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2020 has not gotten off to the start we all expected, however, we finally have some good news. Golf is now open in all 50 states! There is no better way to brighten your day than getting out of your house, and onto the golf course. In this newsletter, you will find a very helpful interview with Titleist Performance Institute Co-Founder, Dave Phillips that will help you get yourself ready to play great golf. You will also find some great tips from my coaches so you can make the best of this season on the course. For my latest tips in golf instruction, business, and even book recommendations follow my social channels. I hope you enjoy the read, and your time back on the golf course! 

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Michael Breed

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Interview with  Dave Phillips 
Co-Founder Titleist Performance Institute

Click below to hear how you should prepare your body for better golf, and how a new hobby has helped Dave understand how to improve your learning! 

Listen to the Full Interview HERE

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Q&A of the Month #FixMySwing

Thanks for being a part of helping us all through this. I struggle with a hitch at transition from backswing to downswing. It is something I can't feel but it's very obvious on video. When my back swing is done, I transition into the downswing by first moving my head and torso toward the target and down towards my left foot. This unnecessary movement leads to some inconsistent ball-striking as my timing has to be working to get everything back to impact correctly. I'm a decent player, playing off of a 4 handicap, but it's very obvious to me that the days I play better are the days I limit this movement. However, it is not something I can consciously stop. Any recommendations for drills I can work on to try to grind that out of my process?
Thanks again. Enjoy everything you guys do.
Sean Dennis

Thank you for your question, and your support! There is a very simple way to solve this problem, it just takes some repetition. Find a small hill, either on the golf course, on the side of the range, or even in your backyard. Position yourself on the hill as if you were hitting an uphill shot and make some swings. If you move your head toward your left foot in the downswing, your club will crash into the ground. Swing on this hill, and learn to just brush the grass.  As you get the hang of it, you will develop a feel, and a swing thought. Then, apply this feel, and thought to all swings, and you will stop moving your head towards your left foot. 

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Coaches Corner
Greg’s Gem
Now that golf is open in all 50 states, its time to get back on the golf course! After a long layoff, it is very easy to get out-of-sync, and lose your balance and rhythm. To quickly get this back in order, try a drill that Jack Nicklaus used to get back in-sync. Place your feet together, add a little bit of knee flex, and make some slow swings. You will feel how your weight transfers to your trail side in the back swing, and then into your lead side in the downswing. To maintain your balance, your body will have to stay centered. This is very important in making solid contact. You will also feel a nice rhythm as the club swings back and forth. If you are too abrupt in the back swing, you will loose your balance immediately. When you can make full back swings, and down swings with your feet together, you will have great balance and rhythm, and know your body and arms are working together properly. If you are able to use a driving range, tee the ball up, and do this drill. If you are not able to use a driving range, you can do this drill just hitting a tee, or a leaf on the ground. Practice swinging with your feet together to get your golf swing back in-sync! 

- Greg DuCharme
Michael Breed Golf Academy
Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers in America

Bob's Brilliance: 

Many average golfers get confused when facing different short shots around the green. They get confused by trying to figure out if it is a pitch shot or a chip shot. I like my players to think about all shots around the green simply as their short game. Once they change to this frame of mind they have a much easier time controlling the distance of these shots. The most important skill of the short game is your ability to control the distance your golf ball travels. The key to distance control is the player’s ability to make consistent contact with the golf ball. The number one reason the average player has trouble with poor contact is too much wrist hinge during the back swing of their short shots. Great short game players have very little wrist hinge going back. They instead move the club back and through with the arms and body moving together in sync. Learn to sync your body and arms and leave the hinge out and soon you will be making predictable contact which will lead to greater confidence in your short game.


- Bob Bigonette
Lead Instructor, PGA
Michael Breed Golf Academy 
Dr. Nick's Mental Golf Advice:

This time is stressful for all and is the opportunity to use and develop mental toughness.  A great way to do so is to pay attention to utilizing imagery from the vantage point of what a video camera would record if filming your golf swing and playing it back in your mind.  See yourself handling the stress of not being with friends or spending time doing things you enjoy.  Create images of your high level performance in golf or enjoying the company of family and friends.  The continued interrupting of stress and replacing it with with positive images will increase your mental toughness.
Stay strong….

- Dr. Nick Molinaro
Licensed Psychologist
Counseling and Sport Psychology
Breeder & Gregie D -

I just had to reach out and give you a success story!  I've been listening to you and Greg daily (either live or on podcast) for over a year and a half now.  Religiously!  And I've been implementing things you guys talk about into my golf game.  I've carried a 5-6 index for 15+ years and just thought that's what I am.  I played competitive golf in a local Men's Club for the first time last season and this is when I really started changing things ... especially mentally.  One shot at a time, just concentrate on the next shot no matter the outcome of the previous shot, good attitude, talk positive to myself vs listening to myself, shoot to middle of the green, and I worked on my 5 foot putts religiously since August 2019 (to name a few things).

I don't want to take up too much of your time, so cutting to the chase ... I shot my career round of 69 (-3) in the first Men's Club Event of the season. I've been playing a lot during COVID (with my family no less) and my index has dropped from a 6.0 (August 2019) to a current index of 2.5!  This is the lowest I've been in my 35 years of playing golf.  I've put a "15th Club" in my bag ... the "Positive Wedge".  I think the quote was from Webb Simpson that struck a cord and has made a difference ... let's have the "most Strokes Gained Attitude" 

Thank you Michael and Greg!  Your show and your positive passion for life, and the game of golf, has made a difference in my life.  I use your words of the day for my family and my team of sales reps and it makes a difference.  I'm on a Positive Crusade with you!  One day at a time, one person at a time.

Jeff Landskov
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