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Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! I hope each of you enjoyed this week at Pebble Beach Golf Links as much as I did. The iconic venue shined this week at the U.S. Open and provided us with a fabulous golf tournament. The players were tested in every area of their game, and it was Gary Woodland who came out on top!

Gary fought hard to fend off charges from the number one player in the world, and two time defending champion of the U.S. Open, Brooks Koepka. Starting the day just one shot back was the number three player in the world, also a former U.S. Open Champion Justin Rose. Congratulations on a great championship Gary!

Continue reading for a great interview with the highly entertaining head football coach at Arizona State University Herm Edwards, and tips from my coaches.

Let's Do This!

Michael Breed

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Interview with Herm Edwards
Former NFL head coach and current head coach at Arizona State University joins the show to talk transformation in life, football, and business! 

MB: I don't think I've seen anyone transform their career like you have. From a player in the NFL, to a coach, to a scout, to play-by-play - What has been the key to success on your transformational journey?

HE: The first thing that comes to mind is opportunity. I always tell people opportunity may not knock twice, so when you get the first one, you have to be prepared. Along with opportunity is passion and preparation. Football has always been my passion, and with everything I've done, came the opportunity to put myself in positions to be successful. 

Listen to the Full Interview HERE!
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Analyze My Swing!
Q&A of the Month #FixMySwing

Hi Michael.

What is the best way to develop consistency with your driver?

- Christopher


Thank you for your question. There are a number of factors that contribute to consistency with the driver. First and foremost is the driver itself. Make sure you get fit for your new driver. This alone can turn a poor driver of the ball into a great one. Next, you have to look at your setup position in three key areas: grip, ball position, and aim. Hold the club the same way every time, with the same ball position, and the same posture. Make sure to check your grip on each swing so you know it is the same. When it comes to ball position, use alignment sticks, or extra clubs and create a station. Place one stick along your toes, parallel to the target line, and another perpendicular to that. This stick will point directly at your ball. The first stick will remind you of your ball position relative to distance from the ball, and the second stick will remind you of your ball position forward and back. The alignment sticks will also help you aim properly. Take note of where the alignment stick is pointing, then, when you address the ball, take a good look at the target each time so your eye gets used to what proper aim looks like. To become a consistent driver of the golf ball, pay attention to the things you do before you move the club, before you look at what you do in your swing. Consistent set up positions will lead to consistent shots off the tee!
- Michael

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Coaches Corner
Greg’s Gem:
During the U.S. Open we saw great excitement around the greens with many hole outs, and great par saves. The thick rough around the greens at Pebble Beach couldn’t stop all the players in the U.S. Open, but when you face thick rough around the greens, watch out!

Rough around the greens creates such difficulty because you need club head speed to get the club through the thick grass but, the ball has to come out softly so it can stop on the green. How do you get the club through the rough, without hitting the ball too far? First, with your most lofted wedge open the club face, and then grip the club. When you grip the club, rotate your trail hand on top of the grip so you can see knuckles. Weakening your trail hand grip will allow you to hinge the club properly, and keep the clubface open through the thick grass. Next, stand close enough to the ball so the heel, or hosel side of your wedge is slightly higher than the toe. The heel side of the club tends to get stuck in thick grass, and then the clubface closes, and the ball comes out too low, and goes too far. By standing slightly closer to the ball, you can get the heel of the club out of the ground, and prevent the face from closing down through the strike.

Now that you're set up for success, its time to set the club in motion. For this shot, you want the clubhead to get up into the air in the backswing. This will create a steeper angle of attack so that less grass gets stuck in between the club and your ball. To do this, we have to get the clubhead moving up right away. Point the grip end of your club down towards the ball in the backswing. Now, you can slide the club right under the ball, through the thick grass with as much speed as you would like, and the club won’t get stuck in the grass!

Open the clubface, then grip the club with a weak right hand grip and stand closer to the ball. Then point the butt end of your club at the ball in the backswing, and your club will be sliding under the ball, through the thick grass just like the pros! Try this shot next time your ball is in the rough around the greens.

- Greg DuCharme
Michael Breed Golf Academy
Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers in America

Bob's Brilliance:
The purpose of a pre-shot routine is to increase a golfers opportunity to hit a great golf shot and to detach their emotions from results that causes their anxiety and fears as they play. A great pre-shot routine will take your mind off the result of the shot and place your focus more on the process of execution. It is only when we are process oriented that we can achieve our maximum potential. In order to achieve an effective pre-shot routine the routine needs to be rehearsed and you need a focus commitment to the process. Make a goal the next time you play to stick to your routine no matter what. I promise you will be pleased with the results.


- Bob Bigonette
Lead Instructor, PGA
Michael Breed Golf Academy 
Dr. Nick's Mental Golf Advice:
Most amateur golfers believe that the challenge for each shot is to make it. I won’t disagree but what is missing in this explanation is the lack of paying attention to the process of making the shot. Each shot requires attention, focused effort and execution. Choose one of these for the challenges for each shot…your intention will clearly influence your performance.

- Dr. Nick Molinaro
Licensed Psychologist
Counseling and Sport Psychology

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