First Day of Spring 2017 - Jokes of the Month!
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First Day of Spring 2017! 
Don't Forget These Important Steps When You Shut Down Your Outdoor Boiler For The Summer!! 

It may not feel like Spring yet it many parts of the US, but warm weather is coming soon! Warm sunshine, blossoms popping, and rabbits everywhere... Spring is not far away. For many of us that also means it is time to shut down our Outdoor Boilers. Fortunately, this is a very easy process that can be done in a very short amount of time - so please save this email newsletter so that you don't forget these important steps:

1. First, watch this video HERE for a quick refresher of the "Summer Shut Down" process. Here is the link to copy and paste if needed:

Watch Mindy Explain "Summer Shut Down"!

2. Be sure to follow all safety warnings! (Don't you just hate it when you open an owners manual for instructions and have to read five pages of safety warnings before you actually get to the REAL INSTRUCTIONS?! We hate that too, but we honestly don't want anyone to get hurt.  Lawsuits? Well, our customers are very smart when it comes to safety. Just please remember to be safe!)

3. Allow the
 fire to completely burn down. You may wish to preserve your dry coals for Fall Startup. The reason many people do this is because if you start your furnace in the fall with a load of dry coals (instead of firewood), you will have far less condensation/moisture/creosote in your furnace. Remember that even well-seasoned wood contains at least 20% moisture and that will always complicate starting up a cold furnace, especially a GX model. 

To save your dry coals, load your furnace with a large load of wood, and allow it to burn the moisture out of the wood - this will require several hours depending upon how fast you are using the heat. Then simply shut off the fan switch and smother the fire for a few days to completely stop all burning. Then remove those coals and place them on dry ground, or in a metal container until the final steps below.

. Remove all the ashes and lightly scrape the firebox. Be sure that all ashes are removed. Dry ashes are harmless, but if left in your outdoor boiler over the summer, these dry ashes will absorb moisture and create an acidic paste that will eat through your steel firebox.

5. Fill your system with water until completely full. Be sure to bypass your water softener if you have one (see below) when filling your outdoor boiler with water.
6. Clean the water filter.
7. Add the required amount of Liquid Armor water treatment. Click HERE or on the button below if you need to order more water treatment.

8. Send a water sample to the Hawken Lab for your FREE water test so you can have confidence knowing that your investment is protected! You have made a big investment in your outdoor boiler, and if you don't properly treat your furnace water, it is similar to driving a car without oil. It will only be a matter of time and your furnace will be destroyed from corrosion. Instructions for submitting a water sample to the Hawken Lab are found HERE.

9. Make sure the chimney cap is in place.
10. Turn power off at breaker/power source (or to protect and prolong the life of your pump, leave the power on and allow the pump to circulate. Your choice.)
11. Check Owner's Manual for full details.

Thoroughly cleaning your outdoor wood furnace will ensure added years of reliable service and comfortable heating. Some furnace owners like to oil their firebox as added protection for the summer months. If you don't plan to shut down your furnace through the summer as a way of heating a pool or your hot water, it is still necessary to perform this annual maintenance.

Note that if you operate your furnace during the summer months for any reason, please be sure to follow the instructions found in the newsletter entitled "
Why You Should NEVER “Top OFF” Your Outdoor Wood Furnace" found at this link HERE:

Why You Should NEVER "Top Off" Your Outdoor Wood Furnace  

TIP: I like to fill the cleaned firebox with dry coals and a small amount of seasoned wood in preparation for the upcoming heating season. I stack my coals, kindling, tinder and wood in place, shut the door and start a 1-match fire in the fall.


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Hawken Care Tip:

Do You Have A
Water Softener?

Many homeowners have a water softener in their homes.  So the logical question is this: "Can I add water to my outdoor boiler that has been through a water softener?"

The answer is simple: NO.

You should bypass the water softener when adding water to your outdoor boiler.

