September 2015 Edition

Fall Is Upon Us!

For me here in Alberta, it seems as if Summer bypassed us. One day it was Spring and the sunroofs of the cars started opening and in a flash it was over. Shortly there will be commercials advising us to get our vehicles and homes ready for Winter!

Where in the world are you? Do you experience the drastic changing of the seasons as we do here in Canada? Which season is your favourite?

There is nothing we can do about the weather so personally, I do not focus on it too much other than to dress as appropriately as possible. Shopping for winter clothes is my least favourite form of shopping but then again, I am one of those few women who dislike clothes shopping period.

"Embrace the experience," is my motto for this season and off to shopping I will go. So too have I embraced the many changes and tweaks that continue on my blog as I find the best ways to keep in contact with you. Recently, I launched a new webinar for women only - A Practical Spirituality for The Busy Woman. It is designed as an introductory class for women wanting to "fit" some form of spiritual practice in their lives but have no or very little time to stop and meditate. Did you check it out? It is FREE and the first session was on Sunday, August 30. You can still access the session as it was recorded.

Coming out of that experience and as a result of a very evocative YouTube video that I saw, I created a second course. This one is for young women - those under 35 years of age: "A Practical Spirituality for Young Women."

Whether you are one it might interest you or you might know a young woman who would benefit from the conversation. It will take place on Monday, September 14, 2015 so do check it out and pass on the link.

Drop in at my Webinars page at The Spirituality Centre of Learn It Live and see the several sessions and other services offered by me and other fantastic teachers. I look forward to having you as part of the conversation - so here is your discount code: JLTZDWYT for the next Webinar series that is open to all - "Practical Spirituality In A Fundamentalist World." Enter it when registering and your discount will be applied.

Feel free to share the code with anyone who you think might be interested in taking part! I hope you will be one of them! Have a Super September my dear ones!

Much love,

Coach and Founder, Daughters of Sheba Foundation

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August 21

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Embracing September

Earlier this morning, news broke of the sudden death of Dr. Wayne Dyer - a great spiritual teacher and mind in my view. Normally, news of death do not sway me but this one did - for a brief moment as it felt like a void was created.

Maybe one was but one thing I have learned on this journey is this - Nature abhors a vacuum and so soon that "space" will be filled - if it has not been already. Maybe you are the one who will be shining a bright light next into the world.

Whoever it is, what Dr. Dyer's teachings and journey has left us all with is that only you can define who you truly are. Let us no longer waste time and instead move into the fullness of Life. Expand dear ones throughout September and look out - I am right beside you!

This is our time, this is our month!

As always, here is the link to this month's KB Life poster - one that I hope you will download, print and keep where you will see it most often. It will remind you that out of "No-Thing" comes ALL-Things.



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