May 2017 Edition

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Welcome to the SLSCC Newsletter

Season 2016-17...We made it and the Flags are down..!
To our absolutely awesome army of dedicated volunteers who have made this past season such a successful one, we sincerely thank each and everyone of you for your contribution toward the community. It was certainly a very busy time however the combined efforts of our members from the 15 surf clubs across the Central Coast have ensured no lives were lost at Patrolled beaches and the extensive number of beach goers all got to go home to their families after visiting our beautiful beaches.
Surf Life Saving Central Coast is enormously proud to advise the following statistics for season 2016-17:
95,822 - Volunteer Patrol Hours
1099 - Lives Saved
15,973 - Lives prevented from getting into difficulty
2,105 - First Aid Treatments
29 - After Hours Call Outs

Whilst the flags may be down for the season and our members begin to enjoy some well deserved time off, rest assured, club executives are already busy planning again for next season.
SLSCC 2017-2018 Election Meeting
The 2017-2018 Election Meeting of Surf Life Saving Central Coast (SLSCC) was held on Thursday 20th April 2017 where the SLSCC Lifesaving and Member Services Portfolios were up for nomination along with the Judiciary, Selection and Constitution Committees. SLSCC would like to warmly welcome and congratulate the newly elected position holders:  
Board of Lifesaving                  
Director – Brett Beswick -  Avoca Beach
Manager – Support Services - Katie Dixon - Ocean Beach
Manager – RWC Operations - David Golightly - Terrigal
Manager – Equipment - Glenn Clarke - The Entrance                      
Board of Member Services                   
Director –  Aaron Camp - Ocean Beach
Manager – Nippers - Toni Jones - Terrigal
Manager – Membership & Recognition - Gail Rixom - Soldiers Beach
Manager – Development & Accreditation - Jade Heber - Ocean Beach
Manager – Diversity - Jemima Garven - Avoca Beach                      
Director -  Special Projects - Peter James - Wamberal 
Committees - 1 year position                 
Selection Committee
Brett Harrod - Umina
Garry Mensforth - Umina
Shelley Smith - Ocean Beach/Umina
Vacant x 2 positions                     
Constitution Committee
Phillip Lytham - Shelly Beach
Warren Lupica - Shelly Beach
Dave Thompson - Ocean Beach
Vacant x 2 positions                     
Judiciary Committee
Toni Jennar - Wamberal
Phillip Lytham - Shelly Beach
Warren Lupica - Shelly Beach
Dave Thompson - Ocean Beach
Vacant 1 x position
Congratulations to these members and we thank them in advance for their efforts and contribution in the upcoming 2017-2018 season.

