August 15, 2018
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"I make products people want that are also environmentally friendly and socially conscious."

- Sophie Rawlingson, (founder of @allmyplantsaredeaddexclusively for The Camel.


Some people live the same year 80 times and call it life–don’t be that person.

I was born to a mother who lost her husband at age 27. She had little money, a bare minimum education and 4-year-old me. She slowly resurrected her life, piece by piece from the ashes, by getting a college degree, buying a house and eventually building us a beautiful, extraordinary life – all by herself.
This exceptional woman is the reason I am determined to fight back whenever I hit the rock bottom. Our background and circumstances do have a significant influence on who we are, there is no doubt, but we are entirely responsible for who we become.
Transformation, though, isn’t all sweet and shiny. It's dark and gloomy to face your own created demons, and in the process, you keep falling off the wagon, and have to start over, again and again. Sometimes you re-start a hundred times. But sometimes, things turn out far better than you could ever imagine, and once you realize that it is very possible to improve your experience of being, personal growth becomes quite addictive.

Some people live the same year 80 times and call it life–don’t be that person. Keep moving, keep exploring. If something doesn’t make you feel exceptional, let it go and stick to your highly elevated standards of self.
But also, be mindful of the truth that you will be surrounded by people who don’t want to change, and your growth with scare them. And that too is alright. Don’t be afraid to de-clutter your life of those who scream mediocrity. Make that space for newer people to enter who are on the same frequency as you, because they are ones who will build you up. They will feel effortless and natural. You just vibe, it's beautiful.

Chandni Davda
Mumbai, India


Blue Light From Screens Can Steadily Blind Us →

Solution: turn your phone and laptop to night shift all the time. You'll come to dig that orange light. Swear.


American White People Really Hate Being Called "White People" 

One of the benefits of being in the dominant demographic and cultural group is that you're allowed to simply be a person, a blank slate upon which you can write your own individual story.


LeBron James To Send Over 1000 Kids To College  

"As a kid growing up in the inner city and as an African American kid, you don't really think past high school because it's not possible or your family can't support you."


STABILO Ad Literally Highlights 'Invisible' Women Who Made History 

Women featured in the ads include Katherine Johnson—the NASA mathematician whose calculations resulted in the safe return from the moon to earth, Lise Meitner—who discovered nuclear fission, and Edith Wilson—who assumed her husband’s presidential role after he was paralyzed.


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