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This is one of my favorite times of the year for so many reasons. One of them is Santa Breed! That's right, Santa Breed is back in action, and we are fully immersed in the Holiday Spirit. Each day for the rest of this week on A New Breed of Golf on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio, and all of my social channels, Santa Breed is running special giveaways. Follow the action on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and SiriusXM to put some golf in your Holliday Season! 

Continue reading for some great tips from my coaches to help you improve your game this winter, and a great interview with 1980 U.S.A Hockey Captain, Mike Eruzione! I wish you all a very happy, safe, and healthy Holiday Season! 

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Michael Breed

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Interview with Mike Eruzione
1980 U.S.A. Hockey Captain

Mike Eruzione, the captain of the 1980 U.S.A. Hockey Team joins Michael to discuss the famous victory over the Soviet Union, winning the Gold Medal, playing for Coach Herb Brooks, and his love for the game of golf. Click below for the full interview, and start your morning every weekday with the Mayor of Positive Town on “A New Breed of Golf” only on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio!

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The Mayor of Positive Town can be heard every weekday morning on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio from 8-10 AM EST. XM 92 and Sirius 208. Join in by calling (866) 469-0026. 

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I hope this finds you well.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to get your broadcast on a regular basis but did today.  Thank you for your concern with the military members, active and retired – very much appreciated.
Today is the anniversary of my father-in-law’s birth and he would have been 95 today – we sure miss him. He was a Korean War veteran and I am a Vietnam Veteran.
Many of the hosts of golf broadcasts give tips and yours are the most enjoyable for they are easy to understand and I only wish I was able to tune in more often – still working at my advanced age.
My best - be well and stay safe.
George B.

Q&A of the Month #FixMySwing

Hi Michael,

I keep hitting my 3-wood thin, or I top it. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? I'm hitting the rest of my clubs fine.

- Mark


Thank you for asking! When you top your 3 wood, the low point of your swing is happening too soon, and you are striking the ball on the way up, occasionally missing the ball, leading to that topped shot. To solve this problem, get on a down-hill lie, and make some swings feeling your weight moving forward through the shot. This will get your upper body in particular, forward, moving the low point of your swing forward. When you get this feel, get back on a level lie, and feel the same thing, your upper body moving forward through the shot. You may even take a small divot, which is fine!

It is very important that your 3-wood is properly fit for you. If there is not enough loft, or the shaft is too heavy and too stiff, you may find it difficult to get the ball elevated in the air. Get fit for a 3-wood with enough loft and a shaft that helps you get the ball in the air. Then, you can move the low point of your swing forward, and get the ball high in the air. This will get rid of those thin and topped shots!

Michael Breed

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Coaches Corner
Greg’s Gem


The winter is a great time to work on your body mechanics in your swing, because you don't need a club or ball to practice. This drill comes from one of the best coaches in the game, Pete Cowen. Pete talks about the swing as if it were a spiral staircase. This spiral staircase image signifies the rotation, and the tilt required in a proper golf swing. Rotation, and tilt are two of the greatest challenges you face in your swing, and its time to solve the problem. 

Take your golf posture and hold a club across your chest so it parallels your shoulders, and the grip end points to the target. In your backswing, rotate your shoulders, so your back faces the target (this signifies that your shoulders have fully rotated), and the grip end of the club points down toward your trail hip (this signifies you have maintained your tilt in the backswing). The lead shoulder points down toward the trail hip, the lead hip points down toward the trail knee, and the lead knee points down toward the trail ankle in the backswing. In the downswing, the opposite happens. The trail knee works down toward the lead ankle, the trail hip works down toward the lead knee, and the trail shoulder works down toward the lead hip. When you practice this downswing, the club head side of the club will point towards your lead hip. Practice swings in this fashion every day for 10 minutes, and you will learn to turn properly during the golf swing while maintaining proper tilt. In the spring, your ball striking will be better than ever! 

- Greg DuCharme
Michael Breed Golf Academy
Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers in America

Dr. Nick's Mental Golf Advice:

As a golfer, you have both knowledge and imagination. You have the knowledge of how to play the game, as well as the knowledge that you've had errant shots either due to swing mechanics or mental errors. You also have an imagination that allows you to construct the best shot and image the ball going in the water, out of bounds, the bunker, etc. Every time you are doing your pre-shot, you have the option of what knowledge or image you will pay attention to. It's all up to you about what you choose to do... keep your attention on the process, not the outcome. You can use your knowledge about how to play the shot or the image of what your swing looks like or where the club face is at impact. It's all up to you.. as Michael would say..."Let's Do This!"

- Dr. Nick Molinaro
Licensed Psychologist
Counseling and Sport Psychology
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