Greetings from high country...

Solstice Blessings

On this shortest day of the year, I'm thinking of all of you, my community of healers, artists, poetry-writers, soul-felt lovers of life and nature, those seeking wholeness and healing, or freedom to let their voice be heard, or polishing their inner wisdom... and reflecting on what you mean to me, about our connections, our illuminating time spent together. 

Each of our connections adds a spark of consciousness to the collective and in some small way, like a drop in the ocean, contributes to the rising tide of human consciousness and the evolution of awareness of all life forms on this planet. We are all evolving, all growing more self-aware and more aware of each other and our impact on all things - what beauty! 

And please, in a time where there is so much darkness, such a tempest politically, culturally, environmentally, stay true to your star. This is a time now more than ever to remained centered, and apply words and action from that calm, wise place. To not get caught up in the hateful speech and chaos, but to see underneath the maelstrom to the deeper workings of life and humanity and where our unending love and devotion can be applied. Take action and speak up - but have it be right action, and words of clarity, that aligns with the principles of your soul.

I'm deeply blessed by the connection to each of you. May you see your own beauty, and tap into a place of joy and peace this holiday time... whether surrounded by loved ones, or alone, we have that ability to feel connected to the all of humanity, the all of life on this planet, and to the divine of All That Is. Breathe in this wonderful connection, we're all part of the whole, no matter who you are or what you do. Love yourself. You belong.

For the close of 2019 I can say for over here it's been a full ride, a deep one, lots of new beginnings, closures, challenges, and personal and professional growth. The end of the chapter called graduate school is visible now on the horizon, thankfully! Working in a busy clinic and at 5 schools, from kindergarteners on up to those on the last phase of their lives, a private practice online, plus grad school classes and the writing of a dissertation has been, well, a somewhat action-packed lifestyle and I look forward to returning to somewhat slower ways and more spaciousness!

One big piece of my life that got paused with all the moves (we moved again 3 months ago) is my art practice. I've got a little itch on the inside to let more of my creativity out through art, in addition to people, but for now, it's personal process work until there's time to get my studio set up. It's all going to happen little by little, a phrase I use often with my clients too. It's easy to get impatient. If we pull open the pedals on a bud, we don't get a flower. Best to slow down and apply sunshine.

Speaking of which, I'm so grateful that our longest and darkest night is upon us, because that means the daylight will start to increase again, and with it the promise of Spring and warmer, longer days...

Wanting to shift some energy in a powerful way with a breathwork session and open up to new possibilities of more fully inhabiting your body and life? Or soul work support to help you orient on your path, smooth out relationships, shift your feelings, heal the past that haunts the present, and build a more grounded life of meaning? I'm available for online sessions and my next trip to Sebastopol with availability for in-person sessions is coming up January 26 to February 1, 2020. Please email, call or book yourself in my calendar here. 

I always appreciate hearing how you are and staying in connection. Send me a reply, and my Facebook page or Instagram is also a great place to interact. (My art page is here.)

Wishing you a blessed and peaceful holiday time!

Much love,

High Country Inspiration

Peace to you this Winter.

Bunny tracks in the snow

It's so much easier to see where others have been,
so much harder to figure out where we are going.

Do you find yourself following other's footsteps?
There's a time and place for everything. 

Sometimes we follow.
Sometimes we lead.
Sometimes we go off on our own,
forging our own path.
Still life, three ladders going up, setting sun.
My future studio and where I hold my private practice sessions!!
It's still got a ways to go, but feels good to know it's coming.

Works like magic

In this modern age, we're blessed to be able to use the internet for good, which allows me to live in the very rural location to help an elderly family member and still be able to work with clients from anywhere in the world. I know its not the same as in-person, but its a very nice runner-up, if you want to receive support from someone with which you feel a sense of connection and congruency. It takes a little getting used to, and the work is just as deep and meaningful.

For the record, I receive support via online video too, to help in my own growth and development, as well as take all my classes online now. So I know what it's like on the receiving end too, thoroughly. It's such a miracle, and the subtleties of connection are felt and noticed as we get used to it as a new medium - it takes a little time. I'm quite used to it and can guide you through, and am thrilled for the possibilities it opens up. I whole heartedly invite you to try it out. More info on private sessions can be found here.

Our lives transform around the inner work we choose to engage in. I'd be delighted to support you with yours.

Blessings to your health, and your journey towards wholeness.
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