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Despite all of the challenges this year has thrown our way, the game of golf has thrived. I hope this Summer presented you with an opportunity to play more golf, improve your game, and share it with family and friends. Although Summer has passed, you have an opportunity to improve your game this Fall and continue to build on the work you put in this Summer! To help you do it, my coaches have shared some great tips you'll find below. 
This year has also presented a unique schedule in the professional game. With some great tournaments upcoming, we will see the best players in the world prepare for a November Masters! To hear all of our analysis on the professional game, and the game of golf in general, listen to A New Breed of Golf on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio from 8-10 AM Eastern every weekday morning. We discuss the hot topics in the game and get a chance to hear from the best players in the world, including rising stars, like Will Zalatoris. You can find our interview with Will below. Enjoy the read! 

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Video Interview with Will Zalatoris
One of the Hottest Players on the Korn Ferry Tour

Michael is joined by top Korn Ferry Tour player, Will Zalatoris, to discuss playing in the U.S. Open, and reflect on his time at Wake Forest. Click below to listen to the full interview and be sure to check out “A New Breed of Golf” on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio every weekday morning!

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Michael Breed can be heard every weekday morning on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio from 8-10 AM EST. XM 92 and Sirius 208. Join in by calling (866) 469-0026. 

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First time emailing! I've never been one to be easily influenced by advertising, but I can say I have made 2 of the best purchases of my life because of you. 18-months ago, I did a full set purchase from Club Champion, and I have switched to the yellow ProV1. I have since dropped from a 10 to 5, and I’m playing the best golf of my life! Thank you. 


My number 1 issue on the course now is 3-4 complete misses a round with an iron or a chip. The reason just hit me today listening. It’s happening when I’m not RESOLUTE in my decision of what I need to do over the ball.


Thanks for all you do. Love the show.


- Trent T.

Q&A of the Month #FixMySwing

Good morning!  I have a quick question, if I am pulling my iron shots would the ball position be too far forward or back to cause this? Thanks!
Thank you for asking! Ball position is such an important concept to understand because it affects your setup position, and your entire swing! When the ball gets too far forward in your stance, your shoulders twist open, and your grip tends to get weak. This creates an out to in path, which can lead to a pull, or a pull slice depending on your grip. If you are hitting pulls, move that ball back in your stance!

Keep sending in your questions and videos to our A New Breed of Golf with Michael Breed Group on Facebook! 

Coaches Corner
Greg’s Gem

Bryson DeChambeau has shown us all how big the advantage of clubhead speed is in your game. The fall, and winter is the perfect time to work on your clubhead speed because you have the time to practice your game without dealing with the pressures of performing in high pressure rounds. Speed training is also something you can do indoors, which means you have even more time!

The basic premise of speed training is very simple: practice swinging FAST. As fast as you can in fact. You should swing as fast as you can with your driver, something lightweight, something heavy, and something that creates resistance. "The Michael Breed Swing Weight" is a great product you can use that is light when you hold it on one side, and heavy when you hold the other side. As for resistance, I recommend a swing fan, and the "Michael Breed Swing Fan" is a great option! The last thing you will need is a swing radar that allows you to measure your clubhead speed with and without hitting a ball. These are relatively inexpensive online, simple to use, and well worth it! 

Once you have your supplies, its time to start training. Measuring all reps, swing your driver as fast as you can 10 times. Record your fastest speed. Then, move onto the light device, and measure 10 maximum speed reps, again recording your fastest speed. After that, swing the heavy device, followed by the swing fan 10 times each recording your fastest speed with each. Conclude your session with 10 more reps with your driver as fast as you can (you will be tired, but keep pushing!) 

This just takes 50 maximum speed reps, every other day, and you will see tremendous speed increases. It is important to note, you should play at your normal game speed, while practicing maximum speed. As your maximum speed increases, your game speed will increase as well! 

- Greg DuCharme
Michael Breed Golf Academy
Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers in America

Bob's Brilliance: 

Make more putts
Approximately forty percent of all golf shots are struck with the putter but I rarely see players spending forty percent of their practice time working on their putting. If shooting lower scores is your goal then logic would have it that you should spend more time working on your putting. I have identified three areas to improve your putting that will lower your scores for sure.

Consistent strike- All great putters strike the ball in exactly the same spot on the putter each and every putt. If you are not able to consistently strike the ball in the same spot it will be very difficult to make putts.  The ideal spot to strike a putt is slightly above the equator of the golf ball and in the dead center.  Practice making consistent contact and you will be able to develop better feel which will increase your confidence and allow you to start the golf ball on your intended line every time.

Green reading- becoming a great green reader is skill that can be fostered and improved on. Great green readers start reading the green well before they step on the putting green. As you approach the putting surface become acutely aware of the green complex. Identify where the fall line is and where the high point of the green lies. If you are playing on grainy greens familiarize yourself with the direction of the grain. Take all these factors into consideration as you determine how much break to play on your putt.

Get a routine-All great putters have a putting routine and you should to. Having a routine allows you to be more concerned with the process of putting rather than the results of your stroke. Have you ever noticed that you are a much better putter when putting for bogey than for birdie?  The reason is that you are allowing your mind to take over and affect your performance. When we commit to a routine we give our mind and body the best chance to maximize our performance. So commit to a routine and make more putts.

Become a better putter by learning to consistently strike the ball the same way every time, by learning to read greens and by developing a putting routine and I can guarantee your scores will come crashing down!  Let’s Do This!


- Bob Bigonette
Lead Instructor, PGA
Michael Breed Golf Academy 
Dr. Nick's Mental Golf Advice:

To become more familiar that each and every shot needs your entire attention, after you have spent 5-10 minutes warming up select 6 of your clubs and hit only 5 balls with each club. You will be forced to focus on how deliberate each swing will be as you will not have the option to continue hitting ball after ball after ball.  To increase the impact, do a complete pre-shot routine for each of the 5 shots for the 6 clubs. This is a drill that many Tour players use to emulate on-course situations.

- Dr. Nick Molinaro
Licensed Psychologist
Counseling and Sport Psychology
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