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K2P Press Tracing encompasses all health related stories and issues reported in Lebanese newspapers. This service provides FHS faculty members with investigative, news events and advocacy articles from AnnaharAssafirAl AkhbarAl AnwarAl HayatAl Joumhouria, Al BaladAl MustaqbalAl Shark Al Awsat and The Daily Star.  
Thursday November 10 - Wednesday November 16, 2016

Highlights & Selected Articles

  • Environment (26/77 articles) compiled updates pertaining to the waste crisis in Lebanon.  Residents of various towns in the North, South, and Mount Lebanon staged protests over authorities' decision to establish landfills near their homes. Other articles showcased attempts of waste management in different Lebanese regions. One article informed about Iran closing down schools and apologizing to tourists as its cities were hit by choking levels of air pollution.
  • Tobacco Related (13/77 articles) highlighted on the certification of the state-run tobacco agency, Régie, by ISO. Another article reported on the signed agreement between the Régie and Imperial Tobacco to produce most of its tobacco products in Lebanon.
  • Refugees (8/77 articles) covered Palestinians residents of Ein el Helwe refugee camp, who staged a protest against UNRWA’s new policies pertaining to healthcare and education. This category also discussed the hardships of Syrian refugees in Lebanon especially that the winter season is approaching, among other articles.
Food Safety
Al Hayat
Al Mustaqbal
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  • Diabetes (4/77 articles) covered different activities and articles celebrating the World Diabetes Day which takes place on November 14 of every year. One article mentioned that the number of patients has increased to 450 million around the world.
  • Substance Abuse (3/77 articles) reported on the story of a drug user who shot his two children while they were sleeping.
  • Child Protection (3/77 articles) addressed violence at schools whereby journalist highlighted that societal and legal arrangements are contributing to the increase in the prevalence of bullying at schools. Another article informed that there is 1418 child in the streets of Lebanon, according to the “Consultation and Research Institute”.  An infographic showcased the distribution of these kids across different Lebanese districts.
  • Other (3/77 articles) shed light on reports by UNICEF. The first report stated that vaccines against measles have saved over 20 million young lives in 15 years, while the other article informed about pneumonia, which remains the leading infectious cause of death among children under five and killing 2,500 children per day. One article covered the launching of a new nuclear lab at AUB for early detection of diseases.

Al Balad

العنف المدرسي... المجتمع شريك والقانون أيضاً !​


Al Akhbar
أحقّاً أطفال مُجرِمون؟



مختبر نووي حديث للكشف المبكر عن الأمراض في «الأميركية»​

Al Hayat

الـ«يونيسيف»: تنقصنا الإرادة السياسية لتحصين كل الأطفال ضد الحصبة

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  • Epidemics (3/77 articles) informed about 20 cases of Hepatitis among Syrian refugees at Yamouneh village northwest of Baalbeck due to contaminated water. Another article reported on Yemen that is at risk of a significant cholera outbreak with the number of suspected cases doubling to over 4,000 cases within 12 days.
  • Food Safety (3/77 articles) covered the Ministry of Public Health’s weekly report as well as the 95th list of conforming and non-conforming food establishments.
  • Road Safety (2/77 articles) covered an article showcasing investigative report about the traffic law that was implemented in 2015. Another article highlighted on the 10th anniversary of the Kunhadi organization.
  • Hospitals (2/77 articles) highlighted a study developed by the research department at BLOM Bank about the status of healthcare in Lebanon especially the hospital sector. According to the article, the hospital sector suffers from various deficiencies and burdens due to, for instance, the inflows of refugees escaping the war in Syria. Another article shed light on a statement issued by the Minieh Governmental Hospital.
  • Antibiotic Resistance (2/77 articles) informed about a multidrug-resistant superbug that can cause life-threatening illnesses among people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).  According to British researchers, the infection has spread globally and is becoming increasingly virulent. 
  • MOPH (2/77 articles) reported on a suspected violence incident at a nursery day care. The article shed light on the report issued by the Ministry of Public Health refuting the accusations addressed to the nursery. Another article highlighted the Minister’s, Wael Abou Faour, speech during the Syndicate of Hospital’s annual dinner.  The Minister stated that a country that cannot afford decent healthcare to citizens, cannot be respected.
  • Mental Health (1/77 articles) showcased an article defining mental health and detailing the reasons for suicide.
  • Women Rights (1/77 articles) showcased more updates regarding the Shiite custody laws. The article is a follow up to the incident of the mother who refused to give up her 3-year-old son, Ali, following a custody battle with her estranged husband. As a result, Fatima Hamzeh was detained at the Ghobeiri police station. The court order to detain Hamzeh sparked protests by activists 2 weeks ago which led to a "revolution against oppression" of Shiite custody laws.
  • NSSF (1/77 articles) highlighted seven employees who were arrested and charged with fraud and embezzlement.
Al Joumhouria
The Daily Star
Lebanese hospital care: Structural deficiencies hindering development
Al Joumhouria
كن هادي في عيدها العاشر: مشكلة القانون أم تطبيقه؟​
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