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Tim's Topic of the Month

"Why don't you offer plans other than your
flat rate managed service program?"

I get asked this question all the time, and it's valid. A lot of other IT companies offer everything from a break/fix model to prepaid block-time. We don't do IT that way and here's why...the benefits go beyond just saving you money, we actually want to see you succeed. So, to all that have asked, and those who are now wondering, here are the reasons we only offer managed IT services...keep reading

Tim O'Neil  
Co-Founder & President
To Solution, Inc.


Dan Schneck
Co-Founder & VP of Network Services
To Solution, Inc

What is a vCIO Anyway?

In this first edition of our newsletter, "Technically Speaking", I want to take a moment to explain exactly what a vCIO is and how this service benefits your business.

vCIO stands for "Virtual Chief Information Officer”. With a vCIO, you have access to the knowledge and expertise of a CIO without the expense of having a full-time officer on staff.
Beyond the cost savings of a full-time employee, access to a vCIO provides your business with a high-level technology expert with a deep understanding of business management. A vCIO will provide you with insight into how implementing the right technology, at the right time, can take your business to the next level. Keep reading

Why You Need a vCIO & How to Access Yours...
 We are always excited to feature a new client in our "Client Spotlight". PT Pro’s has been a fun project for our whole team. Because this was a new business, we were able to design and build their network infrastructure from the ground up. A few of the considerations in the design were HIPAA compliance, maximum uptime and the ability to replicate the  plan to multiple locations quickly. Secure access to centralized information was paramount as well as long-term management of the infrastructure and support of users. Included in our flat rate plan, Vendor Management and vCIO services have been vital to a successful rollout. We work closely with NextGen Healthcare to ensure compliance and functionality. Good luck to the whole PT Pro’s organization as you continue to prosper!  -ToSolution Team

PT Pros is a management service organization that offers tactical services to healthcare providers.  We focus on the healthcare industry with an emphasis on ambulatory, out-patient services.
Technology is the cornerstone 
to the services we offer healthcare providers. Secure, transparent, and compliant electronic records that allow medical professionals to treat their patients efficiently without sacrificing quality of care.  Electronic revenue cycle management allows for faster payments and improved cash flow. Technology allows for continuous improvement to workflow, allowing for increased care to the patients and increased efficiencies for the providers. Through NextGen Healthcare we are able to offer an integrated faxing service which allows providers to fax their patient notes securely directly from their laptop. No longer is there a need to print, fax, and shred and thus lightening the workflow and decreasing costs. Through ToSolution, we are able to offer our employees secure access to our server via any browser allowing them access to their tools and information from any internet connection.

Joseph A Tenuta, MBA | PT Pros
Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
(o) 262-925-5000 |

Don't Wait to Learn About Cyber Insurance

This month we’re highlighting cyber security and business loss insurance in our partner section. Most businesses are being approached about these types of policies. Interestingly, most insurance companies don’t have well-defined plans. They have thrown some coverages together, slapped a price on it and are floating them like trial balloons. The underwriting and actuary departments don’t really have any data to work with to design anything differently.
We’re mentioning two local partners in the area that are ahead of the curve in this important business protection. One partner, Arlene Peterson from TE Brennan is someone you should contact if you bought one of the policies already. They will independently review your policies to make sure you have the coverage you think you have. They do not sell insurance, they only evaluate.

Arlene suggests we keep these things in mind:
  • No two cyber policy's terms and conditions are alike and coverages provided by different insurance companies vary greatly.
  • Many agents will sell you a cyber policy, but if they don’t have specific expertise, you may not be buying the protection you think.
  • T.E. Brennan Company has experts in the cyber arena and can explain coverages in layman’s terms. We make sure you are purchasing the coverage you want and need at a fair price.
The other partner is Carla Borda at R&R insurance. Carla specializes in cyber policies and actually reviews a potential client's computer network before writing a policy. Some of the computer networks we see when we visit potential clients shouldn’t even be insured. But many insurance companies don’t know how to evaluate the good from the mediocre to the awful. Carla has a process that does. We’ve seen the questionnaire they use and it is quite good.

Coverages that can be insured include:
  • Network Security Liability due to attacks on your network
  • Privacy Liability, including costs to mitigate liability: Notification Expenses, Credit Monitoring, ID Theft Repair, Forensic IT, Public Relations, Legal
  • Media Liability for information on your website
  • Technology Errors & Omissions if your business provides IT services, software, hosting, etc.
  • Business Interruption for loss of income if your network is compromised and is not be accessed
  • Digital Assets – the expense to replace hardware and software
  • Extortion/Ransomware – negotiate and pay ransom due to the theft of information
  • Fines and Penalties from regulators such as HIPAA and Payment Credit Card Industry
Carla Borda is a Cyber Security, Professional Liability & Medical Malpractice Specialist for R&R Insurance Services. With more than 30 years of insurance experience, Carla assists clients in understanding the increasing risk of securing their networks and disaster management planning. She is also a trusted resource and advisor to clients, assisting them with changes in government regulation compliance and changing business models. In addition, Carla is currently a member of the Board of Governors for the Wisconsin Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund.

For Designers: Check out these helpful Chrome Extensions

Have you ever been surfing the web and come upon a site with a great look? Perhaps you loved the color scheme or even the font but had no idea how to replicate those colors and fonts yourself? Well, if you use Google Chrome, we have the answer for you. Chrome offers two great extensions that I use all the time while designing anything from a company newsletter to an infographic.


The extensions are called 
"ColorZilla" and "WhatFont" and you can find them both in the Chrome Store. Once installed you simply click on the extension, hover over a color or font and voila!

Mark James | To Solution, Inc.
Director of Technical Business Development
Google Plus
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