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K2P Press Tracing's second year data collection encompasses 3224 health-related articles reported in 10 different Lebanese and Arabic newspapers between Thursday September 1, 2016 and Thursday August 31, 2017.
Over a period of one year, the selected newspapers shed light on around 40 different health topics.

Scroll down to find out which topics were most frequently and least frequently covered in local newspapers.
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10 health topics most frequently reported by newspapers
  • Environment (940/3224 articles) focused on various aspects regarding the ongoing waste crisis, such as re-opening and closing certain landfills including Burj Hammoud and Nehmeh landfill. The crisis drew attention to waste management strategies, and several suggestions, such as decentralization, recycling and exporting, were highlighted. Moreover, other issues such as air pollution, water pollution, forest fires, climate change and biodiversity were extensively reported in local newspapers. On the other hand, celebrations related to Earth Hour, where the electricity was shut down in important cities and monuments around the world, were also covered.
  • Refugees (284/3224 articles) informed about the difficulties faced by Syrian refugees and the efforts made by several NGOs to secure their basic needs and respond to emerging healthcare problems. The Policy Dialogue held by K2P Center regarding preterm deliveries among Syrian refugees made headlines in local newspapers. Palestinian refugees were also a subject of discussion, especially with the events that took place in Ain al-Hilweh camp. Articles also highlighted social matters including discrimination and racism.
  • Ministry of Public Health (186/3224 articles) mainly tackled the issue of malpractice within the healthcare sector. Moreover, articles followed up on the activities, strategies and priorities of the newly assigned health Minister, Mr. Ghassan Hasbani.  One of the major goals of the Minister of Public Health is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the pharmaceutical sector, which was addressed in Lebanese newspapers and highlighted through a K2P Policy Dialogue that aimed at improving the prescribing quality and patterns of pharmaceutical drugs in Lebanon.
  • Non-Communicable Diseases (166/3224 articles) focused on several diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and others. Cancer awareness campaigns held in October were highlighted. As for obesity, articles concentrated on the World Health Organization recommendations to increase taxes on sweetened beverages as a policy to combat obesity.
  • Food Safety (150/3224 articles) covered the Ministry of Public Health request to better control food imports. In addition, several incidents related to food safety were reported such as the contamination of drinking water, the use of expired products in restaurants chains and food poisoning cases all over Lebanon.
  • Tobacco related (142/3224 articles) covered reports issues by the World Health Organization, which concluded that 7 million deaths per year are caused by smoking. As for electronic cigarettes, a study conducted by AUB, showing the harmful effects of the additives used was highlighted. Smoking ban law and news related to the Regie were reported as well.
  • Pharmaceuticals (122/3224 articles) showcased the malpractice that took place at Rafic El-Hariri Hospital where cancer patients were given inappropriate drugs. This subject that K2P Center already tackled and pointed to the inappropriate prescribing of pharmaceutical drugs in Lebanon thus placing patients at risk of serious adverse effects, leading to drug resistance, and increasing the economic burden on patients and the community. Otherwise, many visits to pharmaceutical industries were held by the Ministry of Industry. Cancer, drug use and illicit drugs were also covered in this section.
  • Patient Safety (115/3224 articles) covered mainly a plastic surgery case that resulted in a patient’s death, the incident pinpointed the importance of medical errors and patient safety concerns. The case of Ella Tannous re-emerges in Lebanese newspapers alongside every event related to patient safety.
  • Other (109/3224 articles) reported on various topics such as medical tourism, health education, health ethics and birth control. Healthcare related news from Russia, Australia and Yemen were also highlighted in several articles.
  • Road safety (100/3224 articles) covered the events held by numerous NGOs including YASA and Kunhadi. Other articles stressed on raising awareness and delivering specific messages for drivers.
  • Hospitals (91/3224 articles) gathered under this topic, attacks on hospitals. As mentioned by Al Mustaqbal website, a family broke into the operating room in Dar Al-Amal after they learned that their son has passed away due gunshot wounds. Many other examples were documented on this topic. Rafic Hariri Hospital received funding from the Italian embassy In Lebanon. The clash between the Syndicate of Hospitals and the Ministry of Interior over unpaid costs escalated after threats from Sleiman Haroun, President of the syndicate, to refuse any Internal Security Forces member after June 30th 2017, due to failure of negotiations in renewing the contract with the private hospitals.
10 health topics least frequently covered by newspapers
  • Alcohol (12/3224 articles) covered alcohol taxation, and important infographics by K2P Center showing that 1 from 4 adolescents (between 13 and 15 years old) had at least 1 alcoholic drink.
  • Human Trafficking (11/3224) highlighted the updates related to “Chez Maurice” case, where a judge issued an indictment, which focused on accusations of human trafficking, slavery and enslavement against girls who were beaten, tortured, raped and forced to practice prostitution. Moreover, electronic prostitution taking place in Lebanon was highlighted.
  • Stray Bullets (9/3224 articles) informed about several cases of stray bullets affecting citizens. Two main incidents reported were the death of young woman in Zahle and the injury of a man during wedding celebrations.
  • Primary Healthcare (7/3224 articles) reported mainly on a donation made by the European Union in the amount of 62 million Euros to enhance primary healthcare services delivered for the for Lebanese and displaced refugees.
  • Organ Donation (7/3224 articles) mainly highlighted the case of a young organ donor who was the victim of a stray bullet.
  • Breastfeeding (7/3224 articles) focused on the importance and benefits of breastfeeding and shed the light on a seminar held in Sidon to encourage breastfeeding.
  • Ageing (7/3224 articles) the local newspapers never miss on ageing stories, from heart breaking stories, to initiatives from IDRAAC association.
  • Occupational Health (6/3224 articles) reported on the accident of a collapsed building that injured several workers. Moreover, articles showcased the death of 800 health workers by hospital bombings, shootings and torture during the Syrian war.
  • Maternal Health (6/3224 articles) shed light on WHO’s new recommendations related to health visits during pregnancy. In addition, a success story was highlighted whereby maternal mortality rate was found to have decreased in Lebanon.
  • Organ Trafficking (3/3224 articles) reported on the arrest of a large criminal network consisting of 12 people, including doctors and nurses, that had been involved in organ trade in Egypt.
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Selected topics

The following section highlights the sub-topics discussed within articles related to Environment, Ministry of Public Health and Non-Communicable Diseases as they comprised a large proportion of news articles covered in this year's press tracing.
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Highlight of the Month
The landscape of health related news is constantly changing. This can be clearly demonstrated by the below charts that highlight newly emerging topics on a monthly basis from September 2016 to August 2017. 
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Newspapers Coverage
The following graph details the distribution of articles among newspapers, along with a comparison between number of articles in the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 data sets.

* Al Anwar was not covered in K2P Press Tracing for 2016-2017 due to problems in searching archives. This newspaper will be added to the third edition of the K2P press tracing as problems with the archive appear to have been resolved. 


Health topics frequently highlighted by newspapers

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