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Get to know Limón, Bareknuckle’s new rescue parakeet!

Full Name:



Name Origin:

We originally were going to name this cute booger Lemon (because he’s yellow and The Jab zaps all of our creative juices for the month), but then we heard him speak and he has one of those sexy, seductive Columbia accents like you hear in the picture-shows.


  • Pooping

  • Bell-ringing

  • Pooping




  • Limón ain’t no hater. He’s pretty upbeat as long as he’s able to do the things he likes (see above)



Bareknuckle Mike has two really sweet daughters (he once tried to exile them to Montana, as evidenced at the bottom of The Jab entitled The Person Under that Facemask is Someone’s Daughter).

Anyway, his daughters’ school was shutdown (see: pandemic, see: wildfire smoke, see: 2020 is the new sewer). Because of said shutdown, their class pet needed a new home. And, since Bareknuckle has wanted a rescue pet for some time, we were able to kill two birds with one stone (the daughters’ class pet along with another random pigeon didn’t make it).


Most Impressive Abilities:

Incessantly ringing his bell when he’s hungry (and when he’s not … we really like this bell of his)



Staring at chess pieces during Jab photoshoots (he doesn’t know how to play yet) …



… and solving murders …





Random Off-topic Question from the Writers of the Jab:

Do you guys know what you’re going to be for Halloween?
Halloween is fun. 

Two Questions Everyone Wants to Know About Limón:

Q: Can he speak? 

A: Yep, just not like these fellas.


Q: Does he want a cracker?

A: You ruined it. We’re done here.

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Polly Wants a Quote of the Month

“Birds are quiet, tidy pets.”

-some lying kid to their parents.                    

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