Greetings from high country...

Flying into Fall!

It's hard to believe, 2018 is racing towards the finish line. I love the Fall, when the leaves turn color, and the air becomes cool and crisp. It’s Nature’s transitional time of turning inward, a perfect time for inner reflections, and creative work!

Three things to announce this month: my first online soulcentric process painting class - so you can join us from anywhere in the world! - can give you a wholesome way to be with the energies of this time when the veils between the worlds are thinnest - in sacred space with other divers into dreams, ancestors, and the unconscious. Join us for what will undoubtedly be a stimulating time peering within and behind that veil, finding what is ready to be known, or allowing that which isn’t speech-ripe to be met.

Coming soon, I'm back in Sebastopol Oct 17-24 for those of you who live in that area and would like some in-person session work. I have just a couple openings left - book soon. I'm also making appointments for my next trip mid-November. 

I've been delighted more folks have been giving the online sessions a try. We've been doing very deep work with the magic of technology. The benefits are you don't have to drive anywhere after a session, allowing you to integrate your shifts at home, what a blessing!

Lastly, I have a great online special to encourage you to check it out. Your first three on-line sessions, through October: One hour intuitive counseling or painting sessions are $70, and 90 minutes breathwork / counseling / painting is $100 (A record low price for breathwork, seize the day!)

It brings me such joy to support you on your journey!

Many blessings to your time of Fall, and to your Halloween, Samhain, and Day of the Dead! This is a great time to pull those old family photos out and decorate an altar, reflecting on those whose shoulders we stand on, whether healed or unhealed relationships.

I hope to see you soon.

Much love,

Ever wonder why edgy and powerful things come in threes?

Three Fates, that share one eye. 

The three headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld. 

Three brothers that rule – above, below, and the sea. 

The three Graces and the three Furies. 

Three classes to open the doors to the hidden recesses inside. 

October is the time for all things spooky and mysterious to crop up, visit our dreams, and sneak around out the corner of our eyes. What lives under your bed, longing to be seen and integrated? Let’s give yourself space and permission to see what wants to come out!

Sometimes a little help looking, in safe space, is all we need. Our shadow can be controlling from inside the closet – and that’s no fun. Sometimes its baggage inherited from ancestors, and this is a good time of year to commune with them creatively, discovering unspoken beliefs and patterns through non-verbal exploration.

For three weekend mornings, we’ll have space to create free of judgements, where everything and anything is fair game. This lets us gently confront our inner critic and our unhelpful baggage. The rules of this class are simple as there is only one: we don’t judge or comment on other people’s work. If you can come with respect and an open mind, that’s all you need.

When we stop criticizing and comparing our work to others it’s amazing the creative energy that wants to flow through us. This isn’t a class for producing your next masterpiece; this class is for blowing open the doors to that creative space inside that just wants you to be you. Re-discover bottled up energy that has been led down the path of “being appropriate” or “good” to not shock or offend anyone.

If you are a creative soul who is feeling stuck – let’s give some space to the parts of us whose voices have been ignored, and help heal that inner struggle. When we open to our source of creative flow and give ourselves permission, it impacts every aspect of our lives from work to relationships, to our moods and energy... Read more & sign up!

High Country Inspiration

The sunflowers’ dark faces, shining with gold
still greet me on my walks
Persevering and bright, through unforgiving sun and rain Loving every minute of their joyful lives
holding court over cottontails and tiny birds
perched in their branches.
The air turns cool, and now, dead heads
outnumber the blossoms
feeding the hungry birds,
it’s what they have to offer now... Read more

Special! Through October, first 3 online sessions

Give it a try! $70/hr or $100/90 mins

New online calendar - book or change appointments anytime!

I'm trying out a snazzy new calendar app through the same company that processes your credit cards, so your information is secure. Feel free to try it out with booking your own appointment. My hope is this digital receptionist will make things easier by providing round-the-clock booking and rescheduling access, plus reminders! Yay!

You're welcome to try it out here. Note that you can toggle over to my in-person Sebastopol hours calendar, at the top under my name, as well as booking online appointments at the Cedaredge location.

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