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K2P Press Tracing encompasses all health related stories and issues reported in Lebanese newspapers. This service provides FHS faculty members with investigative, news events and advocacy articles from AnnaharAl AkhbarAl AnwarAl HayatAl Joumhouria, Al BaladAl MustaqbalAl Shark Al AwsatAl Binaa and The Daily Star.  
Thursday January 5 - Wednesday January 11, 2016

Highlights & Selected Articles

  • Environment (9/38 articles) mainly reported on officials agreeing on a series of aviation safety measures after gulls near Beirut’s airport caused concerns and sparked a court order to close the Costa-Brava landfill. Lebanese authorities also began installing additional bird repellant devices on the airport premises to drive circling birds away.
  • Refugees (5/38 articles) informed about 20 workers in an east Lebanon town protesting against the influx of foreign workers, particularly refugees, who they say have stripped them of their livelihoods. Another article informed about UNRWA resuming its full services at Ain al-Hilweh camp as students returned to schools, despite fears among parents of a deterioration in the security situation, among other issues.
  • Alcohol (5/38 articles) mainly showcased Lebanese Customs agents raiding warehouses in different areas of Mount-Lebanon containing counterfeited alcoholic beverages. The Ministry of Finance said the warehouse located in Zouk Mikael had ready-for-distribution bottles of name-brand whiskey and vodka filled with bootlegged product.
Al Akhbar
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  • Women Rights (3/38 articles) shed light on activists who are lobbying for action on promises through the adoption of a quota in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The National Coalition to Support the Establishment of Women’s Political Participation in Lebanon is one of the groups campaigning for a quota.
  • Child Protection (2/38 articles) covered the Internal Security Forces' Information Bureau in Tripoli arresting a father for beating his 10-year-old daughter, and forcing her to beg.
  • Other (4/38 articles) compiled different public health-related articles among them: scientists stated that living near heavy traffic increases risk of dementia. Another article highlighted health officials in England warning that the average five-year-old consumes the equivalent of their body weight in sugar over the course of a year. The new campaign by Public Health England (PHE) warning that five-year-olds should only be consuming the equivalent of five sugar cubes a day, among other health-related articles.
The Daily Star

Al Mustaqbal
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  • Virus (3/38 articles) highlighted one Lebanese patient who was infected by H1N1 virus and was admitted to Halba Hospital north of Lebanon, among other related articles. 
  • Tobacco Related (3/38 articles) showcased that smoking and its side effects cost the world's economies more than $1 trillion and kill about 6 million people each year — with deaths expected to rise by more than a third by 2030, according to a report newly issues by the World Health Organization and the National Cancer Institute.
  • Patient Safety (2/38 articles) provided legal updates regarding the case of child Ella Tannous. One article covered the Minister of Public Health, Ghassan Hasbani, ordering an investigation to the case of 2 month-old Minissia Hassan Ali who, reportedly, had a finger injured due to a medical error.
  • Ministry of Public Health (1/38 articles) informed about the Minister of Public Health, Ghassan Hasbani, stating that pharmaceutical drugs for chronic diseases are now available at Karantina governmental hospital. Hasbani also mentioned that the full hospital care coverage for citizens above 64 years-old, which was implemented by previous Minister of Public Health, Wael Abou Faour, might face financial obstacles.
  • Domestic Violence (1/38 articles) provided legal updates regarding the case of Roula Yaacoub, a woman whose husband had beaten to death in 2013. The Court of Cassation referred the husband, Karam Bazzi, to the criminal court.
Al Joumhouria
حاصباني أوعز فتح تحقيق بحادثة الرضيعة مينيسا

Al Mustaqbal
التدخين يكلف العالم أكثر من تريليون دولار سنوياً.. و6 ملايين وفاة​
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