Introducing "Hawken Care Tips"!!
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Want A Forever Furnace? 
Follow These Hawken Care Tips!! 

With this edition of the Hawken Support Newsletter, we introduce "Hawken Tips". Do you want your furnace to last forever?  Follow these simple Hawken Care Tips to keep your outdoor furnace healthy for decades!

Hawken Care Tip:

Ash Removal

The level of ash in the furnace should never be deeper than THREE INCHES. A deep layer of ash causes two main problems: 1. Deep ash reduces efficiency, and 2. Ash can be highly corrosive and it can eat holes in your firebox steel.

Efficiency: The heat from your burning wood transfers into the furnace water through the furnace walls. If the level of ash is too thick in the firebox, it does not allow for efficient heat transfer to the water in the water jacket of the furnace.  It is sometimes funny for us to see poorly maintained furnaces with more than 18 inches of deep ash! You could put your hand into the deep ash and feel cool ash because it is so deep (DON'T do this!). And a significant portion of the firebox steel is buried in ash so that a large portion of the steel surface area is covered and unavailable to transfer heat. 

Acid Paste: If the ash becomes wet it is corrosive to the metal of the furnace.  All wood contains moisture. That moisture should leave the furnace in the form of steam. However, deep layers of ash can absorb that moisture and form an acidic paste that can eat holes in your furnace firebox. It is NEVER funny for us to see this. But if you keep the ash layer less than three inches, the ash remains dry and powder-like. Ash is harmless in its powdery state.

Burning Wood =


You may have noticed a common theme among Hawken Outdoor Furnace Owners is the desire to "TAKE BACK OUR INDEPENDENCE!"

Burning wood gives us independence from not only foreign fossil fuels, but also from HIGH heating costs! Tell us about what you love to do with all the money you SAVE by burning wood in your Hawken Outdoor Furnace.

Send us your stories to HawkenCare@ A lucky winner will be selected from the emails we receive and they will receive a FREE GALLON of Hawken Certified Liquid Armor Water Treatment!

Even if you just send us a one- or two-word email such as "Boat" or "Trophy Hunting", we want to hear from YOU!


Hawken Delivers EPIC Response to Madonna's Threat To White House:

So Madonna stated last week that she wanted to "blow up the White House".  She is now under serious investigation by the Secret it turns out, making threats like that is not only a bad publicity stunt, it is actually illegal to make such threats - OOOPS for her!

How else would Hawken respond?  With JOKES of course! Here are a few of our favorite Madonna jokes:

Madonna walked into a library recently and said, "Can I have a burger and fries?"

The librarian responded, "I'm sorry, this is a library."

So Madonna whispered, "Can I have a burger and fries?"
Q. What do you call Madonna behind the steering wheel of her car?
A. Airbag
Q. Why did Madonna stare at the can of frozen orange juice?
A. Because it said "Concentrate."
A police officer recently stopped Madonna for a routine speeding violation and asked nicely to see her driver's license.

She replied in a huff, "Can't you guys get your act together? Just yesterday you take away my license and then today you expect me to show it to you!"
A ventriloquist was on stage at a bar in a small town. He was going through his usual run of Madonna jokes when Madonna herself appeared in the audience, stood up, and shouted, "I have heard just about enough of your denigrating Madonna jokes! What makes you think you can make fun of me that way? What does my low intelligence have to do with my worth as a human being?"

The ventriloquist looked on in confused amazement.

"It's jerks like you who keep people like me from being respected," she continued, "and from reaching my full potential as a person because you perpetuate discrimination against not only me, but other people of lesser intelligence. All in the name of a few pathetic jokes."

Flustered, the ventriloquist began to apologize. Then Madonna interrupted, "You stay out of this, mister. I'm talking to that little dude on your knee."

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