Our book of the month Stanley’s Stick by John Hegley and Neal Layton (illustrator)

Stanley’s Stick is an enjoyable picture book with a simple message; ‘fantastick’ fun can be had with a simple stick found in the woods or on the beach. With a little imagination a stick can become a dinosaur, trumpet, fishing rod or rocket. This is an idea which will inspire children’s own imaginative play and an opportunity for children to find out more about the natural environment. 

Fun with Stanley’s Stick! Lauren, a parent writes for us

We had a lot of fun sharing Stanley's Stick. Dylan took on the role of Stanley very quickly, first when we were reading the story and then in his play.  On finishing the book he immediately wanted to make a fishing rod and began 'fishing' off the bench in the garden. He is very imaginative. The following weekend we re-read the book and went for a walk in some local woods. He enjoyed looking for and choosing sticks and turned them into swords, light sabres and strong magnets that could 'pull people up the hills in the woods'. We also spent some time looking for fairy houses, balancing on logs and throwing sticks into the 'sea' of bluebells. We inevitably had to bring home a 'small' collection for the garden and no doubt they will take on other lives.

I asked Dylan why he likes the book and he said "because the stick can be anything you want it to be like Stanley did". I love the fact that it captures what children do so naturally when they have a chance to just play with simple things and gave us a good reason to get out in the woods -free fun!

See here for ways of sharing the book and fun activities
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New in Family and friends - My Dad by Anthony Browne
A young boy describes his Dad and all the amazing things he can do, from walking a tightrope to fighting giants. Dad is funny, wise, and loving. See ways of sharing the book and fun activities here 
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NEW in Space and aliens - Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson and Nick East (illustrator)
Two young boys get ready for bed, they look out of the window at the starry night and think about their daddy, an astronaut. See ways of sharing the book and activities here.
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British astronaut Tim Peake reads Goodnight spaceman from the international space station here on Cbeebies iplayer (for one month).

NEW in Toys - The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb (illustrator)
A little girl makes some paper dolls with her mother’s help. She names and plays with them constantly, having all sorts of adventures and facing lots of dangers. See ways of sharing the book and activities here.
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Dads sharing books with their children

Since it's Father's Day this month we thought we'd ask some dads about their experiences of sharing books with their children.

The National Literacy Trust (NLT) are urging more dads to share books with their children and to recognise their importance as reading role models, particularly for boys. Read more... 

I love reading with Luke, it's a great way of sharing an experience together, a privilege really. Some of my earliest memories of Luke as a baby, looking back, are of reading to him. That always felt good, when you are a new parent and you are still trying to work out what you are actually meant to be doing, what your role is, reading to him always felt like a good thing, like somehow you knew what you were doing… One of our joint all time favourite books is definitely Man on the Moon: A Day in the Life of Bob by Simon Bartram, it has great artwork, a funny story, and Bob's favourite lunch is the same as Luke's, peanut butter sandwiches and cheese sandwiches. Read more…

Neither of our boys will go to bed unless they have had a least two stories. Our one year-old gets very cross if he doesn't get to read Dear Zoo and insists on being the one who turns the pages and opens the flaps. We have had to buy a second copy of the book as our three year old is in the 'mine' phase and has rediscovered his love for any book his brother enjoys!

I love going to bookshops with them and reading with them is lovely way to say goodnight - particularly if the day has been very busy!  Read more…

I enjoy spending time reading with my daughter (age 3) and as she gets to know certain stories, she can join in their retelling which makes it fun. At the moment she is particularly into the rhymes in Michael Rosen's A Great Big Cuddle. One of her favourites is his poem 'Once' - she uses different voices and expressions for example when the poor little ‘mom’ says "What about me, me, me?!"  See Michael Rosen performing the poem 'Once' from A Great Big Cuddle here.

I love reading with my son Leo. Books have different roles in our house depending on the time of day - at about 5.30 am they are pushed under my nose with the words "Daddy, it's morning, read me a story!" Later on - they inspire games, making Leo want to re-enact tales of astronauts, knights and ninjas. After nursery, we read to learn about dinosaurs, castles and sharks - which form the conversation at dinner time. Then, when it's time for bed, we pick a good story to help us calm down and relax... It's lovely time spent together, focused and imaginative, interactive in a way TV can never be. I can't wait, as he grows up, to share the stories with him that I loved as a kid.

Casper loves books and the activities from LoveMyBooks really help to bring them to life for him. Making the books interactive also make it more enjoyable for us dads, especially when you are reading Where the Wild Things are for the tenth time in an evening!

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