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K2P Press Tracing encompasses all health related stories and issues reported in Lebanese newspapers. This service provides FHS faculty members with investigative, news events and advocacy articles from Annahar, Al AkhbarAl HayatAl Joumhouria, Al BaladAl MustaqbalAl Shark Al Awsat and The Daily Star.  
Thursday March 15 - Wednesday March 22, 2017

Highlights & Selected Articles

  • Taxation (16/55 articles) provided updates on the ministerial budget and fiscal plan. The ministry endorsed five new taxes in order to fund the salary scale. In particular, ministers approved tax increases of L.L. 250 per pack of cigarettes, L.L. 250 per pack of tobacco and L.L. 500 per cigar. Lawmakers also approved tax increases on imported alcohol.
  • Environment (10/55 articles) showcased updates regarding the issue of constructing a resort at Ramlet al-Baida, Beirut. On the other hand, this section highlighted a study published in the journal Nature, stating that ocean's worldwide oxygen content declined by more than 2% between 1960 and 2010.
  • Ministry of Public Health (5/55 articles) reported on Minister Ghassan Hasbani’s statements and activities.  He mentioned that the health sector is important and deserves to be given the attention it deserves, among other statements.
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  • International Water Day (4/55 articles) highlighted a report by UNICEF stating that 1 in 4 children - 600 million in total - may live in areas with severely limited water resources by 2040. This report was disseminated on the occasion of International Water Day which takes place on March 22 of every year.
  • Sexual Health (3/55 articles) shed light on articles written by professionals about sexual and reproductive health. One opinion article by Dr. Faysal El Kak explained how sexual health education emerged in 2002 and led to improved public health outcomes.
  • Other (8/123 articles) compiled different public health-related articles among them, a report by UNDP stating that Lebanon ranked 76th out of 188 countries in Human Development. Lebanon’s Human Development Index value puts the country in the high human development category, among other articles.  
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Salt (2/55 articles) compiled articles highlighting the importance of reducing salt intake in all populations throughout the world. This was to celebrate “World Salt Awareness Week” which is taking place from March 20 to March 26 this year.
Refugees (2/55 articles) informed about a survey showing that any child asylum-seekers in Germany still have to spend long periods in unsafe and overcrowded shelters, and some have only limited access to education and do not receive adequate healthcare.
Occupational Health (2/55 articles) shed light on a report by The Lancet on weaponization of healthcare facilities in Syria. The report stated that more than 800 health workers have died in "acts of war crimes" in Syria since 2011.
Heart (1/55 articles) showed an article by AUBMC doctor, Hussain Ismail, about heart health. The article mentioned an alarming increase in all risk factors leading to heart and vascular diseases in the Lebanese population.
Al Shark Al Awsat
Al Joumhouria
أكثر من 800 من أفراد الطواقم الطبية قتلوا منذ بدء النزاع في سوريا
The Daily Star
Al Akhbar
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