In an effort to protect you, and all our other customers across this great country of ours, The Hawken Laboratory, and our very brilliant advisors have discovered that softened water may cause damage to your outdoor boiler. One of the many tests that is performed on your water sample when you send it to the Hawken Lab is a "conductivity" test. We can almost always detect which customers have a water softener because they often fail the conductivity test. Conductivity is dangerous because it can lead to electrolysis damage to your steel.  This is boring, I know, but stay with me...

The symptom of this is that you will often get a failed water test result. In such cases, the lab would tell you to retest, but if you get this result twice in one year, they recommend draining your furnace partially and refilling with fresh water.

The emphasis here is on FRESH water, not water that has been subjected to a water softener.

The solution is simple - just bypass your water softener when you add water to your outdoor boiler!


Burning Wood =


You may have noticed a common theme among Hawken Outdoor Furnace Owners is the desire to "TAKE BACK OUR INDEPENDENCE!"

Burning wood gives us independence from not only foreign fossil fuels, but also from HIGH heating costs! Tell us about what you love to do with all the money you SAVE by burning wood in your Hawken Outdoor Furnace.

Send us your stories to

A lucky winner will be selected from the emails we receive and they will receive a FREE GALLON of Hawken Certified Liquid Armor Water Treatment!

Even if you just send us a one- or two-word email such as "Boat" or "Trophy Hunting", we want to hear from YOU!  (We will announce the winner in our next newsletter!)


Product Spotlight!

This is an important month to spotlight the Hawken Certified "Liquid Armor" Water Treatment. It is CRUCIAL that your furnace spend the idle summer months completely FULL of water that has been PROPERLY treated. 

You know, you have made a pretty major investment in your Outdoor Boiler.

Like with your car, you made this investment and you expect many years of benefit from such a major investment.

Of course,  you would never drive your car without oil in the engine... 



But yet some people are killing their furnaces!  

Don't forget that water starts to eat holes in steel immediately upon contact (through rust corrosion), UNLESS the water is properly treated with a special chemical that has been formulated to protect the exact grade of steel in your furnace - Outdoor Boiler Liquid Armor Water Treatment! 

If you don't use the proper water treatment, your boiler steel will corrode and become paper-thin.

WE WANT TO HELP YOU PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT!  If used properly, you can protect your investment so that your outdoor boiler will save you money on your heating bills for decades! 

Also, as you can see from the photo above, every gallon of Liquid Armor is shipped with two sample bottles, shipping boxes and labels.  After you add water treatment to your furnace, click HERE for simple instructions on how to send a water sample to the our Outdoor Boiler Laboratories for a FREE test to confirm that your furnace is properly protected

Click below to order Liquid Armor, and start protecting your investment now!

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Hawken Joke of The Month!

A turtle was mugged by a gang of snails on a dark street. A police detective asked the turtle for a description of the assailants. The turtle looked at the detective with a confused look and replied, "I don't know, it all happened so fast."


A doctor says to his patient, "I've got some very bad news for you. You are dying and you don't have much time left."

"Oh no! That's awful," the man said. "How long do I have?"

"Ten," the doctor replied sadly.

"Ten?!" the man screamed. "Ten what--days, months, weeks?"

The doctor interrupted, "Nine..."

The CEOs of the top three outdoor boiler companies are friends. They are having drinks one evening and they all agree that it is time to buy their kids an outdoor boiler. First, the CEO of Central Boiler purchases a Central Classic for his son. Then the CEO of Woodmaster buys his daughter a Woodmaster 4400. The CEO of Hawken Energy then buys his daughter a propane furnace.

The other CEOs say "Hey, why didn't you buy your daughter a Hawken?"

The Hawken CEO replies "Naw, if you guys won't buy REAL outdoor boilers, then neither will I."

NEXT NEWSLETTER - We are still perfecting our new website with AWESOME tools to help you keep your outdoor boiler in perfect condition FOREVER!

Next Newsletter -  
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Our goal at Hawken Support is to help you realize the best return on your investment!  You made a big investment in your furnace system so you deserve to realize a great return on that investment. Visit our online store at for all the resources you need to protect your investment. 

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