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Are Milk Cartons Recyclable?

The biggest advantage that cartons have over other kinds of packaging is that they are lightweight. That means that it's less expensive to ship food and drinks in cartons, and it also uses less fossil fuel for transportation. Another energy-saving aspect of shelf-stable cartons is that the contents don't need to be refrigerated during shipping, at the store, or at your home, which helps conserve energy. Starre Vartan from Treehugger explores the many benefits of cartons as a sustainable packaging choice, including what happens once recycled. 

What Do Cartons and Toilet Paper Have in Common?

Healthy fun expert, clever mom and registered dietician nutritionist Holley Grainger breaks down how to distinguish food and beverage cartons from other types of packaging and how you can make carton recycling part of your everyday life. Why? Because it reduces waste and supports the production of new paper items like toilet paper. Find Holley's tips on her blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Take your pick!  

Recycle with Confidence 

The vast majority of people (74%) continue to believe that recycling is important and should be a priority. Yet, many folks aren't sure how to recycle right when at the bin. Share this helpful graphic with your friends and colleagues to dispel myths about carton recycling and convert them into recycling heroes!     

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Carton Council appoints Jordan Fengel as new director of government affairs.
New efforts in Atlanta lead the city to reach new recycling milestone of 2,058 tons in December 2020.
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