Whoopsies! Art Sale postponed. Workshop is on!

Sometimes great ideas need a little more time... and this was one of those moments. The big art sale will make an appearance this Fall!

What IS happening is SoulCentric Painting & Breathwork this weekend. In this two day creative adventure we'll use paints, movement, breathwork, and sharing to unearth our blocks to freely being ourselves and heal our freedom of expression, inhabiting our own skins in a new way.

Leave your demands at the door for the weekend and meet yourself on a deeper level! 

Open the channels to listening to your inner compass, awaken to your own deep knowing, sense of meaning and purpose! It takes some quiet time and some focus: 

"The soul is like a wild animal - tough, resilient, savvy, self-sufficient, and yet exceedingly shy. If we want to see a wild animal, the last thing we should do is to go crashing through the woods, shouting for the creature to come out. But if we are willing to walk quietly into the woods and sit silently for an hour or two at the base of a tree, the creature we are waiting for may well emerge, and out of the corner of an eye we will catch a glimpse of the precious wildness we seek."

-Parker Palmer, author of Let Your Life Speak

When summer comes, the tendency is to get bustling with activity and social engagements. The days are long and warm, the world is humming.  Sometimes we get so caught up with the outer world, we forget its just as important to tend the inner one.

Our compass is on the inside, and if we don't regularly check it, we can find ourselves ricocheting with other people's opinions - responding to life instead of generating the life we want from our own unique spark within.

When we repeatedly carve time out for ourselves to meet this deeper sense of self, from a quiet place of listening, we can hone in on our true path, what feeds us and brings purpose to our lives. It cannot be found by listening to anyone else. Yours is uniquely yours!

However, the key is in the way we listen, to what layers of untruth we may need to shed first to be able to hear, and how solidly we bridge the connection to our soul.

There are a few ways to develop a practice to sustain this inner listening. My favorite is a creative meditative practice. By that I mean, being creative without music, instructions, goals, or visions that you are trying to meet.

Being goal-driven is a distraction to hearing your true self. Its much harder to sit with yourself and listen to what is inside you, and express what you feel, see, or hear. It takes practice.

Not sure where to start? There is a workshop coming up where I'll teach you the basics of this practice. Consider joining us! We'll have ample time to explore what is happening within you, helping to heal any unconscious roadblocks you've placed on yourself, and develop greater trust in yourself and the voice of your wildly creative and expressive soul.

The soul speaks its truth only under quiet, inviting, and trustworthy conditions. 
-- Parker Palmer

Suitable for artists who want to break out of their habits and free up their creative flow, and artists-at-heart to develop your creative style and freedom to express yourself with utter self-acceptance.

Summer is a great time to play, paint, feel, discover how incredibly creative you REALLY are, and to spend a couple days with other incredibly awesome human beings. Plus, SoulCentric BreathworkTM in community offers a rich alternative to privately, bringing up different layers of healing. Join us for this magical fun journey and slip into a deeper level of yourself!

If you wish you could but can't, remember that I offer private sessions in SoulCentric Breathwork and Painting, in my office and online, and I'd be honored to support you.

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Summertime Self-Care with SoulCentric Painting
TM and Breathwork 
Love Yourself More

At a time when there is so much uncertainty in the air, it’s important to nurture ourselves with self-care. Come back to your center, to be grounded and clear amidst so much change. Through playful creativity, find a way to shift unhelpful patterns by saying ‘yes’ to yourself and what brings joy inside. Release fears and anxieties, get real with how you feel in safe space. Be seen as the magical creative being you are in your heart of hearts. Open the doors to increased energy, healing, and happiness! If this sounds good – join us!

This is a fun and colorful practice for any artist or artist-at-heart wanting to be more expressive, clarify intuition, be seen, surrender self-criticisms, heal the inner child, and open to deeper authentic connection with Self and others. 
Full permission to be wild, messy, sloppy, daring, absurd, outrageous, scary, or ridiculous, with no mind to aesthetic value. This is a judgement-free and critique-free zone!

Gentle SoulCentric BreathworkTM on Sunday will increase awareness and bring healing to our patterns that may be arising, and help us listen deeper to our bodies.

No art experience necessary. There is ample support for individual process and journey.

This is a longer workshop, which means more time to play, paint, feel, discover how incredibly creative you REALLY are, and be in sacred space with other wonderful people. 

Join us for this magical journey and slip into a deeper level of yourself! I'll also show you
 a safe way to get insights from our paintings, which may be new to repeat participants. 

Love to have you with us!

If you can only attend one day this weekend, talk to me about it, we'll see what we can do.

July 1st: 1pm - 5:30pm
July 2nd: 10am - 4pm

For cost, slideshow of previous participants work, testimonials, and to register, click here.

Your Guide:

Mardi Storm developed SoulCentric BreathworkTM and SoulCentric PaintingTM out of 15 years professionally offering healing work, and is devoted to the path of soul. She was certified in Clarity Breathwork 13 years ago, Massage Therapy & Deep Tissue Specialization 15 years ago, learned intuitive process painting via Michele Cassou & Stewart Cubley, plus many more modalities such as clairvoyance, out of body, shamanic work, and more, she is a lifelong learner. Her work offers a pathway of deep inquiry and listening to the self. She is a published and public artist, and really enjoys supporting others with healing and awakening creativity. She is currently working on her PhD in Clinical Psychology.  More info on healing work:


Art Sale Postponed til Fall

However, I always have art for sale - some on view in my office at 536 S. Main St., and of course, T-shirts! View more on my website 


SoulCentric PaintingTM Every Week!
except July 4th we're closed

Interested in cultivating a practice of allowing yourself to get out of your own way, to manifest freely in the flow of your own life and have fun doing it? 

Join us Tuesday afternoons for SoulCentric PaintingTM classes. We've had them at Sebastopol Center for the Arts but we're moving to a new location for July & August, the new info will be here soon.  

Experience feeling deeply heard and witnessed

If you'd like a little support, please reach out for a session. Find the well of calm and wisdom within. 

 Get clear, radiant, joyful, calm, creative and centered into the truth of your being. We can do that through sessions in SoulCentric BreathworkTM  and SoulCentric PaintingTM. Live your soul purpose, be who you came here to be!
Let me know if I can help. For more info on my mentoring & support services, online and in Sebastopol, click here.
Rumbling Earth New Moon Sisterhood Circle: 
Every New Moon @ 6:30pm

Next group: July 23

Calling women of all ages! Join us for our delightful monthly gathering for supportive, real connection. Every group is a little different. Previous groups have included singing, breathwork, painting, pilates, drumming... its as varied as there are women! We connect with sister groups all around the world with a meditation each month, firing up worldwide connection of feminine presence and power!
Awaken Compassionate Community
Its time to awaken and let our voices be heard! If you care about humanity and our planet, let us turn our awareness to being in greater integrity, and to any action we can take. If one of us suffers, we all suffer. Bring your love and compassion to your community. When we connect together and share with one another we grow stronger.

Soul Painting Classes Facebook Group
Join this group to stay in touch with other participants, share what you are working on between classes, last minute class info, and early notice of coming workshops.
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