RESCUE 2018 - Adelaide

Congratulations to the following Central Coast athletes who have been selected in the Australian Life Saving Team Squad and will have the chance to compete at the 2018 Lifesaving World Championships in Adelaide:
  • Tim Schofield (Terrigal)
  • Bradley Woodward (Shelly Beach)
  • Jemma Smith (Umina)
  • Rachel Wood (Umina)
  • Riley Fitzsimmons (Avoca Beach)
  • Garry Mensforth (Umina) - Team Manager
Previous Ocean Beach and Terrigal competitor Keelan Bridge, who now competes for Bronte SLSC, was also selected in the squad - Not a bad effort for the Central Coast considering the squad comprises only 16 of the country’s leading Surf Sports competitors!
The 2018 Lifesaving World Championships are being held in Adelaide, South Australia from 17 November to 2 December with the final team of 12 to be announced in early 2018.
Holiday Rescue...
Over the Easter break, approximately thirty Copacabana SLSC members and their families were camping at Hallidays Point on mid north coast of NSW. Several club members relaxing on the northern end of the un-patrolled and remote beach, initially noticed a family learning to surf in what was fast becoming a dangerous section of the break with a strong rip developing in the sizable surf.
Copacabana members observed conditions changing quickly and that the family were becoming vulnerable to the conditions. As the decision was being made to advise the group to move to a safer area, a large set hit the family, dislodging boogie boards and children from the safety of the older family members. The Copa members observed the family of four in clear distress in the two metre plus swell.  An adult male (since identified as the father) was on a surfboard whilst his teenage male had made it too the relatively safety of a sand bar on his boogie board.  However, a teenage girl and ten year old male child were clearly struggling in the rip and were being drawn further out to sea.
Two club members, Adam Richards and Andrew Pugh, entered the water retrieving both boogie boards, began swimming out to the 3 remaining persons who were struggling in the rip and heavy wave zone. Meanwhile other club members on the beach used SLSC signals to capture the attention of Jonas Hartwell and Malachi Seisun, who were on surfboards at at adjoining break, and directed them to the area that the swimmers were struggling.
When Adam & Andrew were within 15 metres of the group, a large wave broke on the father who was supporting his children (a boy and girl aged approx 9 and 13 years of age) on his surfboard. He was already tired and appeared panicked and as the wave hit, it dislodged the surfboard, and he lost his grip on his two youngest children.  As the rescue swimmers were within 5 metres, the father - despite his exhaustion, had impressively managed to get both of his children in his arms. He screamed for help, and went under.
A pivotal part in the success of this rescue was that the previously informed surfers arrived only seconds after the swimmers. The children, were momentarily collected onto one boogie board when another wave crashed down on the group. Again, the children became dislodged but were quickly re-secured as the surfers picked up the father and older girl, and commenced paddling into shore. Before the next wave came, the decision was made to swim further out past the breakzone, however the young boy, in a panicked state only wanted to swim towards the beach making it difficult for rescuers until he could be calmed down and follow instructions. Fortunately, he responded to the swimmers advice and they made a slow and tiring journey to the shore arriving back to the beach 100m form the rest of the group.
All patients were in shock and had swallowed sea water. The family were assessed and were provided first aid (as well as surf awareness advice) by club member and paramedic, Ashley Capps. All rescuers were physically exhausted.
An experienced club member who had overseen the entire rescue from a vantage point stated that he had no doubt had that three of the family would have undoubtedly drowned without the intervention of the Copacabana SLSC members.
Sensational work Copa :)
Easter Rescue...
Killcare has fewer rescues but when we do, they're serious. Easter Monday was a day 16 year old Jennifer Webb displayed bravery and acted without hesitation. Putting her newly acquired SMAR skills to the test, she demonstrated a degree of athleticism and decisiveness that truly saved a life.
For the preceding 6 hours we'd been on patrol, conditions of the day had required consistent vigilance of the flagged area. Swell height was moderate, however intermittent sets would come in causing flash rips outside the flagged area. Conditions were not as hazardous as previous days, although still challenging given the public holiday crowds. 'Swimming not advised' signs had been posted to ensure parents remained vigilant of their children. Seventeen preventatives were made during the day.
A group boisterous friendly lads, aged 18 -22, had been playing soccer north of the flagged area. Just before 3pm a 22yo old male, who later advised he had no swimming ability, dashed into the water to retrieve their soccer ball. He had unwittingly entered a flash rip. At the time of the incident a 'swimming not advised' signage was posted directly in front of them in the area north of the flags.
He had first asked for 'a hand' from his friend at the shore when he got out of his depth. But his friend told me he was scared to reach out and pull him back to sol id ground because he was scared of being pulled in himself. However, another from the group with some swimming ability had gone in to swim after him and soon became our 2nd rescuee.
Our primary swimmer Jennifer Webb used the rip to her advantage and was past the break in a manner that a member of the public later described as lightning speed. The victim had been howling with terror between waves and had used the last of his energy when another set arrived sending him under. Jennifer retrieved the man from under water by his hair and with the assistance of a nearby surfer, secured the tube around the conscious yet rag-doll like patient. More waves arrived. The patient endured. At this stage the 2nd victim was perhaps 40 metres from shore. Kynan Hughes demonstrated athleticism as he ran fill tilt 50m over sand to get back to the tent, grab a board and take off after the 19 year old.
A passing SLSA member from the northern beaches asked me if I wanted another board in the water. He did not wait for an answer. I later thanked him for his help and autonomous actions. Our rescuer, the surfer and the victim were now around 80m from shore. Thanks to assistance from this off duty lifesaver Jennifer was able to expedite the rescue by grabbing his board riding the first set in with the patient, returning him rapidly to shore where oxygen therapy rendered promptly.
Leah coped well with a distressed patient who was vomiting repeatedly whist she administered oxygen.It was clear the patient had inhaled a lot of water and there was risk of secondary drowning. An ambulance was requested in the first few minutes. Medical advice was also requested and Central Coast 19 assisted over radio.
Ambulance officers arrived fairly promptly to assess the patient. Later the patient would formally refuse the advice of ambulance officers to attend hospital for observation.
Amazing efforts Jen :)
Has someone at your club recently performed an amazing rescue...?
Then why not acknowledge their efforts by nominating them for the "Rescue of the Month" Award...!
For further information on this fantastic recognition award - click here or contact the SLSCC Branch Office on 4353 0299

