We're still moving but got a little slowed down by that Mars retrograde...

Unicorn needs help getting to Colorado

We're deep in the throes of the moving process, and found ourselves in an "uh-oh" place for the past week. Our creative rental trailer solution fell through, leaving us without inexpensive means to haul both the ten foot high unicorn sculpture, and our endangered breed rabbits. With it being high summer and close to Burning Man, there are no used trailers in our areas for sale. We've been looking high and low for one that can accommodate a 9ft x 5.5ft art piece, plus our rabbits' equipment. 

We can sure use some help to get this iconic sculpture, first seen at Burning Man 2005, and many places since, to Colorado to be enjoyed by the public there. And incidentally help a small herd of rare heritage rabbits that harken to the 1800's and are one of the few herds left in our country!

The bill for a new trailer is $1800 and breaks our budget completely. We can tow it behind the U-haul truck, but we could sure use help getting it, so we're turning to our community.

If you love rabbits, unicorns, art, sustainability, or heritage livestock, help us to keep doing the meaningful work we do alongside our roles as healers and helpers.

Consider donating a few bucks - or many - to help us get on the road with this public art piece AND keep our small herd of heritage livestock. We’re passionate about sustainable living and our farming heritage and would love to keep participating in keeping Beveren and Belgian Hares going for future generations.

We've already raised 27% of the trailer cost via our community on Facebook. If you cannot help that is ok, zero pressure, it’s just an ask for those who can. 

For those who like what we’re up to and want to help, you can donate here: (its my business page, please just write "trailer for unicorn and bunnies" in the comments :) )

Or to avoid fees, you can send money from your PayPal account "Friends & Family" to "stormy" "insert at here" "mardistorm" "dot" com (the email address if you hit reply).

Your support helps more art like this to happen and means a lot to both of us. 100% donations will go towards the trailer, bunnies, and unicorn installation! 

Much love,

More to come, after the move!

Once I'm settled, there will be an online painting class coming up! Hang in there for more news on the horizon, when I land my new studio in Colorado!

Wish us luck for the journey ahead.

Future classes and art shows will get updated here:

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