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Our book of the month: Snow by Sam Usher

A little boy wakes up to find it is snowing and can’t wait to get outside, before anyone else. The trouble is Grandad is just so slow to get ready. By the time they get out to the park his friends, some cats and dogs and even some animals from the zoo have got there first!

Snow is a magical picture book which captures the wonder of a snowy day, the excitement of wanting to make the very first footprints and the frustration of waiting for grown-ups. A perfect book to share, especially when it’s snowy, for young children who may be experiencing snow for the first time.

Find activities here and buy online from Hive.

NEW! Novels section for Ages 7+

In response to your requests, we’re delighted to introduce a new section for children 7 and over on the lovemybooks website.

Here you will find a range of wonderful novels for reading aloud and sharing with your child including activity ideas, things to talk about and useful links too.

Let us know what you think!

Freddie's Story...

Sarah Baker, who wrote about her son Freddie in our first newsletter, continues the story of his development as a reader.

"Freddie's already developing a real love for his favourites."

"A few weeks ago, Freddie began crawling. He went from one side of the living room to the other, and right up to the bookshelves. There he began to pull out a few books before turning to me with a smile. I could not have been more proud. Now this has become part of our daily routine, and storytime by the bookshelves is as much fun for him as it is for his mum and dad."

"Now he’s a little older, we’ve started including some of the activities lovemybooks suggest on their website. We’ll often read one book a second time or point out little picture details as we go. We talk about the book and, when it comes to one of his new favourites, Orange, Pear, Apple, Bear by Emily Gravett, we’ve used real pieces of fruit to tell the story (which he found delicious)." 

Read more about Freddie’s storyPlease send any
photos, your stories, ideas and recommendations about reading with your children to

Our Patron: SF Said

SF Said, lovemybooks patron is author of Varjak Paw which you can find in our new novels section and also The Outlaw Varjak Paw and Phoenix. Here he tells us about books which were significant to him as a child.

"The first book I can remember reading is The Cat In The Hat. I loved it; I wanted the cat to come to my house and smash everything up! I think I was in love with books and stories from that moment. Perhaps it's no accident that my first book ended up being about a cat!"

"Watership Down was a life-changing book for me. I read it at the age of 8. I remember thinking it was the best book I'd ever read, and that one day, I wanted to write something even half as good. I re-read it when I was 35, and thought it was even better! It was amazing to see how deeply its mythology had shaped my own imagination. Without Watership Down, I would never have written Varjak Paw or Phoenix."

"I believe there's a book for everyone out there. But it can be hard to find it, with over 10,000 children's books published a year in the UK. This is why a resource like lovemybooks is invaluable: because it is created and curated by specialists with huge experience in developing a love of books, and helping children become true lifelong readers.

If a child is going to become a reader for life and enjoy all the benefits that flow from lifelong reading, it's vital for them to love their books and to feel a sense of ownership over them. This means we need to give children choice and access to books they will really love."

"Everything I think is important about lovemybooks is right there in its name!"

Buy Varjak Paw online.

About Lovemybooks...

Lovemybooks is all about young children enjoying reading and books with their parents, family and friends.

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