2017 SLSCC Sponsors Recognition Evening

The simply stunning Soldiers Beach SLSC was the chosen venue for this years Surf LIfe Saving Central Coast Sponsors Recognition Evening which was held on Thursday 27th May 2017. This wonderful evening provided SLSCC with a fantastic opportunity to showcase the significant successes and achievements to our valued Sponsors, Partners, Government Reps and Club Presidents in a friendly, relaxed and social setting. SLSCC would like to thank our MC for the night, Mr Steve Allen, of North Entrance SLSC and our guest speakers on the night, talented athlete Jemma Smith from Umina SLSC and to Patrol Captain Steve Lee and the Shelly Beach Nippers who spoke about their involvement recently in a major rescue which resulted in a well deserved standing ovation from the audience!
Finally, SLSCC would like to extend their immense gratitude to Soldiers Beach SLSC and Donna from Exclusive Event Catering for their exceptional assistance - it was a fantastic evening!
Season 2016/2017 has been another successful year for the Education Team at SLSCC and local surf clubs who have been busy upskilling and educating our membership. With 10 new Assessors and Training Officers, the future of SLSCC is in good shape. Our goal this season was to significantly increase IRB Awards - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - To date we excited to advise we have increased these figures with 2 new IRB Assessors and 3 new IRB Training Officers, 21 new Silver Medallion IRB Driver and 70 new IRB Crew awards. Congratulations to all clubs for actioning this goal and creating a better forecast for IRB Driving amongst our clubs. Whilst this is certainly a positive step in the right direction, there is still plenty more work to be done in this area which will require a collective effort by all clubs during the off season to increase the number of IRB Drivers for the 2017-18 Patrolling season.
The Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue (SMAR) course continues to be a favourite amongst our members. The SLSCC SMAR Facilitators have incorporated outside emergency services to assist with providing interesting course content. SLSCC now have four Facilitators sharing their knowledge supporting participants. Ramzy Fawzy, Glenn Clarke, Ross Blowers and Jarryd Edmonds.
Special thank you also to the awesome RWC OperatorsJosh Cole, Paul Kenny, Michael Lawton and David Smith who attend and assist each SMAR Course along with our two fabulous 'patients'  - Erin Clarke and Josie Gates.who sit in the dark waiting to be 'rescued' by our SMAR participants for each of the courses.
Thankyou to all SLSCC Facilitators, Assessors and Training Officers, your time and energy is greatly appreciated. Your contribution to our community goes further than just upskilling our members, Central Coast residents and visitors have confidence in the SLSCC Lifesavers that patrol our beaches.
New Awards gained:
~ 29 Silver Medallion Beach Management
~  9 Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue
~  4 Gold Medallion
~  8 Provide First Aid
~ 48 Surf Official Level 1
~  2 IRB Assessors
~  3 IRB Training Officers
~ 21 Silver Medallion IRB Driver
~ 70 IRB Crewperson
~ 247 Bronze Medallion
~ 43 ARTC
~ 160 Surf Rescue Certificates

