August 2015 Edition

Summer Is In Full Swing!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer wherever it finds you - on a patio, a deck, at the beach or cooling down in an air-conditioned room!

Summer here in Alberta is very short-lived so we make the most of it. I always find it amusing how we sit and watch as the last bit of snow melts and then rush out to the garden centres to get out season's flowers and plants.  Talk about making hay while the sun shines!

Any special plans for the month?

My news of the month is the start of my first course at The Spirituality Centre, Learn It Live! The invitation to join this awesome slate of presenters came as a surprise one morning in my email. After a little negotiating, the Learn It Live team and I shook hands and we had a deal!

It has always been a dream of mine to "make my mess my message," as the ever-so eloquent Joyce Meyer states it. The blog, Facebook page and Twitter were the launching pads and this opportunity allows me to reach out to a wider group and in a totally different format - online courses or webinars.

Check out the details of my first 3-part course, "A Practical Spirituality in a Fundamentalist World," and if it interests you, do sign-up. Subscribers to my blog, that means you, automatically receives a 50% discount off the course fee of US$30. That means, you only pay $5 for each 90-minute session!

I look forward to having you as part of the conversation - so here is your discount code: JLTZDWYT. Enter it when registering and your discount will be applied.

Feel free to share the code with anyone who you think might be interested in taking part! I hope you will be one of them! Have a great August!!!

Much love,

Coach and Founder, Daughters of Sheba Foundation

July's Best

July 23

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August Awesomeness

Life can be many things and different things to many people. There have been times when the words that would come to my mouth to describe my life would be "rough, hard, tough." What I have learned is that Life is always evolving and how you experience it is largely based on how you name it.

This month, let us together use words such as "Awesome," "Amazing," "A blazing," and any such that would point our life compasses in the direction of what we want rather than focus out attention "what is." Contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not an exercise in denial - something that I do not encourage - but a claiming of desire.

To help you, here is a link to this month's KB Life poster - one that I hope you will download, print and keep where you will see it most often. It will remind you that whatever you might be "going through" in that moment, is what will "grow you through" to your Greatness! 


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