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2017 SLSNSW State Championships
Congratulations to the large number of SLSCC athletes who participated with great pride at the recent 2017 SLSNSW State Championships held at Swansea/Belmont over the past three weeks. All competitors showed their resilience, determination and incredible skills in the challenging conditions. This years championships have proved to be a huge sucess for our local clubs. SLSCC would like acknowledge the efforts and thank all the Officials, Age Managers and Water Safety personnel and in addition, congratulate the huge number of SLSCC competitors who became medallists, especially to  the new State Champions and Gold Medallists as follows:
Junior Gold Medallists:
Terrigal - Tahj Hamilton - U9 Sprint
North Avoca - Emma Duggan - U10 Surf Race
MacMasters Beach - Hamish Taylor - U10 Board Race
Avoca Beach - Piper Lily Walker - U14 Surf Race
MacMasters Beach – Spencer Morris, Ben Sapsford - U10/11 2 person R&R
Avoca Beach – Piper Lily Walker, Darci Berry – U14 Board Rescue
Avoca Beach – Piper Lily Walker, Darci Berry, Abbey Cracknell U14 Board Relay
Masters Gold Medallists:
The Lakes - Lauren Goldie - 35-39 Ironperson
The Lakes - Lauren Goldie - 35-39 Board
Toowoon Bay - Rosalind Chugg - 65-69 1km Beach Run
Toowoon Bay - Rosalind Chugg - 65-69 Flags
Toowoon Bay - Rosalind Chugg - 65-69 Sprint
Toowoon Bay - Mei-Ling Venning - 70+ 1km Beach Run
Toowoon Bay - Mei-Ling Venning - 70+ Flags
Toowoon Bay - Mei-Ling Venning - 70+ Sprint
Terrigal - Luke Hall - 35-39 - 2km Beach Run
Terrigal - Paul Lemmon, Paul Stone, Michael Stone - 130yrs Ski Relay
Terrigal - Paul Lemmon, James Purcell, Michael Stone - 150yrs Board Relay
Terrigal - Paul Lemmon - 45-49 Ironperson
North Avoca - Kennith Broomfield - 60-64 1km Beach Run
North Avoca - Colleen Harrison - 50-54 Board
North Avoca-Trina Cansick, Kim Findlay, Colleen Harrison- 130yrs Ski Relay
North Avoca - Trina Cansick, Kim Findlay - 35-39 Double Ski
Avoca - Ben Hamilton, Gordon Jones - 35-39 Double Ski
Umina -  Christine Bishop – 40+ - Champion Lifesaver
Umina - Steve DeVivo - 45-49 - Flags
Umina - Kerry Armstrong-Smith - 45-49 Board
For the full Masters results - Click here
Open Gold Medallists
Shelly Beach - James De Vries - U19 Swim
Avoca - Keeley Booth, Lily Cracknell, Emma Livingstone - U17 Ski Relay
Avoca - Harry Armstrong, Byron Chadwick, Bailey Johns - U17 Ski Relay
Avoca - Beau Jeffries, Fletcher Cunningham - U19 Double Ski
Avoca - Lachlan Tame - Open Ski
Avoca - Riley Fitzsimmons, Lachlan Tame, Rob McIntyre - Open Ski Relay
Umina - L Braddish, B Hessel, L McLeod, B Ray - U15 Surf Team
Umina - Kirsten Miller – U15 Female - Champion Lifesaver
Umina - Lily Perry, Grace Talty - U15 Mixed First Aid
Umina - Jazmyn Rodwell - U17 Board
Umina - Jemma Smith - U19 Ski
Umina - Molly Murphy – U19 Female - Champion Lifesaver
Umina - Jemma Smith - U19 Swim
Umina - Claire Gaffney, Mimosa Henderson, Jemma Smith - U19 Surf Team
Umina - Jazmyn Rodwell, Rachel Wood, Jemma Smith - U19 Taplin
Umina - Jazmyn Rodwell, Rachel Wood, Jemma Smith - Open Taplin
Avoca - Zenith Crew - L Parker, K Broadhurst, M Butlin, J Mitchell, R Brierty -  Open Female Surf Boat
For the full Open Results - Click here
Fortunate Females...
Terrigal SLSC member James Purcell on his way home on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 and decided to check out the surf at Wamberal. Overlooking the beach he saw his wife Vicky coming back from a beach run, went down to meet her and they sat for 10 minutes enjoying the afternoon sun. As they went to leave the beach Vicky noticed two ladies in trouble. James looked back and saw them in a rip, one further than the other and then saw the one inshore put her hand up. James ran down the beach, stripping off as he went. Upon reaching the shoreline he noticed that the lady closest in had made it onto the sandbank and so he swam to the lady further out. Upon reaching the lady, who was quite distressed and out of breath, James reassured her and then managed to get her safely back to the shore. The extremely grateful lady called James the next day to thank James and the whole surf lifesaving movement for all we do both on and off duty.
Two Men Rescued After Hours...
At approximately 7.00pm on Wednesday 1st March 2017, two men were rescued at Avoca Beach after being caught in a rip and taken out to sea. The rescuers included local Avoca Beach surf club member Charlie Jeffries who was surfing at the time and other local surfers along with the assistance from an off-duty lifeguard. The two men, who were in a poor condition, were transported by Ambulance to hospital for further treatment. Well done to all involved for their quick actions which saved the lives of these two men.
