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I love you, Blue Kangaroo! by Emma Chichester Clark is our April book of the month.
Lily loves Blue Kangaroo but when she’s given new toys for her birthday, he feels neglected and forgotten. When Blue Kangaroo finds a new friend in Lily’s baby brother, Lily realises just how much Blue Kangaroo means to her.  A story of a child and her favourite toy which makes connections to all kinds of childhood relationships, as Lily experiences feelings of affection, jealousy and sibling rivalry.

Jemma writes:

We loved this book, Orla (aged 3) has a special pink bunny who is her 'favourite toy' and so this book particularly struck a chord with her because she spends a good ten minutes searching for pink bunny every evening so she can go to bed! Orla loved making a poster of her pink bunny and the book really helped her with describing her favourite toys. She said her pink bunny was 'soft and cuddly' and her ballerina toy has 'shiny shoes and a sparkly tutu'.
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In our Toys section there are fantastic stories about toys and their owners too. Some of the toys have adventures, some get forgotten and some are lost. These stories encourage children to think about their toys in new ways, invent adventures with their own toys and create toys from everyday objects such as a simple stick as well.


Recently added to our Toys section is The Everywhere Bear by Julia Donaldson, Rebecca Cobb (illustrator).
The Everywhere Bear lives on a shelf in class one. Every weekend he goes home with one of the children and has different adventures, going on bus rides, making dens, even going to the moon! One day he has a much bigger adventure when he is dropped in a puddle. He is washed down a drain, and out to sea. Amazingly, when Class One visit the library they are finally reunited with their Everywhere Bear!
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Stories which take you on a journey are ideal for making into a game.

This might be a real life imaginary journey with a book like We’re Going on a Bearhunt  or a board game based on the story. We have included a few for you to download with our activities for The Everywhere Bear, Train Ride and Dinosaur Chase. Each of these games have a base board, chance cards and instructions. We aim to use ideas from the and some of the same words too. Playing a board game based on a story is an enjoyable way for children to develop their reading, becoming more familiar with key words and phrases in the story. Children might be able to read them on their own or with your help. They can match words with the same words in the story too.

Traction Man is Here is one of the most searched for books on Lovemybooks.

Mini writes:
'The idea for Traction Man is Here came from a real thing that happened when I worked as a teacher. I was on playground duty and a little boy called Midge zoomed up to me. He had brought his Action Man into school, and his Action Man was wearing a new, home-made outfit (knitted by Midge’s granny I think.) The outfit was a suit, knitted out of emerald green wool with big buttons. And because it was knitted it looked just like a green romper suit that a baby might wear. The Action Man was clearly trying to rise above the suit and stay brave and heroic nonetheless. And I felt sorry for the Action Man and hoped it would get to home-time without anyone laughing at him.' Read more…

‘With Toys in Space, I had an image in my mind of a group of toys left on the grass in the garden, lying on their backs and looking at the sky. When the sky got dark they’d see the stars for the first time. At first I tried to write a story about different toys trying to explain what the stars were – but that didn’t work. Then I wondered what would happen to a group of toys left out in the garden?' Read more… 
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Lovemybooks in Nursery World

We’re pleased to have an article about Lovemybooks in Nursery World magazine. It describes how we came to develop Lovemybooks, why we think it’s important, what it offers and the impact it is having. Also includes a case study on how one school is using the site with parents. See here for articleNursery World offer 7 days free access if you are not a subscriber.

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