Greetings from high country...

California here I come!

It's been quite a ride so far! We've landed in the land of extremes - extreme beauty, and extreme drought, high up on the Mesas where the snow didn't fall this year. Living close to what is, in these changing times. Celebrating each storm when it gifts us rain!

Knowing that family would take a front row seat when moving back to my partner's homeland, nothing could have prepared us for the pain of watching a parent suffer cognitive impairment. The choice was the right one, and perhaps just in time, to help guide the process and allow her to remain as independent as possible.

I've been writing more to express the energy of my experience, and I've shared some of it, below. SoulCentric Painting has continued to help me get centered in myself and is an ongoing practice for trusting and being with the unknown, which is the current theme of our new life here. We listen for clear guidance, one step at a time, waiting for right timing on everything.

It is, fortunately, right timing for regular office hours, after a good, long summer break, in which I needed some rest after that enormous move. My life is grounded enough to be fully present (well, I'm an Earth sign, I'm grounded anyways, I just needed my environment and routines to catch up with being ready - lol) and have already begun conducting online video sessions from Colorado as of last week.

It works so tremendously well, and I know many of you have hesitation about on-line, so if I can encourage you to give it a try, I'm offering a special price for your first three on-line sessions, through October! One hour intuitive counseling or painting sessions are $70, and 90 minutes breathwork or counseling is $100 (It's been over ten years since I offered a breathwork session at that price!)

It's part of my soul purpose to help you get in touch with and live your soul purpose, open to your own deep meaning, joy and creativity, and I am delighted I can do that from anywhere! 

For those in the Sebastopol area who really want that in-person experience, that too is still an option... I'll be flying in tomorrow and I'm there for a week. I have just a couple openings left in my schedule, so let me know you want to come in, soon. I'm scheduled to be back for a week or two on October 16, November 13, and January 15.

My hope is you will also give online sessions a try... we get to be in the same room, without driving anywhere! It's a miracle.

I hope to see you soon.

Much love,

High Country Inspiration

Our construction plans screech to a halt, everything changing under our feet like the desert sand. Stop, drop, sit, wait, watch. More going on. We knew we had to get out here to fully understand the situation and what the need may be. Living close to family, living on family land, and sharing a house and every meal with family are all different things. We were prepared there would be hard work... Read more

Give me a farmer, who knows the labor of love it takes to grow nourishment
Over a silk-pillowed kirtan-chanting spiritual seeker;

Give me someone who plants her feet in the dirt to feel the power of the earth, held by cosmic energies above, beaming rays of glorious light into her soul... Read more

Ten thousand feet up
Walking along an alpine stream
warm to touch.
Heaviness like a blanket,
no relief the further I walk...  Read more

I AM DONE (An Ode to Quitting)
I am done with this
I’m finished, I’m through.
I have had enough
I’m moving on.
I am ending this relationship...Read more

Special! Through October, first 3 online sessions

Give it a try! $70/hr or $100/90 mins

I'm beta testing a clever new calendar app on my website, feel free to try it out with booking your own appointment! My hope is this digital receptionist will make things easier. You're welcome to try it out here. Note that you can toggle over to my in-person Sebastopol hours calendar, at the top under my name, as well!

Many blessings to the beginning of a beautiful Fall.

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