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366 Steps

This one is a leap year, so it means we have 366 opportunities to be and do what our hearts are calling us to  this time around. Already three (or more) of those chances have passed, depending on when you are reading this. Not to worry whether you have just chilled away the first few days of 2016 - that too is part of the journey.

Now, it is time to get moving!

Looking back at the statistics for KB Life newsletter, one thing that stands out - some of you have not added me to your contacts list. What that means is that you are not getting the delivery notification. So, the first thing that I would ask you to do is to add me, through my email address, to your contact list, please and thank you.

Next, get a load of the some of the plans for this year.

Blog News

  • New features will be coming this year on the blog. It will become even more focussed on issues affecting the daily lives of women. The current slate of female Contributors will remain, for the most part, but the men who were once with us have chosen to follow their own paths.
  • The fashion feature done over Christmas will become a holiday and special event segment, supported by my colleague, Mardene Carr, as well as through other resources. You can purchase any item that you like from our feature.
  • Other special features and offerings will be promoted to you, Subscribers only, throughout the year. You can tell your friends about them but they will need to sign up if they would like to receive these offers.
  • Those who are regular visitors and leave comments on the blog will be eligible for surprises from me throughout the year. You are encouraged to visit as often as you can and engage with me and others on the various post.
Those are just a few of the new happenings. Be sure to visit daily or at least regularly to hear of the developments. Please, do not be shy about sharing our articles across social media. We are most grateful when you do.
Weekday Wisdom
Beginning January 4, 2016, Subscribers only will receive a "Weekday Wisdom" from me. As always, you can unsubscribe if you have no use for it or you can share it with a friend. My aim is always to set the table and you take as much or as little as you would like. So, check your inboxes every morning for this tidbit!

*Weekday Wisdom is a registered copyright and should not be copied without the written consent of the author, Claudette P. Esterine.
January Affirmation
We will be continuing the monthly affirmation poster. The link for this month's is here. Please click on it and download for daily use throughout this month. The thought behind this month's poster is "Elevation," raising our thoughts, words, behaviour and consequently our lives to 'higher grounds.'

Have a great month! Do visit with me on Facebook as well as on Twitter!
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