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Fall Fundraiser, Kindness Counts!

PTA Website Link Here
**We want to hear about your kids kindnesses! Email ( or Facebook message us with the kindest thing your kid has done since the fundraiser started on 10/10. All entries will be entered to win a prize 😄 Drawing will be Friday at noon, so get those entries in ASAP!


Collect money from family and friends and 1) bring checks
addressed to Stoneleigh PTA in a marked envelope or
2) submit donation on by November 8.

3) Collect money and make a donation

For your family
- take out the trash, help your brother or sister, carry
groceries, clean up

For your body
attend Morning Mile, take a walk, go to sports practice,
play outside, try a new vegetable

For your school
- help a teacher, sit with a new friend at lunch, offer to help a

For your community
- pick up litter, help a neighbor, clean up a stream, recycle




Craft Fair, 12/7

2019 Vendors needed: Calling all makers! We're continuing seeking talented crafters for our highly anticipated holiday shopping extravaganza, the one and only Stoneleigh Winter Craft Fair. Space is extremely limited this year so don't wait to secure your spot.  Our market is also limited to handmade items ONLY (no MLM's please). Between the craft fair, greens sale, Cupcake Challenge, and food trucks, we are expecting a ton of traffic so you won't want to miss this opportunity to market your creations to our amazing local community!

Date: Saturday, December 7, 2019
Set-up Time: 7:00am – 9am

Selling Time: 9am – 2pm

Space Fee:  $50 for 8’ x 8’ space, the option to reserve more than one space is available. We encourage student vendors as well! If you are a student, the fee is reduced to $15 for a 5×5 table.

Spaces must be cleared by 3pm.

Location:  Stoneleigh Elementary School, 900 Pemberton Road, Baltimore, MD  21212

Important: As this is an elementary school environment, please be aware that certain subject matter is inadmissible. Any reference to alcohol or drug use, firearms or weaponry, and anything considered indecent will not be allowed. Please select your for-sale items accordingly.  This will be strictly enforced.

For more information please contact Tricia Anderson, head of this year’s craft fair.  Please our website for more details.

American Education Week 

IMPORTANT Revision to American Education Week Schedule


  • Monday, November 18th - Kindergarten and 5th grade parents
  • Tuesday, November 19th - 3rd & 4th grade parents
  • Wednesday, November 20th - 1st grade parents
  • Thursday, November 21st - 2nd grade parents

Morning Mile has been a great success so far this year, with 13 students breaking 100 miles! We plan to go as long into the winter as weather permits.
We would LOVE more morning captains. Our committee needs help! It’s easy and fun. You don’t have to commit to every week, every bit helps. 
Please e
mail Mia if you can help!
All School Dance, details to come!

Calendar/Dates/Updates to Remember

  • 11/8 - School Closes 3 hrs early Dismissal, end of Marking Period
  • 11/9- All School Dance

  • 11/14- PTA Meeting 

  • 11/18-21 American Education Week
  • 11/22- Schools Closed/ Elementary Conference Day
  • 11/28-11/29 Thanksgiving Break
Hey SES Families, we know everyone wants their kids to be safe, warm, and dry, but we need to step up our Kiss-n-Go game before we lose the privilege. It’s important that our teachers and staff can enter the parking lot and park quickly so they can get in to the building.  We thought early in the year would be a good time for some quick reminders:
  1. Pull ALL THE WAY UP. Like all the way. To the kindergarten doors. All the way to the light post. Yes, even if your child goes in the front door or the gymnasium doors. And yes, even if your child is there early as a safety or morning helper.
  2. If you (or your kids) aren’t ready to say goodbye that’s cool, we all have those mornings. Please park in the back row of the parking lot while you wait, not in the Kiss-n-Go line. Parking in the KnG creates a back-up and the unsafe situation of cars pulling around you (and possibly…probably…giving you dirty looks).
  3. You shouldn’t have to get out of your car. If you do, to say…unload an instrument, a science project, or a stuffed ostrich for show and tell, you should park in the back row of the parking lot and walk your child (and their ostrich) in.
  4. Your child(ren) should get out on the passenger side of the car (which you have pulled ALL THE WAY UP). They should NEVER EVER get out on the driver’s side. Like, ever.
  5. The KnG is staffed from 8:30-8:45 by some of our lovely teachers. They are there to make sure your darling gets out of the car and safely to the building. However, your child can open the door and exit on their own as quickly and efficiently as possible, and is encouraged to do so. And you are encouraged to feel confident your child will get in the door without actually seeing them walk through it.
  6. Please stay off your phone until you are completely out of the parking lot. It just makes everything easier and safer.
  7. Please maintain a single line through the parking lot. We know it is frustrating and that you are in a hurry (everyone is in a hurry), but safety dictates you not cut through the aisles, especially in the wrong direction.
  8. Speaking of the wrong direction, it’s really not okay to pull onto Pemberton from Copeleigh to sneak into the parking lot. Not only is it unsafe, it’s definitely illegal. But also unsafe; we will start ticketing soon if this continues.
  9. Finally, and we really want to stress this: please pull all. the. way. up.

There was a time when the Kiss and Go line was out on Pemberton and kids walked up from there. **Now we are fortunate to be able to come directly into the parking lot; however, due to the increased issues, we run the risk of losing that privilege. So please, help out the teachers, staff, and your fellow harried drivers and be safe and follow the rules. Oh, and Please pull all the way up. 😘  🚙

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