The SLSCC Education Team are currently planning the new Education Course Calendar for next season so watch this space for whats coming up soon.
UAV Surf Rescue Service
Wow, what a season 2016-17 has been...
This season has seen the implementation of UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicle) also known as Drones on our very own Central Coast Beaches.
Our Branch is not only the first Branch in Australia, but the entire world to utilise this technology on our Beaches. We are being closely watched on an International stage on how we can develop this technology, and how we can role it into another asset just like the Jet Ski and IRB. We have had DJI (Chinese manufacturer of UAV's) not only show interest in what we are doing but come out and spent a weekend filming and learning from our team. This was done in various locations across the Central Coast to learn more on how we use this technology and the benefits of it in Search and Rescue Operations. We have also had a team of Lifesavers and Life Guards come out from New Zealand to see how we operate as they are now trying to roll out this technology on their beaches, after seeing what we have achieved so far. The use of UAV's is going to be an integral part of SAR, as we can have a UAV airborne within minutes from being on site. This will allow us to have an aerial view almost instantly where as before we would be waiting for Police or Westpac Helicopter services to arrive. We will also be able to limit the risk of Lifesavers climbing across rock faces and other slippery surfaces while conducting SAR Operations.
We currently have 6 commercially licensed UAV Operators on the Central Coast being Chris Fillingham, Michael Lawton, Brett Beswick, Paul Kenny, Matias Trewhela and James Irwin. These Operators currently cover the entire Central Coast area, and have also been called upon to assist with natural disasters recently. Each of these Pilots have undergone rigorous testing not only theoretically but practically where they have covered more then 20 hours of flying to reach a level of competence way above your average hobbiest. Not only have they undergone training with the Little Ripper Group but part of the qualification was that they must meet the standard of CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) to obtain the 25kg unrestricted RePl (Remote Pilot Licence).
Some of the UAV's you will see us using will be the DJI Phantom 3 &4, DJI Inspire 1 and the Little Ripper Group's Stellar. Each of these UAV's have different capabilities and flight times depending on the need at the time. With the Stellar we also have the capability to utilise a speaker which is inbuilt, but also drop a flotation device to a swimmer. This floatation device has the capability to hold 4 adults for up to 24 hours and has a strobe light attached.
If this sounds like it could interest you, go through your club to get in contact with us. We are looking at expanding our team over the Off Season.
Have a great off season and look forward to seeing you next season.
James Irwin
UAV Operations Manager,
Central Coast Branch.
Surf Education
What a season it has been, SLSCC Community Education Programs have been a huge success.
Our Surf Fun days educated 3741 school students on the beach in term 4 2016 and term 1 2017. We now have a fantastic new trailer that brings our surf safety message all over the coast. Thank you to the NSW Government.
This season our community education team taught valuable beach safety lessons to international students from Sydney/ Newcastle University and visiting exchange students from Japan.
With a peaked interest from disability school support units SLSCC Community Education Team ran Surf Fun days for these students, we are hoping to grow these days in term 1 of the school year. The students and instructors get so much from these days.
We ran four Surf Survival courses this season, seeing 193 high school students who have gained a greater surf awareness.
Our Beach based programs have ended for this season. We are now super busy with Beach Smart Talks which we take to the schools. Last year was a great year, with 2017/2018 looking to be even better.
A massive thankyou to our Community Education Instructors, they are amazing, without them we couldn’t make this happen.
The Good Old Days...

Chariot Racing at The Lakes SLSC in 1979

Upcoming Education Courses    

The SLSCC education Team are currently planning the Education Course Calendar for next season -  so please watch this space!

To book a spot in a SLSCC Course, please contact your Club Chief Training Officer (CTO) or please contact SLSNSW on 9471 8000 to book a spot in a SLSNSW Provide First Aid Course.

Upcoming Meetings

Presidents Tea                        25 May 2017 (TBC) 
Board of Education                 29 May 2017 - with club reps
Board of Surf Sports               31 May 2017 - Board only
Board of Life Saving                 1 June 2017 - with club reps
Directors Meeting                   13 June 2017
Branch Council                       15 June 2017
Board of Surf Sports               28 June 2017 - Board only

Upcoming Events

20-21 May 2017      R2 IRB Premiership @ Mollymook
27-28 May 2017      SLSNSW Combined Portfolio Conference
3 - 4 June 2017       R3 IRB Premiership @ Ocean Beach
10 June 2017          SLSCC Awards of Excellence @ Mingara
17-18 June 2017     R4 IRB Premiership @ Cape Hawke
1 - 2 July 2017        SLSNSW IRB State Champs @ South West Rocks
8 - 9 July 2017        SLSNSW Pool Rescue Champs @ Ryde Aquatic Centre
14-16 July 2017      SLSA IRB Aussie Champs @ Kingscliff
4 - 5 August 2017   SLSA Pool Rescue Champs @ Oaklands Park SA
12 August 2017      SLSNSW Awards of Excellence @ Four Seasons Sydney
16 August 2017      MPIO Course @ SLSCCHQ
If you have something you'd like to share in our SLSCC Newsletter, please email Mel at

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