Sept 19, 2018
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Act Now, inspired by Malama ‘oe I ka ‘Āina, e Malama ka ‘Āina ia ‘oe:
"Take care of the land and the land will take care of you."

Sabina Palmieri, exclusively for The Camel.


I have been rebirthed time and time again to thousands of women.

I have been rebirthed time and time again to thousands of women across six continents, in dozens of cities. 

Every time my mothers come together, magic seems to happen. They look different–all of them–but they're the same. They live everywhere–all over the world–but they're connected in ways they don't even sometimes understand. 

I've seen some amazing moments of humanity and abundance in my three years. Moments like:  
  • A mother of four, who never had her own child, announcing her first pregnancy to her best friend.
  • The first Camel Assembly in Nairobi that welcomed African-Kenyans, Indian-Kenyans and expats, who had never converged in one place before. 
  • Endless selfies of women finding their sister in cities they've never set foot in. 
  • Taking dozens of women up mountaintops in Hong Kong.
  • Raising the Camel Assembly emblem overhead during protests as a sign of hope and revolt. 
  • Women quitting their 9-5's and moving countries to find their purpose, after being spurred by the rituals in Circle of Life. 
  • Sharing stories of truth and vulnerability – from suicidal partners and body dysmorphia to admitting self-hate towards being ethnic. 
  • Celebrating anniversaries and triumphs over cancer through tears in Circle of Life. 
  • Mourning presidencies and abortions through tears over brunch. 
  • Finding safety from abusive relationships in sister's homes. 
  • Announcements of engagements and weddings. 
  • Launching poetry clubs and jujitsu classes for the community. 
  • Learning to ride motorcycles, learning to cry, learning to swim. 
And in many more moments–too sacred to share–that ultimately define the essence of motherhood.

Thank you for teaching me that people are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of. 

Love you Mom(s).
Camel Assembly
New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Toronto, London, Mumbai, Nairobi, Dubai

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Over two years of listening to leaders has unearthed four common motives.
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