Protect your outdoor furnace from the Secret Killer!
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The secret killer that might destroy your furnace, and how to protect your outdoor furnace from this threat! 

What is this “Secret Killer”, and how can I stop it?


First, the best news is that the process of protecting your outdoor furnace from this secret killer is absolutely FREE. And it takes only about 5 minutes per year.


The Secret Killer is SEDIMENT. It builds up in your furnace water. It can be corrosive and cause damage. Even if you properly use the water treatment, sediment can build up in your furnace water and cause problems.


The fix is simple: Just open the drain in the bottom rear of your furnace for a few seconds until the water runs clear. It may appear like muddy water at first, but in most cases, it will run clear after only a few seconds.  If your water does not run clear, you will need to completely flush your system, but this is rare.


GX Model furnace owners need to flush BOTH rear drains.


We recommend that you take this simple step each year when you collect your water sample to send to the Hawken Labs for your FREE water analysis testing.  Be sure to flush out the sediment before you collect the sample.


Remember that all outdoor furnace systems must have a high temperature water filter. This is your first line of defense against the damaging effects of sediment. If you did not obtain a filter when your furnace system was installed, please contact us, or visit the Hawken Store at for more information.

Hawken Care Tip:

FREE Water Test!


Q: Why Should I Submit a Water Sample To The Hawken Lab For FREE Water Analysis?

A: The Hawken Laboratory has expensive testing equipment that provides sophisticated analysis of your furnace water. Those test results are then run through a computer algorithm that provides you a customized report so that you can have the peace of mind knowing that your investment is properly protected.

If your water test results are not satisfactory, this algorithm will give you specific instructions on what needs to be done.

In some cases, more water treatment is needed, and in other cases, some sediment may need to be flushed from your system.

Regardless, you will be provided specific and simple instructions on what steps to take.

Click here to follow these simple instructions at to submit a water sample for FREE analysis testing.


Burning Wood =


You may have noticed a common theme among Hawken Outdoor Furnace Owners is the desire to "TAKE BACK OUR INDEPENDENCE!"

Burning wood gives us independence from not only foreign fossil fuels, but also from HIGH heating costs! Tell us about what you love to do with all the money you SAVE by burning wood in your Hawken Outdoor Furnace.

Send us your stories to HawkenCare@ A lucky winner will be selected from the emails we receive and they will receive a ...

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Even if you just send us a one- or two-word email such as "Boat" or "Trophy Hunting", we want to hear from YOU!

The winner will be selected before our next newsletter in 2 weeks.

Click here to visit our Hawken Store at for more details.

Jokes of the Month!

A gorilla walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender gives it to him and says, “That’ll be fifteen dollars.”
The gorilla grumbles under his breath and places a twenty on the counter. The bartender makes change and says, “You know, we don’t see many gorillas in these parts.”
The gorilla replies, “At these prices I’m not surprised.”


A man was crossing a road when a frog called out, “If you kiss me, I’ll turn into a beautiful princess.” He bent over, picked up the frog, and put it in his pocket.
The frog spoke up later and said, “If you kiss me and turn me back into a beautiful princess, I will tell everyone how smart and brave you are and how you are my hero.” The man took the frog out of his pocket, smiled at it, and returned it to his pocket.
The frog spoke up again and said, “If you kiss me and turn me back into a princess, I’ll stay with you and be your girlfriend.” Again the man took the frog out, smiled at it, and put it back into his pocket.
Finally, the frog asked, “What is the matter? I’ve told you I’m a beautiful princess, that I’ll be your girlfriend. Why won’t you kiss me?”
The man said, “Look, I’m a computer programmer. I don’t have time for a girlfriend, but a talking frog is cool.”

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Next Newsletter -  
Introducing our new website that helps you keep your furnace FOREVER -
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