Though it breaks my heart to say...

We're moving.

It's official, we're moving soon... 10 years to the day I moved in to Sonoma County! Now that, is a little uncanny. I am still supporting my beloved clients in-person at the office at least through May. After that, via online sessions and when I'm intermittently back in town! 

To encourage you to come in for some healingwork while I'm still here at my regular availability, and to help send us off which of course is an enormous financial and energetic task, I'm sliding all my rates to the bottom end of my scale ($95/hr, or $140/90 mins) and offering 20% off packages of 3 sessions... breathwork, massage, and soul painting classes. (Doing the math... that's $112 for a breathwork session! wow!) If you don't use all your sessions while I'm here in May, we'll switch to online - which, I must say, works quite well. Except maybe massage... not so much, haha. Use those up this month! (Online session clients: you are included in this sale, I wouldn't leave you out!)

But wait! There's more... I will be coming back into town for graduate school - still working on that PhD - so I can see you again the weekend of July 20 & 21 at my office - please feel free to book now, so I know I can fit you in. 

I'll be doing a bit of bi-locating for a few years while I finish my PhD, and continuing to make myself available at my office in Sebastopol if there is enough interest, coming in early or staying late after school weekend intensives, and when visiting family.

Its been a terrific stay in Sonoma County and I thought I'd be staying forever... then a housing crisis happened, and a health crisis with family back in Colorado, and our hearts feel called to help, and our souls curious about the potential transformative journey.

As people devoted to the path of healing and consciousness growth, the opportunity to heal with family has been a big part of my path this past year, delving into mending the seemingly impossible grand canyon rift between my mother and I (and started working on a book about it, which I hope will help other trauma survivors someday) and now it is my partner's turn, and so we honor that call, to help family and our lineage of ancestors.

I'm also rather looking forward to moving to a more quiet locale, to focus on my creative and spiritual life, being surrounded by more nature and the wide open sky, away from some of the hustle and bustle I've been feeling creep up into Sonoma County. It'll be an interesting experiment... and I know I can always come back if it doesn't work. It's a leap of trust with the unknown and the cosmos, just as with soulcentric painting, its one brush stroke at a time, and stay open to sudden inspirations... keeping my hand on the pulse of where energy wishes to flow, and releasing where I might be trying to push it uphill.

This is such a big move at this time of our lives, when we have so much community and love here, there is much to grieve and to let go. There may be a send off ceremony, we're looking for a location, if you have or know of one.

I have such a deep gratitude for all the wonderful people I've had the pleasure to work with over the years here in Sebastopol. If our paths part ways now, know you are always remembered, honored and appreciated, and always loved. If our paths continue to cross, I welcome that too, as we all evolve, grow, and change... so do I. Working with me doesn't get old, as part my journey is devoted to consciousness evolution and soul growth - I'm always learning more, and going deeper. And I love to take what I learn to encourage others along their own unique journeys.

My hope is you will stay in touch - and give online sessions with me a try... its pretty much like being in the same room together! Energy knows no distance, and with the miracle of technology, presence is even easier to bridge. I hope to see you, in my office or online!

Much love,

Art Sale!

There is a lot to move - I'm offering 75% off the art at my office just to not have to move it all. I have photography assemblage with old windows from the 1880's Leesville Hotel (down to $300!), and framed prints of the desert, old bed in the forest, or altered nature scenes (down to $100!), and a stack of matted prints (cheap!) 

20% off 3 sessions or classes

Come in for a round of healing work and set yourself up for more freedom, health, energy, and joy this summer.

  • SoulCentric Breathwork
  • SoulCentric Painting - classes or privates
  • Intuitive Massage & Bodywork

Come in for a series in May... or we'll pick up online where we left off. An online painting class will be starting up as soon as I'm moved and settled. Please purchase by end of May. I hope to see you in!

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