uwf
Password:  research

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