October 2015 Edition

The End Is Near...!

Can you believe that we are now on the last lap of 2015! Where did the time go?

In 84 days we will be singing Christmas carols at full volume - those of you who do - and soon after that, it will be time to make New Year's resolutions. Or are you not into making resolutions?

Quite frankly, neither am I. My practice for years now has been creating Vision Boards. They have evolved from being on a large paper posted on my bedroom wall to a slideshow on my phone. Whatever the format, New Year's Eve night is spent putting together a scrapbook of my desires and areas of focus for the upcoming year.

Until that time, the next few months will be spent reevaluating what has occurred so far this year, what is still to manifest and where do I need to make adjustments to allow the greater unfolding of desires for 2015. What do I mean by all of this? Here is an example:

At the start of the year, I entered on my virtual vision board, that I wanted to purchase a particular bed base, a rug for my living room and receive from an unexpected source C$1,000. What I have learned in setting my intention is this: Do not hold onto any of these desires so tightly that there is no room for The Universe to surprise you.

And it never fails:

I got not one rug but two rugs for my living area at the price of one!

I received over C$2,000 from a truly unexpected source - the Government of Canada.

What is left for me is the bed frame - and the "delay" here is largely due to my own reevaluation of what I really want. So I will make a decision over the next couple months and have that in place, if it is still my desire, by Christmas.

See, while it is important to have S.M.A.R.T. goals, it is your intentions that will move them into reality!

If you would like to discuss this further with me - on a one-on-one basis - we can do so through The Spirituality Centre where I offer private conversations for a special fee for Members of this exclusive group. Here is the link. Go there and "Request Instructions," a lofty term for a one-hour support session with me. Please, share this newsletter and information about this, my Webinars and blog. I would be most grateful.

As always, I love you and you can catch me every day on the blog or on Facebook.

Be blessed and be a blessing,

Coach and Founder, Daughters of Sheba Foundation

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Never Too Late...

As always, here is the link to this month's KB Life poster - one that I hope you will download, print and keep where you will see it most often.

It will remind you that it is never too late to reevaluate your path and instead of being bitter about where you are - get better. You will be happy that you did come 2016!



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