Traffic Incident...
On the 5th March 2017, Copacabana SLSC member Shane Greenwood was working outdoors at Copacabana when he noticed that a vehicle was blocking traffic on a main road. Shane, realising that something was seriously amiss, promptly attended the scene to find the driver was unconscious with two panicking children under ten years of age. Shane calmed the children and arranged for them to leave the vehicle and move the side of the road, where they were comforted by a bystander. Under instructions from the 000 operator, Shane and the driver of the other vehicle removed the 120 kg middle aged male patient from the vehicle. Shane then commenced solo CPR despite having no personal protection equipment and the usual presence vomit from the victim. The other driver eventually assisted with compressions under Shane’s instruction.  Shane also arranged for the Council lifeguard to be summoned from the nearby Copacabana surf club.  Within ten minutes, Council lifeguard, Tim, arrived with a defibrillator. With Shane’s assistance and whilst continuing CPR, the defibrillator was deployed but did not adminster any shock.  CPR continued for a further 10 to 15 minutes until the ambulance arrived.  The patient was then transported to hospital. Subsequent inquiries made with hospital have since confirmed the patient had survived a major heart attack and was in a stable condition. Shane’s response to such a distressing situation could not be faulted. He showed calmness, professionalism and a sound knowledge of both first aid and CPR procedures.
Nippers to the rescue...
Shelly Beach nippers Nathan Lee (9), Duncan Field (9), Jade Crook (13) and Joel Barry (13) played vital roles in rescuing two men at Shelly Beach on Sunday 12th March 2017. While playing on their boogie boards Nathan and Duncan went to the assistance of a foreign male and kept him afloat until the rescue swimmer arrived. Without these two the male would have undoubtedly started taking on water before the arrival of the swimmer. After being secured and partially towed in, the arrival of Jade Crook on a rescue board finalized the rescue of this male (twice her size) by her bringing him in. Whilst this was going on a second male was also being rescued. Great team effort guys but especially to the young nippers which no doubt saved the lives of these two men.
Has someone at your club recently performed an amazing rescue...?
Then why not acknowledge their efforts by nominating them for the "Rescue of the Month" Award...!
For further information on this fantastic recognition award - click here or contact the SLSCC Branch Office on 4353 0299
2017 SLSCC Masters Branch Champs Wrap up
This year’s Surf Life Saving Central Coast Branch Championships saw a solid turn out of lifesavers line up at Ocean Beach on Saturday 18 February 2017. Club legends Paul Lemmon and Paul Stone led a strong team from Terrigal to victory in the overall point score with assistance from outstanding performances by fellow club mates Dianne Diebert and Debbie Graham. Paul Lemmon was undefeated from the 10 events he contested as most of his rivals now expect from the Coasts most successful all-time Masters Competitor. In a comeback performance, Paul Stone was equally impressive winning the 40-44 Board, Ski and Surf Race events along with a further three gold medals in team events in the 110 year division. Leigh Mitchell did Soldiers Beach SLSC proud as the standout performer in the 35-39 year male division while Kim Finlay of North Avoca shared the honours with The Lakes Lauren Goldie and Stephanie Norman in the 35-39 females. Ocean Beach stood out on the beach with Alison Tucker winning all three beach events in the 40-44 age group and Richelle Ingram winning the flag/ sprint double in the 45-49 division. Umina’s Kerry Armstrong-Smith added to the family’s success again this season, undefeated in the 45-49 female water events. While David Broadbent of Avoca and Colleen Harrison of North Avoca were equally as impressive winning all of the 50-54 individual water events they contested. In the older divisions, stand out performers included Bill Cook (Umina), Kenneth Bloomfield (North Avoca), Sue Projeski (Toowoon Bay) and Mei-Ling Venning (Toowoon Bay). For the full results click here.
Once again, huge thank you to all the SLSCC Branch Championship Host venues - Soldiers Beach, The Entrance, Ocean Beach and Umina SLSC's.

