Declutter Delight

February is flying by, and the North Carolina spring season that we all enjoy is gearing up. With warmer weather and longer days on the horizon, many of us are starting to feel the itch to “spring clean”.

By taking steps to declutter we can help ourselves reset, feel re-energized and relax more.

Feeling disorganized is linked to increased stress, decreased productivity, and low energy. Try using the lingering rainy, snowy, and cold days to declutter and organize your home and workspace.

  • Start Small- By focusing on one declutter task: the pile of laundry on the floor, your desk, emptying your backpack.
    * Pro-tip: Pick something that takes 15 minutes or less.

  • Be aware of calendar “clutter.” Clutter comes in many forms, including the things we put on our social calendar. Avoid feeling overwhelmed to commitments by saying no or postponing new commitments if your life feels too busy to manage.
    * Pro-tip: Incorporate self-care into your social calendar

  • Taking on the virtual world. Take a minute at the end of the day to clear off your laptop. Close open tabs, email and calendar notifications. When we are online for class, work and entertainment, we are bombarded with a constant flow of information.
    *Pro- tip: Stay proactive about setting filters and other systems that work for you, rather than against you.

  • What brings you JOY?. Picturing a ”clean-slate” can seem daunting and overwhelming for some. When reorganizing, consider how often you use the item, if it has sentimental value, and if it brings you joy.
    Pro-tip: Pick up the item. Tune into your emotional response. Are you smiling? Crying? Indifferent?

  • Simplicity not perfection. Being organized looks different for everyone. Take time to figure out what your level clutter and stuff is and set an attainable de-clutter goal.
    *Pro-tip: If you have a roommate, go through communal spaces together. Your styles may be different.

When we cultivate a clean and happy environment we can actually improve our mood and our mental wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing Services

All regular services continue to operate this week on typical schedules; Carolina Together Testing hours have slight variations.

Campus Health open Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm and weekends from 8am - 5pm for telehealth and in-person visits. Phone support 24/7; the phone number becomes a nurse advice line after hours. Call for an appointment or advice: 919-966-2281.

CAPS offers 24/7 phone support at 919/966-3658. Initial screenings offered by phone 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm M-F. Follow up appointments by Zoom. Group therapy during spring semester includes over 20 groups to help you connect with students like you via Zoom.

Campus Rec is open for in-person workout reservations at Rams Head and the SRC. In addition, on-demand and live fitness classes are available, as is Carolina Adventures.

Student Wellness provides virtual support, program requests, appointments and wellbeing interventions. Learn more at

Carolina Together Testing Program is open for asymptomatic testing in all 3 locations (Union, CURRENT, Rams Head Rec) with regular hours this week.

Your questions: Answered

What phase are we on, and when will I be able to receive the COVID Vaccine?

The vaccine rollout is underway across the U.S., but what does that mean for college students?

Each state has a coordinated set of phases to timely & effectively vaccinate the country’s most at risk folks first. As the phases progress more students will qualify for the vaccine and we will progress towards community immunity.

North Carolina has 5 phases. For most of our students the 5th and final phase will be when you can receive the vaccine.
To see which phase you qualify for in North Carolina complete the find your spot to take your shot questionnaire.

Currently North Carolina is in phase 2, allowing those who qualify for phase 1 & 2 to schedule an appointment to be vaccinated. Even if you do not qualify in the first 2 phases, if you complete the questionnaire, you can set up a email or text notification for when your group becomes active.

This process and timeline varies state to state. If you are currently located outside of NC, visit the CDC Vaccine Information for Specific Groups or your state health department to find out about your state’s vaccine rollout plan.

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