Greetings from high country...

Starting off with a bang

Pleased to announce a few newsworthy items... one is that I'm headed back over to Sebastopol, hopefully in time for those floodwaters to subside. The video footage of water coursing through the town I worked in for ten years was a surrealistic reality to observe from afar. My heart goes out to all those who are suffering from losses to their homes, businesses, and property in my old stomping grounds. Glad no one got hurt!

The biggest news is that I was just awarded a Master's in Psychology - hurray! It feels very good after decades of thinking about getting one. I'm now entering into clinical work, to accrue hours for licensure, and life will be getting very busy. I maintain my goal of wanting to take insurance someday, for all the same wonderful work I'm offering right now. While at this point in my life I choose to surrender to being of highest service and see what unfolds, I know creativity and art are still part of the package, inseparable from health, wholeness, and my path in helping others.

Coming in a couple months, my art will be featured once more in the final Pie Eyed Art Show in Sebastopol, a wonderful grouping of over 80 artists. Enjoy some of Lauri Luck's delicious pie, meet your neighbors, and if you fall in love with something, take it home. (scroll down for the info!)    

More big exciting news was being selected in the top 10% of over 1,000 applicants to propose art for the new Meow Wolf facility in Denver. I am beyond ecstatic. Many of you may know large installation art is really my cup of tea. If you haven't already been to Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, I highly recommend packing a lunch and spending the day there. While nothing is finalized yet, I hope later in the year to have more news for you.

For those in the Sebastopol area, come on in for some healing work while I'm in town. I still have a few appointment times left March 14 - 20, you can book directly via my online calendar. If you don't see any times left that work, just send me an email or text and we'll find a time that does.

If you want to book a soulwork counseling or breathwork session online from your own home instead of coming to the office in Sebastopol, just press 'change location' at the top for my Online schedule. 

After my '9' year of closings last year, it's refreshing - although still catching up with this energy - to be embarking on a '1' year of new beginnings. Everyone gets these phases. I can calculate yours in a session, if you are curious. It's just another clue for some of the large over-arching energies happening in the year ahead, a science of the ancients.

So much to share this time! I always appreciate hearing back from you and staying in connection. My Facebook page or Instagram is also a great place to interact. (My art page is here.)

I look forward to seeing some of you soon!

Much love,

High Country Inspiration

Please join us for the last Pie Eyed show. I'll be one of 80 artists with art in the show... Come by to send off in style this Sebastopolian cultural icon that has dearly held the corner on funky artsy fun with gorgeous unique art, all supporting the local artists community for many, many years. For more info.

May 10-12: Friday evening 3-7 and Sat & Sun 12-4. 
2371 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, CA

After a long period of gestating, growing, and transforming further, it's exhilarating to feel the tug of the changing seasons, even while I'm still deep in my process of sorting old material, peering under all the rocks, so to speak, and listening to my soul. It's been an enormous cycle of change, these past few years. And now, for me it's a '1' year of new beginnings, and this is the card I drew. What phase of the cycle are you in?  We all move around the wheel, in our own unique way, each our own story. It feels good to simply honor where I am at, even if it's a clumsy, messy birthing process ahead! I invite you to join me in honoring where you are at, too.
My big news! I can't wait for later in the year when we start negotiating ideas!
Meow Wolf Santa Fe is visited by the public, a non-exclusive multi-media installation experience visited by 400,000 a year. I am deeply honored. And so excited!

Now serving...Online 

With this big move, the stepping off the proverbial cliff has allowed me to find my wings. I'm glad to see online sessions working so well!

Via online video we can do soulwork counseling, breathwork and expressive arts (but you have to provide the art materials - lol.) More info on private sessions with me can be found here.

It's amazing what we can transform inside ourselves and create in our outer lives with a little support.

Blessings to your health, and your journey towards wholeness.
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