SLSCC UAV Surf Rescue Operators

Congratulations to the inaugural members of the SLSCC Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Surf Rescue Service who were presented with their CASA Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Operators Certificate at a ceremony organised by Little Ripper and SLSNSW in Port Macquarie on Tuesday 28th February 2017.
Over the past five months James Irwin (Umina), Chris Fillingham (Toowoon Bay), Michael Lawton (Shelly Beach), Matias Trewhela (North Avoca), Paul Kenny (Terrigal) and Brett Beswick (Avoca) have undergone extensive training with the Little Ripper Lifesaver group including 14 modules of theory units, an extensive exam on aviation knowledge, a practical flight exam and many, many, hours of supervised flying and specialised beach operations training.
This is a significant achievement as it makes this new support operations team the first in Surf Life Saving Australia-wide to be accredited and this resource will even further boost Surf Life Saving’s ability to save lives on the Central Coast beaches.  The new service will significantly assist the Central Coasts 15 surf clubs and Branch Support Operation teams in major search and rescue incidents, shark surveillance during high risk times, member safety at surf sports carnivals and pro-active beach surveillance during peak periods. Great job team..!

Surf Education
The SLSCC Community Education team were excited to be passing on vital surf safety and rescue tips to 70 international (English as a second language) students from Sydney University and Newcastle University (Ourimbah and Newcastle Campus) held at Toowoon Bay on Thursday 23rd February 2017. This is an important demographic for Surf Life Saving to be educating based on past statistics and is an extension of the SLSCC Community Education Program which has reached over 30,600 Central Coast Primary School students over the past 12 months. Along with sharing our knowledge of surf safety, we engaged these participants in an educational and fun experience at the beach and hopefully might even turn a few of them into new members of our amazing organisation while they are studying in Australia.

Youth Development Opportunities

Congratulations to our youth members who have been successfully named to represent SLSCC in the following upcoming SLSNSW Youth Development Programs which will be held from 10-13 April 2017 at the Collaroy Centre in Sydney:
Junior Lifesaver of the Year:
~ Skye O'Mara - Terrigal SLSC
~ Hayden Doyle - Ocean Beach SLSC
Youth Opportunity Makers Workshop:
~ Joshua Gray - The Lakes SLSC
~ Georgia Ray - Soldiers Beach SLSC
~ Zoe Nink - Toowoon Bay SLSC
~ Deklan Smith - Terrigal SLSC
~ Hannah Cusack - MacMasters Beach SLSC
~ Jade Heber - Ocean Beach - Youth Opportunity Makers
~ Jordan Smith - Ocean Beach - Junior Lifesaver of the Year
~ Matthew Calbert - Ocean Beach - Junior Lifesaver of the Year

NSW Sports Awards
The 2016-17 season is proving to be another successful one so far for the very talented Jemma Smith from Umina SLSC. Jemma was recently named the 2017 Young Athlete of the Year at the NSW Sports Awards in a prestigious ceremony held in Sydney on 23 February.
This announcement came on the eve of Jemma's debut in the 2017 Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Ironperson Series which saw the best surf sports athletes in the country converge on North Cronulla beach for some sensational and challenging racing over three days of tough competition. Jemma's performances placed her in 10th position overall which was a phenomenal result and certainly proves she will be a force to be reckoned with at the upcoming Australian Championships. Great work & good luck Jemma..!
SLSCC 2017-2018 Election Meeting
The 2017-2018 Election Meeting of Surf Life Saving Central Coast (SLSCC) will be held on Thursday 20th April 2017 at the Branch Office commencing at 6.15pm.  These important voluntary positions are vital for the successful running of the Central Coast Branch therefore we strongly encourage all members who may be interested in taking on one of these fulfilling roles to complete the nomination form as 2017-18 will be an exciting year in the development of Surf Life Saving Central Coast and interested members will most certainly have an integral part to play.  Members who are interested in nominating for a position are asked to complete and submit the attached nomination form along with a brief half page biography outlining your qualifications and relevant experience relating to the position you are interested in to Mel Ives – by the closing date of 20th March 2017.  For further information, please click here for the Circular and nomination form.
Good Luck to all SLSCC competitors heading up up to Aussies...!
Safe travels and all the best.

Upcoming Education Courses    

18 March 2017 @ Shelly Beach            Gold Medallion
30 March 2017 @ SLSCCHQ                SLSNSW Provide First Aid Course
8 April  2017 @ SLSCCHQ                    SLSNSW Provide First Aid Course
8-9 April 2017 @ North Avoca                Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue
6-7 May 2017 @ North Avoca                Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue
To book a spot in a SLSCC Course, please contact your Club Chief Training Officer (CTO) or please contact SLSNSW on 9471 8000 to book a spot in a SLSNSW Provide First Aid Course.

Upcoming Meetings

Presidents Tea                       16 March 2017   
Board of Education                 20 March 2017 - with club reps
Board of Surf Sports               22 March 2017 - Board only
Board of Life Saving               23 March 2017 - with club reps
Board of Member Services     18 April 2017 - with club reps
SLSCC Election Meeting        20 April 2017
Board of Surf Sports               26 April 2017 - with club reps

Upcoming Events

25-26 March 2017   SLSA Aussies Youth Champs @ Kirra Beach QLD
27-29 March 2017   SLSA Aussies Masters Champs @ Kirra Beach QLD
30 Mar-2 Apr 2017  SLSA Aussies Opens Champs @ Kirra Beach QLD
14-17 April 2017      Easter Weekend
25 April 2017           ANZAC Day
25 April 2017           Final Patrol Day for 2016-17
Throw Back Thursday - Killcare SLSC
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