Sept 10, 2018
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Learn Something's artwork inspired by John Glenn's quote:
"We have an infinite amount to learn both from nature and from each other."
Sabina Palmieri, exclusively for The Camel.


Maybe she felt lost, confused, misplaced - like I did.

I was sitting on a bus in rural England. Two little girls got on, best friends. One black, one white. They stood up to look at a cartoon advertisement, one character was a black lady in with a pink dress and the other characters were white. The black girl pointed at one of the white lady characters and said: “that's me!” The white girl then pointed at the black character and said: “that's me!” They smiled and sat down. They were colourblind and it was beautiful.

I think about that girl now and how she must have grown up and found her sight. I wonder how and when her world told her that she was different and when she realised that she was under represented in the magazines, on the television, on the make up counter, in the hairdressers. Maybe she wished her skin was lighter and her hair was straighter. Maybe she felt lost, confused, misplaced - like I did.

We are finally shining a light on the lack of diversity in the creative industries and the negative impact it has on society. Organisations such as Project Embrace are putting beautiful images of black woman with natural hair on billboards and in magazines to help broaden our media manipulated idea of beauty.

To be represented is to be inspired, accepted, to be beautiful, to dream, to be told it's possible and to come as you are.
Holly Ankrah
London, U.K.

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“Nourish yourself with grand and austere ideas of beauty that feed the soul…Seek solitude.”


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NYC has been beaten out by the rising tide of extreme wealth in Asia. Hong Kong surpassed the Big Apple as the city with the highest population of people worth at least $30 million, according to a new report by Bloomberg.


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A compilation of meditations by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh you can do alone or with another to go deep inside and expand your own capacity to love.


Naomi Osaka Just Became The First Japanese Person To Win A Grand Slam →

While the win has been shrouded in controversy–from unfair rulings supposedly based on gender, to the hypocrisy of celebrating a bi-racial citizen publicly when Japan is famously homogenous–Ms Osaka's victory is pushing Japan to redefine what it is to be Japanese. 


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