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Community Slide Show

in conjunction with Vesna Pavlović's Lost Art

On Saturday, October 10, Zeitgeist Gallery invites members of the community to bring, project, and share their personal collections of slide photography in the gallery.  

Recently, there has been a cultural shift away from slides as a mode of sharing images, perhaps because of the bulky nature of the technology. From academic art departments to personal collections, slides are often unused or abandoned. This is an opportunity to reactivate old technology in an environment of examination and introduction. 

Bring your forgotten carousels and share images, or create sequences with existing archives.

Featuring artists: Michael Aurbach, Susan De May, Mary Addison Hacket, Jana Harper, Kelli Hix, Robin Paris, Marilyn Murphy, Betsey Robinson, John Warren, and Emily Happell Williams, PSU Film & Video.

Vanderbilt Department of Art Photography II students Kathryn Babbin, David Brandon III, Xiyu Deng, Chelsea Velaga, and Tongqi Wang will assist participants with carousels and loading slides for each viewing station. RSVP

Morna O’Neill
Thursday, October 29 at 6pm
The Screen and the Curtain: On the Intersection of Photography and Art
This talk will explore aspects of the history of photography in relation to the history of painting as one way to understand Vesna Pavlović’s Lost Art project.  One early photographer referred to his practice as “the art of capturing a shadow.” In this conception, the photograph itself acts as a screen of the image made by light.  The history of painting, on the other hand, is often told in terms of the curtain: the artist pulls back the drapery to reveal his or her skill in rendering the world.  I will explore how these two stands came together in the late nineteenth century, when art historians began projecting paintings as slides, at the same moment when curators began hanging paintings on curtains. 

Morna O'Neill is associate professor of art history in the Department of Art at Wake Forest University, where she teaches courses in eighteenth and nineteenth-century European art and the history of photography.
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October 10, 6-8pm
Community Slide Show

October 29, 6pm
Guest Lecture - 
Morna O'Neill, Wake Forest University

November 7, 6-9pm
opening: Jered Sprecher; Michael Jones McKean
Studio Corner
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