Feeling Gratitude for Being Here

Feeling blessed. Grateful for living in the beautiful woods, with the fog drifting over the vineyards as darkness falls. Such beauty! You are all in my heart this holiday, may everyone experience peace, warmth, and gratitude for what is wonderful and good in your lives.

Folks who lost their home are starting to trickle into the SoulCentric Painting class. I've extended the free class offer to those who lost their home in the October fire, through December. Its what I can do to give back to our community, for those who are dealing with great challenges finding a sense of stability right now, this group of wonderful painters can be a touchstone to supportive community. For everyone who was affected by the fires, its sliding scale, $5-40. Love to have you in! 

The first weekend of December is the Basement Art Sale, trying to clear out my storage, not that I have a basement - haha, but I like the psychological shadow reference, to clearing out my past, to make room for new things... I lost my studio a year and a half ago and then my home 8 months ago, so holding on to things takes energy (and money), and I have not yet materialized a new studio.  I'd rather have people enjoy the work than storing it, so I'm putting it on sale 50% off, or make an offer. Some things may be silent auction, I'll list them in the Facebook event page.

Seize this opportunity if you've been admiring my work. I'll have sculptures, photography, and paintings. If its not raining, I'll even have the Pegasus up for auction.

I hope you can make it! If nothing else, come say 'hi' and have some tea. A portion of the proceeds go to local artists who lost their studios, to help them get back on their feet. Making this a pretty great stop for holiday shopping! 

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Basement Art Sale! 
December 2 & 3

All of Mardi Storm and Peggy Miller's art pieces are at the extra special price of 50% off everything! Beautify your home - find something that resonates with you NOW - I'm a big fan of putting art on rotation to match our changing moods!  A portion of the proceeds will go to help local artists who lost their homes in the fire.

Mardi Storm's work: "I love bridging the worlds. I work in multiple mediums – painting, sculpture, photography. I feed the flames of soul's longing and whimsy, creating from a deep connection to archetypes, mythology, and other realms. I have a deep interest in the exploration of dreams and the spirit world; this is my daily life."

I'll have photography, window assemblages from the historic Leesville hotel (up by Wilbur); small wall sculptures; oil paintings from way back. Sneak peek:

Peggy Millar's paintings "This work is a biography of dance, of friends, and of family and it incorporates gestures in paint, collage, paper, color and pattern, enacting the many surfaces of life and the way they’re enriched with different materials. I believe in an art that is not trying to get anything from you, not trying to convince you of anything or make you think in a certain way. I believe in an art that says Yes to life, including some of its embellishments. And presents my own vision of the truth – its beauty and fear, its love and its pain."

Hope to see you!!

Unleash Your Creativity! Start the New Year Fully Alive with Soul Painting 

Give yourself the gift of being creative, playful, present, and set the tone for the new year. Freely express yourself in this safe, nurturing space for honoring your intuition and allowing whatever wants to be seen to magically appear under your brush! Practice deep self-acceptance, while simultaneously feeling witnessed and held. This is a fun and colorful practice for any artist-at-heart wanting to be more expressive, clarify intuition, be seen, surrender self-criticisms, heal the inner child, and open to deeper authentic connection with Self and others. Full permission to be wild, messy, sloppy, daring, absurd, outrageous, scary, or ridiculous, with no mind to aesthetic value. This is a judgement-free and critique-free zone! 

January 6 & 7, 2018 
Saturday 1-5:30, Sunday 10-4

Fee: $155 early by 12/26/17, $175 after. Includes all materials.
Register: 707-872-5577, email, and online registration will be posted soon at:

Love to have you with us!

Sebastopol Center for the Arts,
282 S. High St, Sebastopol

Your Guide:

Mardi Storm founded SoulCentric BreathworkTM and SoulCentric PaintingTM, and is an Artist. She’s been offering healing work professionally for over 15 years, has a lifetime of experience with art, and is devoted to the path of the soul. Certified Clarity Breathwork practitioner 13 years, California certified Massage Therapist 15 years, studied intuitive process painting with Stewart Cubley and Michele Cassou, trained in clairvoyance, out of body consciousness, energy work, shamanic work, and more, offering a pathway of deep listening to the Self. She is a published and public artist, and really enjoys supporting others with healing and awakening creativity. She is currently working towards a doctorate in Psychology.  More info on healing work:


SoulCentric PaintingTM Every Week!

Interested in cultivating a practice of allowing yourself to remain flexible and adaptive with the unknown, to listen carefully to your own Self, hone in on your inner compass, and have fun doing it?

Getting in touch with our feelings, body, and intuition can help us navigate changing times with more grace, and manifest what we need from a healthier place.

Join us Tuesday afternoons for SoulCentric PaintingTM classes at Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 4-7pm. All the info here.

**For those who lost their homes in the fires this October, I'm extending my offer of no charge for this class, through December. I encourage you to come receive support with all you've gone through. Whether you feel too much or nothing at all, the paints will help your broken heart speak, and the emotions to move.**

**For everyone else affected by the fires, I'm offering the class sliding scale $5-$40, also extended through the month of December. Come receive some support!** 

Experience feeling deeply heard and witnessed

If you'd like a little support shifting the energy or direction in your life or relationship, please reach out. I'll help you find your well of wisdom within. 

 Get clear,  joyful, calm, creative and centered into the truth of your being. We can do that through sessions in SoulCentric BreathworkTM  and SoulCentric PaintingTM. Live your soul purpose, be who you came here to be!
Let me know if I can help. For more info on my mentoring & support services, online and in Sebastopol, click here.
Rumbling Earth New Moon Sisterhood Circle: 
Every New Moon @ 6:30pm
Next circle: Dec. 17. All women, girls, and female-identified welcome.

Calling women of all ages! Join us for our delightful monthly gathering for supportive, real connection. Every group is a little different. Previous groups have included singing, breathwork, painting, pilates, drumming... its as varied as there are women! We connect with sister groups all around the world with a meditation each month, firing up worldwide connection of feminine presence and power!
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