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We would like to start off our message by wishing you and your loved ones a very lovely Christmas and a very warm and healthy 2023! 

Our prices for 2023 
Life around us is continually getting more expensive. We would like to refrain from contributing to this trend. Therefore we decided to freeze our hourly rate for the coming year and only raise prices where we have to, which would be for our cloud hosting services. 

Web hosting
All our suppliers are raising their prices from January onward due to, among other things, rising electricity costs. So we see no other way then to raise our standard web hosting rate for websites to 14,50 excluding VAT. 

On our server hosting cloud platform we face the same issue. Suppliers are raising their prices. This combined with other factors, such as a scarcity of IP-addresses, is forcing us to raise the price of hosting servers with 6%. 

Hopefully we have found an acceptable way of keeping everything viable for everyone despite the rising prices.

Warm Regards
Tom, Micha and Marijke
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